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Self-evaluation sheet Name and surname: 2nd ESO …… Mark your own work according to the following punctuation criteria: 0 = nothing or not done 1 = very little or very poor 2 = little or rather poor 3 = quite well or good 4 = very much or very well

Date Strategies and attitudes 1. I use English… … … … …

with the teacher and my mates for everything with the teacher to ask and answer questions with my mates to do things together to answer questions asked by the teacher

2. Participation… …I cooperate with my mates in group work … I volunteer to explain my ideas, my opinions, my work … I pay attention to my classmates explanations … I pay attention to the teacher when she explains … I try to do my best even when I have difficulties … I work hard most of the time but I do it alone

3. Materials… … … … … … …


revise and make my own vocabulary sheet revise my mistakes and make my error sheet use my dictionary at home bring my books to class and use them bring my English notebook and use it write the date every class and the exercise #

4. Homework… … I do my homework everyday … I present my homework on due time … I re-do my homework when I made many mistakes … I present/do my homework neat and tidy

5. Basic behaviour … I talk with my mates only basically about English class matters … I sit on my chair and only stand up when the teacher asks me to

0 1 2 3 4

Self-evaluation worksheet  

self-evaluation worksheet

Self-evaluation worksheet  

self-evaluation worksheet