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LCVP OGX TEAM Kathy Murillo LC USMA Carolina Nieto LC UTP

Naty Cantero LC ULACIT

JosĂŠ Leonardo Solano LC TEC Alexandre Benavides OE LC Latina

Catalina Madriz LC UCR

PROJECTS Name: Pura Vida - Beleza Pura

Purpose: Enable students to have development and social impact Projects: THIRD SECTOR This program consists of short term internships with management job descritions at non profit organizations. EDUCATIONAL PROJECT The Educational projects of AIESEC in Brazil are a way to directy impact a community to deliver cultural and educational workshops for elementary, middle and high school student. UNIVERSITY A perfect setting for exchange of academic and cultural knowledge, which translates into personal and social development. Realization time: November, December, January

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Name: Exchange Yourself

Purpose: This project offers the opportunity for an exchange with different issues of society in different continents to create a cultural and social impact. We offer different types of volunteering: Environmental: environmental impact. Social Impact: exchange on issues of social assistance, child nutrition. Cultural Educational: cultural presentations and teaching languages​​. Management Project: administration and marketing related to NGOs

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Name: Lourdes Silva Programme: GI EP ID: EP-In-PA-US-2011-1381

Name: Kenneth Pineda Programme: GI EP ID: EP-In-PA-US-2011-1373

Name: Elke Lutz Programme: GI EP ID: EP-In-CR-CR-2011-1424 Name: Dayhana MĂŠndez Programme: GC EP ID: EP-In-CR-CR-2011-1427

PARTICIPANTS Name: Ilda Mason Programme: GC EP ID: EP-In-PA-US-2011-1351

Name: Andres Pi単eiro Programme: GC EP ID: EP-In-PA-US-2011-1349

Name: Karen Alvarado Programme: GI EP ID: EP-In-CR-UL-2011-9 Name: Gabriel Carvajal Programme: GI EP ID: EP-In-CR-TC-2010-33

I AM A XCHANGER Name: Katrina Him Country Exchange: France Your Experience: I did a one year eXchange in AlcatelLucent, I worked with a multicultural team and encountered many challenges that gave me a very rich professional experience. I had a very satisfying cultural experience since I was able to visit amazing places full of history. I made many friends from different nationalities with whom I shared unforgettable moments, and I even learned my third language. But most importantly, I had the great opportunity to grow personally, to see the world, and know myself a bit more and the things I want to do for my future; definitely it was an inspiring experience that I wouldn't change for anything!!! Did you know ... Katrina was the First President of the Committee in UTP and the first outgoing exchange participant

AIESECER Name: Lia Loo Country Exchange: Greece Your Experience: They say that when we start a journey, we are never the same person we were before it started. My exchange experience gave me a lot of things; one of them is that it gave me a global view. I learn, life and experience things that I never thought I will, things that I heard before, but there were nothing compare when I was going through them. In my exchange experience, I had this great opportunity to learn & became friends of people from 9 different countries, that even though we had different realities or way of living, we had the same musical taste and had enjoy the same movies... and this just make me realize, that the world isn't that big, because we are al connected with a same passion for living.

Did you know‌ Lia was the first returnee from the local Committee in UTP.

I AM A XCHANGER Name: Alicia Solano Country Exchange: Turkey Your Experience: After 4 years in AIESEC something was missing, just with the expectation of be part of something totally out my comfort zone I decided the next step went into eXchange, and I end up in Bursa, Turkey a really exotic country with so many differences the colours, culture, religion, food, people and the most important unexpected culture shocks. One of the things I feel in love of the whole picture is to be able to get into their traditions and really understand all the beauty of their people plus the meaning of it, also make me value even more my own traditions, religion, family and more. Living this experience is the best investment you can do for youself, truly life changing eXperience. Did you know that Alicia suffers attacks of laughter, she loves Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) and people think she is from Turkey


Name: Alonso Segura Country Exchange: Brazil Your Experience:My internship in Brazil is one of the best things that ever happen to me in my entire life. Know new people, deal with a new language, communicating with others, learn about the culture, the food and the language is amazing. Traveling in a country so big like Brazil give you different way to learn and to developed yourself, really is the experience of my life. For all that reasons I know that I would make other exchange with AIESEC.

"Brazil has been one of the best experiences of my life.“ Alonso


CLASSI-XCHANGE GIP (Global Intership Programme) Section

ELECTROLUX Marketing Assistant SWEDEN, SWEDEN TN-In-SE-MC-2011-1362 Start Date: 09.01.2012 End Date: 01.02.2013 Contact:

Suramericana Business Operations COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA TN-In-CO-MC-2011-1255 Start Date: 01.01.2012 End Date: 01.07.2013 Contact:

ELECTROLUX Product Marketing & Sales Support Assistant FRANCE, FRANCE Start Date: 28.11.2011 End Date: 28.05.2012 Contact:

Suramericana Organizational Development COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA TN-In-CO-MC-2011-1254 Start Date: 01.01.2012 End Date: 01.07.2013 Contact:

CLASSI-XCHANGE GIP (Global Intership Programme) Section

NOVARTIS FARMACEUTICA S.A. Marketing Trainee TN-In-GT-SC-2011-7 AIESEC USAC, GUATEMALA Start Date 09.01.2012 End Date 07.01.2013 Contact:

Centro de Idiomas ALPHA English Teacher AIESEC BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA TN-In-VE-BQ-2011-1238 Start Date: 15.11.2011 End Date: 31.12.2012 Contact:

NOVARTIS FARMACEUTICA S.A. Marketing Trainee TN-In-GT-SC-2011-9 AIESEC USAC, GUATEMALA Start Date 20.10.2011 End Date 20.10.2012 Contact: m

IMAUBAR Web Master AIESEC BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA TN-In-VE-BQ-2011-1249 Start Date: 01.01.2012 End Date: 28.03.2012 Contact: cristopher.corobo@aies

CLASSI-XCHANGE GCDP (Global Community Development Programme) Section

Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial - MA Fundraising Finance AIESEC FORTALEZA, BRAZIL TN-In-BR-FO-2011-139 Start Date: 09.01.2012 End Date: 09.04.2012 Contact: giuliana.araujo@aiesec.n et Graphic Design of Volar's Foundation Marketing Asistant AIESEC PEREIRA, COLOMBIA TN-In-CO-PE-2011-1252 Start Date 09.01.2012 End Date 09.03.2012 Contact: estefania.gallon@aies

Instituto Fomentando Redes e Empreendedorismo Social Fabrica de Criatividade Marketing and Communication AIESEC USP, BRAZIL TN-In-BR-SP-2011-1827 Start Date: 31.10.2011 End Date: 29.02.2012 Contact: gustavo_fuga_reis@hotma

Fundaci贸n Centro de Bienestar del anciano Betsab茅 Arbelaez Organization Committee AIESEC PEREIRA, COLOMBIA TN-In-CO-PE-2011-1261 Start Date: 01.12.2011 End Date: 28.01.2012 Contact: carolina.castaneda@aiese

CLASSI-XCHANGE GCDP (Global Community Development Programme) Section FLY (Financial Literacy of Youth) Finance AIESEC Krasnodar, Russian Federation Start Date: 01.11.2011 End Date: 26.12.2011 Contact:

FLY (Financial Literacy of Youth) Finance AIESEC KRASNODAR, RUSSIAN FEDERATION Start Date: 01.11.2011 End Date: 26.12.2011 Contact:

Earth And Me Project Organization Committee AIESEC HANOI, VIET NAM TN-In-VN-HA-2011-1333 Start Date: 01.11.2011 End Date: 31.12.2011 Contact:

Earth And Me Project Organization Committee AIESEC HANOI, VIET NAM TN-In-VN-HA-2011-1332 Start Date: 01.11.2011 End Date: 31.12.2011 Contact:

TO CLOSE‌.. When I began this new phase of my life AIESEC, I felt fear, nerves and emotion, all of that combined. When I received the news the only thing I could say was: TAS LOCO, EN SERIO. The person who would guide me in this journey, a person who from the outset, my I offer full support and admire as a person and as a leader (Lucia Rosas hehehehe). This idea emerged a storm of ideas (I think hurricane of ideas), and today we completed the idea. Thank you very much to everyone who gave us their support with this (look at the last page) I hope you enjoy the first edition of OGX Magazine. This searches most of all to show all that CAS provides the world Exchange Participants of high quality, innovative ideas and a lot of saborrrrr. Antony Aguilar RST – OGX Coordinator



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OGX Magazine [November Edition]  
OGX Magazine [November Edition]  

First Edition OGX Magazine [November Edition]