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Taking Lift Inspections to Another Level

“I’ve worn a lot of patches in my time. This is one I’d be proud to have on my sleeve.” - Richard “The King” Petty

Seven-time Nascar Cup Champion

Only the best vehicle lift inspectors meet ALI’s rigorous standards to become Certified Lift Inspectors. Those who pass the test proudly wear their certification emblems on their sleeves demonstrating their commitment to integrity and customer safety.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become an ALI Certified Lift Inspector? Call (607) 756-7775 or visit to register today.

Demand for Certified Lift Inspectors Grows

Responsible lift owners have their lifts inspected annually by qualified lift inspectors as required by the ANSI National Standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection, and maintenance (ANSI/ALI ALOIM: 2008). As OSHA and other governmental health and safety officers step up enforcement of inspection requirements, the demand for qualified lift inspectors is growing. The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program is the only program in North America that independently tests and certifies vehicle lift inspectors. It provides peace of mind to customers that when they hire a Certified Lift Inspector, he or she is qualified to inspect their lifts.

Lift inspectors conduct critical performance evaluations on the most important piece of life safety equipment in the service bay. Technicians are relying on YOU to identify whether or not their lifts are safe to use. Their safety is riding on it. The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program is open to anyone with at least twelve months experience as a vehicle lift inspector. Certified Lift Inspector Candidates receive extensive training materials, including: • Examination Handbook • Lift Inspector Course Training Manual • All relevant ANSI/ALI standards • Manuals covering inspection and maintenance of leaf chain, wire rope and power transmission roller chains • A Guide for Hose Failure Analysis • Lifting It Right DVD and safety manual package. Candidates participate in workshops, a written pre-course exam, a final exam and documented practical experience. For current pricing and availability, visit or call (607) 756-7775.

“Lifting it right is fixing it right.” -Richard Petty

Benefits of Certification Lift inspectors who pass the exams receive: • An individual certification number registered exclusively to each inspector. • A patch featuring his or her registered ID number. • An ALI Certified Lift Inspector ID badge. • Exclusive access to purchase serialized inspection labels to affix to customers’ lifts after inspection. • Complimentary copies of updated lift standards and safety materials. • Access to continuing education In addition, ALI will focus considerable resources on marketing the Certified Lift Inspector program to lift owners. With Richard Petty’s help, we’ll encourage shop owners to seek ALI Certified Lift Inspectors to perform annual lift inspections. All companies with at least one Certified Lift Inspector on staff will be included in an online directory that customers can search via ZIP/Postal Code to find a local ALI Certified Lift Inspector. This directory, housed on the ALI website, will be the central resource for customers seeking Certified vehicle lift inspectors. Companies with a Certified Lift Inspector on staff are also invited to become associate members of ALI. Benefits of associate membership include a 40 percent discount on safety materials, discounted shipping, access to quarterly workshops and the ability to attend the ALI annual meeting.

About ALI The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) was founded in 1945 and is a nationally accredited standards developer. ALI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Accreditation Federation (IAF) as a Product Certification Organization (Accreditation #0584). ALI’s mission is to promote the safe design, construction, installation, service, inspection and use of vehicle lifts.

YOUR safety is riding on it! For more information about the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program, and to register: Call: (607) 756-7775 Visit:

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