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portfolio 2020

Hello! I’m Elif Oğuz, a forth year industrial design student in Middle East Technical University. +90 554 324 14 80

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Education Middle East Technical University, Ankara Industrial Design, 2015 - ongoing

Kadıköy Anatolian High School, İstanbul 2010 - 2015

Experiences Internship

Arman Design Design Office Internship, 2019 Standard Profil Group Production Interenship, 2018


METU Workshop Practice, 2017


Nesin Villages Physical Volunteer, 2017/18 Narköy Physical Volunteer, 2019


Beholding Coexistence METU-Jasjit Singh, 2019 Virtual Design Studio METU, 2018 Color and Connotations ETMK-Ece Yalım, 2017 Product Photography ETMK-Fethi Mağara, 2017

Student Club

ODTÜ Bostan Collective Farming, 2019 Fine Arts Society, 2015 Köprü(Bridge), 2016

Skills 2D

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe XD


Rhinoceros Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Fusion 360 NX KeyShot

Languages Turkish (native) English (fluent) Germen (beginner)

Interests Traditonal Marbling Art Photography Ceramic Ecology & Permaculture


is a kitchen applience that encourge people to cook and heat up their meals in small oďŹƒces with increasing the usage of existing jars and create a sustainable shared kitchen environment.

Project Team GĂźl Onat Melis Aral In collaboration w/

Research Cooking practices that is provided by Trans4+:

Gently cooking or keeping warm Bain Marie

Carring heat to the nearby food with steam for cooking Steam Cooking



Cooking or browning by exposure to source of radiant heat

Appling dry heat to the surface of food

Challenges of office environment - Different user types and needs - Different cooking styles - Multiple usage scenario - Changing needs - Being away from home - Limited space - Different portions - Waste - Time limitation

In order to understnad ‘How the existing related products works and how we can adopt and combine them?’ a dissassambly workshop is carried out.

A user observation is conducted to understand each practices’ experience deeply with the help of EC Guide*.

*Experience chart as a research and presengation tool for user observations supporting design students at undergraduate level. - Mert Kulaksız

Ideation How to combine dierent practices with dierent forms

Using obsolete jars

Not only cooking but also serving Using modular units

Flexible hinges to attach the units

Conceptual prototyping & user test alternative handles

heating plates cover

lids interface

water pot

lid adaptor

perforated pot

sleeve jar


With the help of the conceptual prototypes, in a real oďŹƒce environment we asked questions and take feedbacks about the alternatives.




closed or punch for steam or for covering


adaptable and upgradable adaptors for glass jar and pot

glass jars

personalized glass pots for sustainabilty

Rather than producing new components, we aim to reuse durable and healthy products in a harmony with our cooking platform. Making the jars adaptable to the product allows people to use their own pots for heating up their before hand prepared meals. It also enables them to prepare healthy meals by bain-marie and steam cooking.

screw metal screws water pots

closed or punched for water and food

plastic handle for handle and serving plate

granit grill ferromagnetic base

base for heating safely


plastic handle exible metal hinge

base for heating safe

for sandwich pressing, height adjustment and electrical

induction coil


Bein Marie

Steam Cooking


Sandwich Press



Demand based production for grills&handles with different testes enabling to use personal jars.

Different funcions with different lids can be provided. tea brewing

coffe with moka pot

souce making


french press

Application -Remote access via application -Creating profiles and personal settings -Access to technical service -Procuring each piece afterwards -Easy to replace, maintain and repaire order now

Welcome! pumpkinhorror

Grill & Handle


Lid Options

Connection Parts


Pot Options



Technical Details A B’


Handle and Lid Plastic





Ferromagnetic Metal


Induction Metal





is a product that provides an observation area, space for hiding or a pool for shelter dogs.

In collaboration w/ Ankara Univercity Faculty of Veterinary Mamak Stray Animals Shelter

Research Conditions of shelter -Limited space -Lack of physical activities -Cement oor (cold) -No sleeping platform -Hierarchy among dogs -Hard to adapt a new environment -Introvert-extravert characters


Conceptual prototyping & user test

In Mamak Stray Animals Shelter and Faculty of Veterinay in Ankara University, dogs’ interaction with the prototypes is observed and related questions were asked to the stakeholders and veterinary. Whole process is conducted with the consultancy of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Salgırlı Demirbaş.


-Space to hide, sleep or just lie -Seperation for intravert dogs

-Instinctive need of being in a shelter or a higher place for observation

-Need of ďŹ xing body temperature in hot days. (They have sweat glands under their paws, that’s why they love being in water.

Technical Details

Den consist of -one basic bended aluminum structure -four sheet elements made out of tent canvas (waterproof thanks to PVC cover)



700 650


Edges of the canvas is strengthened with thinner proďŹ les. 80 20

1000 R60



is a nuts and dried fruit package design for children which aims to encourage them to eat healthy snacks outside and pique their curiosity about story of the food.

Collaborative Design Studio Project Team Defne Küçükmustafa (BA) Elif Oguz (ID) Melodi Evliya (FE) Özge Kayaaslan (ID)

Problem deďŹ nition & research In order to understand eating habits of children and the problems about them, questions were asked to the parents.

Target group -Children who want to learn about where their food comes from -Parents who want their children to eat healthy snack away from home Key points -SpeciďŹ ed for children -To eat outside -Healthy snacks -Small portion -To encourage eating

Finalization Market Stand

Little illustrations which tells a story and explains the origin of the content come inside the package to the children.


Figurize the graphics such as hazelnuts’ fresh green cover looks like foods are on their branches.

Seperate the alluminium part to give the feeling of food being peeled.

Open the package to give the feeling of the nut cracking or the apple being split in half.

Look at the illustration inside the package to learn about the food’s story.

Aluminum Foil Cover -Decrease oxygen permeability -Smoother base for graphics

Compressed Paper Based Material -Recycable -Nature friendly -Oxygen permabile -No risk for food

Dried fruits&nuts? -Parents choice -SigniďŹ cantly healthier -Naturally longer shelf life -Easy to preserve

NUTRITION VALUES Nutrition Values Energy Oil Carbohydrate Protein

In 100 grams 628 kcal 60.8 gr 14.9 gr

Other Works




for handmade notbook covers in collaboration w/Liber Design

Thank you.

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Elif Oğuz - Portfolio 2020  

Elif Oğuz - Portfolio 2020  

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