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In our attempts to become more unique and stand out from other publications, we begin our transformation from regular newspaper to next level publication!

We begin this transformation with the inclusion of the innovative & popular D20 Girls. Each Month you will see images and articles directly from different d20 girls from all around the United States.

The photo on the cover is from a Photo shoot in Springfield, Ohio @ one of our supporter’s stores: Main Street Comics & Games. 2031 East Main Street. Springfield, OH (937) 324-2400 The Girls appearing on the cover are 2 of our Ohio Girls, Krissie and Snowflake. The original Photo shoot was shot by Krissie herself, However this photo in particular was taken by the owner of the store, Scott. This is of course a cropped version of the photo, the original photo can be seen below!

We will continue to print current news affecting the videogame, gaming, anime, comic book, and other similar fandom. We will also be bringing you Short Stories, focused on fan fiction, Science Fiction, Editorials, and Opinion. We welcome submissions from everybody. We are also looking to fill a few positions through out the US. We look forward to serving you for another year, lets us know how we can do better!



Dissidia: Final Fantasy (ディシディア ファイナルファンタジー, Dishidia Fainaru Fantajī?) is an action RPG/fighting game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable as part of the campaign of the Final Fantasy series 20th anniversary. Information on the game was first released during the "Square Enix Party" event of May 2008. The game features characters from different Final Fantasy games and centers around a great conflict between the heroes and villains, as the god of discord, Chaos, tries to wrest control of their worlds from the forces of good. It was released in Japan on December 18, 2008, in North America on August 25, 2009, in Australia on September 3, 2009 and in Europe on September 4, 2009. It was then rereleased as an international version in Japan, based on the North American port, as Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning, on November 1, 2009. Dissidia was well-received commercially and critically, with positive reviews and sales of over 1 million copies worldwide.



Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman, who wrote the original 1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie, are currently at work on a sequel with motion capture maven Robert Zemeckis, who directed the innovative film that blended live action and animation, on board to direct the film. The original Roger Rabbit was the highest grossing film of 1988 ($325 million in 1988 dollars). But in spite of its success, no feature length sequel was ever made largely because of infighting between Disney studio head Michael Eisner and Steven Spielberg. Disney and Spielberg, who was brought on board to convince other studios to allow the use of their cartoon characters, shared the property equally and when Disney #2 Jeffrey Katzenberg split acrimoniously with Eisner and joined Spielberg at Dreamworks, a Roger Rabbit sequel, which had been delayed because of disputes over the use of the Roger Rabbit cartoon shorts, was toast. The first Roger Rabbit short, “Tummy Trouble,” helped make Disney’s mediocre Honey, I Shrunk the Kids a hit, and Spielberg wanted the second short featuring the famously flustered bunny, “Roller Coaster Rabbit,” to debut in front of his horror/comedy Arachnophobia in 1990. But Eisner used it to help boost Warren Beatty’s lame Dick Tracy movie into modest profitability, which earned Spielberg’s ire, and Spielberg nixed a number of proposals for Roger Rabbit features over the next few years. Now that Eisner is gone from Disney and Zemeckis is making motion capture movies (A Christmas Carol) at the mouse house conditions appear to be right for the revival of Roger Rabbit. According to MTV, it was Zemeckis who commissioned Price and Seaman to write the sequel. No word yet about which characters will figure in the sequel, or how Zemeckis may use his expertise in motion capture techniques to blend live action and animation, but it does appear that acrimonious disputes that held back the production of a feature length sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit have lost their relevancy. The question is, after 21 years, will the character still resonate and will anyone care about his revival?



NEW YORK — Footage leaked from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveals that players of the game, which debuts Tuesday, can shoot innocent civilians in an airport in a realistic rendering of a terrorist attack. In a statement, game publisher Activision Blizzard said the footage was taken illegally and is not representative of the game's overall experience. Instead, the scene is designed to evoke the "atrocities of terrorism." The game follows players as they "face off against a terrorist threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse," the company said. This includes a plot line in which the player infiltrates a Russian villain's inner circle to defeat him. Presumably, the airport attack is one of the scenes in which the player acts as part of the villain's group. In an interview before the footage was leaked, Vince Zampella, head of the game's developer, Infinity Ward, said the studio intended for its game to startle players. "We push the story," he said. "We want the player to be emotionally attached. We want them to be emotionally shocked." Activision says the game is designed so that part may be skipped without losing any of the story. The game's makers said before the leak that they strive for "real world" authenticity in weapon types, military tactics and locations, but the plot is more James Bond action movie than ripped-from-the-headlines. "As far as the story goes, Makarov is this super villain and you are this task force," Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling said in a recent interview. "And it's good versus evil. So we really like to be cinematic but also not let that ruin the fun."



Currently in development for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows® LIVE, BioShock 2 will deliver two unique, yet intertwined experiences that form the perfect blend of explosive first-person shooter combat, compelling storytelling and intense multiplayer action. Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past. Along the Atlantic coastline, a monster has been snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. Players step into the boots of the most iconic denizen of Rapture, the Big Daddy, as they travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers and their own survival. Multiplayer in BioShock 2 will provide a rich prequel experience that expands the origins of the BioShock fiction. Set during the fall of Rapture, players assume the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, a premier provider of Plasmids and Tonics in the underwater city of Rapture that was first explored in the original BioShock. Players will need to use all the elements of the BioShock toolset to survive, as the full depth of the BioShock experience is refined and transformed into a unique multiplayer experience that can only be found in Rapture. BioShock 2 is currently in development at 2K Marin in collaboration with 2K Australia, Digital Extremes and 2K China for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows® LIVE. BioShock 2 will be available worldwide on February 9, 2010. This title is not yet rated by the ESRB. For more information on BioShock 2 please visit, and





Through some intense negotiations with the current owner of YO! Games in Columbus, OH, OGO Publications has Partnered up with the Current owner to take over the management & operations of the already existing retail store. OGO will be putting to work all the resources of not only the Ohio Gamers Organization, but also The D20 Girls Project,, GAMERS Newspaper, and it’s other subsidiaries to build this store up to it’s full potential. Currently the store carries, both used & new videogames for newer consoles & even some retro systems. However unique to the Columbus area is that YO! Games is the only store currently in Central Ohio to offer Console Repairs (including PSPs & DS), If your into modding or repairing consoles yourself, you can find all the parts you need right there in the store also. YO! Games also carries a unique selection of imported videogames from Japan and (some of) the systems to play them on. YO! Games also carries a large selection of Korean & Japanese dramas, and a small selection of Anime. Through the contacts that our company has built over the past 5 years, we will be adding a much larger selection of Anime, Some PC Games, PC Repairs, Laptop Cleanings & Repairs, Anime Toys, an exclusive section of Anthropomorphic Comic Books, Cosplay Items, Custom Cosplay/costume Design Services, in-store gaming, and a number of contests & promotions monthly. You will also be able to come to the store to challenge The D20 Girls to video game duels on select nights (visit the website for announcements) Prepare to see many changes at YO! Games. If you’ve never been there before, now is the time to get you butt in there! For more info, visit

YO! Games 1150 Kenny Centre Mall Columbus, OH 43220



STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 multiplayer beta exclusively on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Starting November 19, PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to experience the unprecedented action, destruction, vehicular warfare, squad play and open sandbox environments that only Battlefield can deliver. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 provides a true all-out war experience like no other modern warfare game. For beta key distribution details go to “This is an outstanding opportunity for PlayStation gamers to get early access to one of the most action-packed and polished shooters in the marketplace with Battlefield: Bad Company 2,” says Rob Dyer, SVP, Publisher Relations, SCEA. “We’re happy to help DICE achieve their superior level of multiplayer excellence in the game.” “With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 we’re looking to raise the bar across all aspects of our multiplayer experience, setting a new standard for online play,” says Patrick Bach, Senior Producer on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. “From the graphics to the vehicles, weapons and destruction, we are delivering the best online multiplayer game next year, and we want gamers to experience it themselves by playing the beta and demo.” The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer beta will feature the Arica Harbor map, where up to 24 players can compete in one of the game’s four intense multiplayer modes called Rush. This new map displays a superb balance of vehicle and infantry combat, as the American assault unit attacks the Russian army base with full force, advancing further through a beautiful desert town and towards the industrial area in a desperate attempt to overtake the Arica Harbor. Heavy vehicle warfare on the first bases gradually turns into an intense infantry fight as the level progresses, showcasing this best-in-class online war experience. In December 2009, DICE will invite players to participate in a PC open beta. Then, early next year, all players worldwide will get to experience this premier shooter when DICE releases a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer DEMO on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system, PlayStation 3 and PC. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be in stores on March 2, 2010 in North America and March 5, 2010 in Europe for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC. The Limited Edition is available now for pre-order at participating retailers worldwide (while supplies last).





Classy Jim’s Girls - Part III Jessica Krawec The d20 Girls Project

III. THE GIRLS On the chair next to the bed there was a dwarf by the name of Sue-Ellen, blonde and sullen with a painfully beautiful face not unlike a china doll’s. Jim billed her as a tender sixteen, yet another exaggeration on Jim‘s part. She was closer to twentythree. After being ejected by the orphanage after her eighteenth birthday, she met Jim at a bus station in Alabama. Naïve and starving for attention more than food, she fell in love with his story of working for his sideshow, traveling the country to be admired for her petite beauty and plucky attitude in the face of her physical burden. She was soon disillusioned. The sideshow was crass and filthy, the visitors cruel and condescending at best, lascivious at worst. The worst of these unpleasant incidents occurred when a gawker threw her over his shoulder with the intention of “seeing if one of these little ones got the same parts under her skirts like the biggins do”. The event lead Jim to realize that there could be more money to be made from his ladies than just having them sitting pretty. He simply nodded his head at the man and watched the festivities. His only words to the rangy farmhand were “Don’t bust her up too much, we got us a show tomorrow. Be an awful shame if her face was bruised up. I don’t want people asking questions.“ It was Sue-Ellen’s first rape, and as the farmhand left her laying the dusty road, bleeding, bruised inside and out and rough throated from crying, he threw a few pennies at her and thanked her for satisfying his curiosity. She never forgot the pain of that moment, the feeling of being ripped from the inside out like a deer dressed on a hook, staring at a blank moon.



Classy Jim’s (cont)

Sitting beside her with her rather large nose in a book was Doris, who would have been quite attractive if not for her nose and luxuriant dark beard. Jim didn’t know much about her, nor did he care. She had approached him one day as she was traveling through Mareth, asking for work. As she had explained quietly, “A woman with my looks doesn’t have much of a chance at grabbing a husband, or keeping a job without being laughed at. If I’m going to be laughed at sir, I’d rather make a little scratch off of it.” After a quick survey of her trim figure and dark doe eyes, he gave her a nod of assent. “I got just the job for you doll face.” He asked nothing else, and simply told her where to meet him for her first day on the job. After a few weeks, Doris would cry herself to sleep, wishing she had turned tail that day.

Crocheting near the light of a dim lamp were the twins, Dora and Flora. They each had two arms, which made crocheting easy, but just one pair of legs between them, which made walking hard. The girls had dyed their hair a cool platinum blonde in stylish pin curls, adorning their faces with an overload of rouge and scarlet lipstick. They had harbored dreams of being as famous as the Hilton Sisters, with a life of travel and adoration. Unfortunately, they lacked the talent of the Hilton Sisters. Those dreams led them to Classy Jim, hoping and praying that his House of Oddities and Amusements would be their stepping stone to fame and fortune. Their realization of their mistake led the girls to habitually shrink in corners when not called upon to work, crocheting doilies and scarves for the other girls while talking to each other quietly as to how and when they could find a chance to leave. In the corner, rocking back and forth, was Shataka, Queen of a hidden jungle kingdom inhabited by “pinheads”. In reality, she was a micro cephalic that had been snatched by Jim from an asylum under the guise that he was her uncle. The doctors at the asylum were less convinced by his greasy charm and more relieved to unburden themselves, as their facilities were overcrowded and approaching sub par standards. In the words of the head nurse, “One less idiot equals a free bed.” She could have been anywhere from twelve to twenty, slight and withered and nameless. The girls mothered her and dubbed her Daisy. Continued Next Month G.A.M.E.R.S.


Month to month leases,

24/7 coded gate access,

secure/well-lit facility,

all interior/climate controlled units,

loading dock & ramp,

convenient downtown location,

professional management.



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