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Fall 2011

Costumes on a Budget Steamed: Steampunk Fashion Show

Pictorials: AbiSue Kiddo North Carolina Cosplayers

Table of Contents The Power of Fandom.................................Page 4 Steamed: Steampunk Fashion Show.......Page 6 Operation: Boobies......................................Page 10 Deadly Meatballs of Deliciousness and Doom.............................Page 12 Crock Pot Pumpkin Chili...........................Page 13 “Lilith” Welcome to My Realm.................Page 14 AbiSue Cosplay Pictorial............................Page 17 Ohayocon 2011.............................................Page 20 Ask L: Questions From Our Girls.............Page 22 Kiddo Cosplay Pictorial.............................Page 23 Dragon*Con 2011.........................................Page 26 Costumes on a Budget..............................Page 30 Strong and Creative Cosplayers in North Carolina..................Page 33 QuakeCon 2011...........................................Page 38 Unconventional: The Culture of Conventions....................Page 40 Erie Days of Gaming.................................Page 42

The D20 Girls

The D20 Girls embody Confidence,

Realiability, Intelligence, and a Strong Work Ethic. We break down stereotypes, we are NOT Barbie Dolls. We do NOT come in one shape! We do NOT come in one size. We currently have D20 Girls active in over 90% of the United States. The D20 Girls is a semiunique business that combines Social Networking, Talent Management, and Event Services. Yes, there is a business angle to what we do, but we push the social aspect much

needed to the industry. We arrange with vendors, artists, and conventions to hire D20 Girls as booth help and trade show models at gaming, comic book and fandom related shows across the US. Why? Our project is crucial, because the gaming industry and related fandoms should be promoted by girls who are actually a part of it-NOT over-paid models who know nothing about the industry, or the people who are a part of it. Sign up now, and be involved!

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Power By Synthia Amend (Kiddo)

Fandom hosted by professionals, gaming tournaments, role-playing events, special guests, a costume contest and much more, the weekend's schedule was packed full of activities to appeal to all types of fans and convention attendees.

Some say home is a place where you can kick off your shoes and relax. To others, home is defined by a place where one can feel accepted, thrive, and grow. For the ultimate fans, SpoCon and other conventions and gatherings across the country provide just that. Science fiction and fantasy conventions are one of the rare places where in a matter of minutes, you can have conversations with Darth Maul, a Cheshire Cat, Rainbow Bright, Naruto, a Terran Marine, and a Pirate. To the average fan, it's a piece of heaven and even better than just the idea of home. Where else can hundreds of sci-fi and fantasy fans feel so welcomed and accepted? This year's SpoCon was a three day event from August 12th through the 14th. SpoCon is Spokane, Washington's own sci-fi and fantasy convention where over 1,100 fans came together and shared their interests and hobbies. The cost for a weekend pass 4 was $35 and more information

for next year’s convention will be provided at The theme for the 2011 convention was "The Power of Fandom." As a local convention, SpoCon wouldn’t be possible without the undying support of the fans, volunteers, special guests, and investors.

Special guests hosted panels, signed autographs, and gave their fans a chance to meet them on a more personal level. Guest of honor Patricia Briggs, who is known for her best selling novels centering around her character Mercy Thompson and the Alpha and Omega series, hosted various panels regarding writing and storytelling. Dragon Dronet, who has made props for such shows and movies as Star Trek: TNG, Alien: Resurrection, and Planet of the Apes, hosted several panels relating to armoring and his talents in art. The work of artist Dan Dos Santos spans across several different genres and media, and the panels that he hosted throughout the weekend reflected his experiences. Dos Santos has worked for many clients including Wizards of the Coast, DC Comics, Universal Studios, Penguin Books, and Disney.

Because the force behind the event is concentrated in the Spokane area, the convention not only benefits the fans, it also gives back to the community. Books that are in high demand are donated through organizers and volunteers that partner with local schools and libraries. They are purchased and distributed through the help of Also in attendance were members convention profits and fundraising. of local groups and various local project chapters. Throughout the Between informational panels weekend, fans could meet and get

to know members of the 501st Legion, the Browncoats, Dead Gentlemen, as well as several D20 Girls. The 501st Legion is a nationwide charity organization that fundraises by cosplaying as Star Wars characters and making appearances at places such as hospitals, schools, and conventions. The Browncoats are a global charity organization that raise money for the favorite charity of Firefly creator Joss Whedon, which is where their name comes from. Dead Gentlemen Productions is a group of filmmakers, many of whom are from the northwest. Their more prominent projects include the web-series Gamers, the feature Gamers: Dorkness Rising, the Demon Hunters role-playing game, and a feature based on the Demon Hunters lore. Several Northwest D20 Girls maintained a booth during the course of the weekend. Models Anora K., Kiddo, and Pop Tart helped host various panels as professionals on subjects like gaming, being a geek, nerd flirting, and costuming. On Saturday, the girls had a full group costume including props and a display based on Alice in Wonderland. They had flamingo croquet mallets, a hedgehog ball, and an eclectic tea party. The rest of the weekend saw a plethora of costumes and cosplay that were well received by fans and special guests alike such as a Kitsune (Naruto),

Princess Leia, Rikku (Final Fantasy X), Steampunk attire, and Pikachu. Foam darts littered the floor as gamers fell, their characters taking lethal hits while dressed in clothing inspired by the Firefly universe. It was a massacre of epic proportions as participants ran to the stairwell to respawn and rejoin the action. The Firefly LARP, based on a universe created by Joss Whedon, was just one of many role-playing and gaming events that fans participated in. The role-playing events were not just limited to live action, however. Such events included Deadlands, Pathfinder, Burning Wheel, Call of Cthulu, a Vampire LARP, and Dungeons and Dragons modules, and several others throughout the course of the convention. Passionate gamers also participated in tournaments throughout the weekend including but not limited to Heroclix, PokĂŠmon, Magic the Gathering, and Warhammer 40k. Special film presentations could also be found throughout the course of the convention. A new web and film project called Clockwork Infinity that involved several talented locals was shown. The

trailer for the upcoming movie Knights of Badassdom, which was filmed in the area, was presented with several talented locals that had the pleasure and honor of being extras in the movie. Full movies shown during the weekend were Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Dark Crystal, and Scourge of the World. Every sci-fi and fantasy fan has their own preference and fandoms, and finding that place where one can be accepted and loved for their interests and show off their loyalty and support as a fan is priceless. This year, that's exactly what SpoCon provided. Even if it’s just for a weekend, all you need is that sense of belonging and acceptance, of home.



Steampunk Fashion Show by Laura “Cryshayn” Latterman Photos by Quincy Allen DENVER, CO – Victorian romance met mechanical science when TACtile Arts Center hosted the Steamed Fashion Show on June 24th. The fashion show was the highlight of TACtile’s Steampunk fiber arts exhibit, running from May 5th through August 6th, showcasing local talent in the artistry of unique jewelry, upcycled clothing, and creative home décor. The gala began with a meet and

their own homemade finery and

greet for guests to mingle and

supporting a cause dear to their

peruse the Steampunk exhibit.


Family members and fans of DIY fabric craft were in for a

Models festooned with a variety

treat as various textiles, acces-

of Victorian garments, Steam-

sories, magazines and supplies

punk accessories, and modern

were on sale. Acting almost as

embellishments displayed the

a fashion show teaser, members

work of local and visiting de-

of the Colorado Steampunks


were in attendance, showing off

contributors included Teresa

Some of the fashion


Stanton (visiting jewelry crafts-

Jeni Mac, and Kitty Mae for her

and editor Christopher Ficco


innovative hat designs.

with his first installment of




cis Roces of Kimono Dragons,

Penny Dread Tales, Volume 1:

Karyn Estela and Joyce Guertin.

After the show, attendees were

Gears, Coils, Aether & Steam.

The winning designers of the

treated to a special book sign-

Guests could take pictures and

evening included Denver local

ing by local Steampunk author






author/editor, as well as the

creative excellence in the textile

Junk� featuring wearable fiber

cover artist Laura Givens. (A

arts. TACtile is the perfect ven-

art from found and recycled

great read to be later reviewed!)

ue for Cosplayers to hone their


skills in DIY sewing and crafts

holding an open call for entries;

TACtile is a 501(c) 3 non-

projects. Their next themed ex-

visit them at for

profit corporation dedicated to

hibit and fashion show coming

more information.

inspiring growth, visibility and

up in Fall is “Trashion: Funky

They are currently


Operation: Boobies By Kacey Gambrell

Artwork by Abigail Selvidge

I have a confession to make. I... purposely cosplay flat chested characters! I’m a B cup but still look like I’ve got nothin. You’ve heard of hourglass figures, right? Well I have the figure of a ruler. Perfect for Harley Quinn or Sailor Moon, not so much for Tsubaki from Soul Eater. I don’t have any issue with it, really. It works for me. However, for cosplay, especially those busty female anime characters, I feel like I need a little bit of help.

I need anime tits! So I went to the Crossplay forum on to seek some advice for turning my B’s into D’s without breaking the bank. Jason Balduf, aka Merle-kun, wrote a tutorial for them. His plan consisted of filling balloons with rice and wearing a demi bra to get the right shape. Agrios suggested using pantyhose instead of balloons, and I decided to go with that after hearing stories of the balloons bursting and rice getting everywhere.


One trip to walmart and fifteen dollars later, I had all I needed for the look. I got a five pound bag of long grain rice, four of those plastic eggs with stockings, and a nude D cup demi bra.

I went from this...

So, to begin, I got a cardboard box to work over so rice didn’t get everywhere. Then, a half cup at a time, I poured rice into a stocking. A D cup is estimated as 3 cups of rice, C is 2.5, B is 2, and A is 1.5 or just 1 cup. When i finished pouring, I tied it off and then cut the extra stocking off. I then put the whole thing into another stocking for extra protection. The idea of one of my boobs exploding and then leaking rice out of my armpit has scared me into being extra safe!

I think it’s a great method for creating those impossibly huge anime boobs, and it’s cheap, too! Cheaper if you can borrow a bra from someone for the cosplay. Thanks to stumbling upon this, I feel like a ton of cosplays have opened up to me! Finally, I can be Orihime or Sailor Jupiter or maybe even Ivy from Soul Calibur! e. t on s a l at t th rift. o n d e ayb get my m . . ou m. Hm way, y Any

I made a set of D’s and a set of B’s. Here are my results!

To this!


To... 11 There you have it. Crazy huge anime tits for under 20 bucks!

Deadly Meatballs of Deliciousness and Doom ~ by Cryshayn ~

(Not to be served to anyone that you do not wish the sweet death of tasty overload to.)

1 lb Ground Spicy Italian Sausage 1 lb Ground Lean Chicken/Pork/Turkey/Beef (whatever you feel like using) 1/3 Package of Stove Top Savory Herbs & Spices Stuffing 2 Eggs 1/3 lb Fresh Diced Mushrooms 1/2 cup Fresh Chopped Celery 1/4 cup Fresh Chopped Cilantro 1/4 cup Fresh Chopped Basil 1/4 cup Fresh Chopped Garlic 1/2 cup Fresh Chopped Green Onions 3 oz Tomato Paste (1/2 of those little cans) 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 cup White Wine 1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce Montreal Steak Seasoning (to taste) Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning (to taste)

Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. If the mixture is not holding together enough because it is too dry, then try adding another egg. Or, if it is too wet, add some more stuffing mix. Form into golf ball sized meatballs and place on a foil-lined cooking sheet. Make sure that your pan/sheet has a lip. OR, for best results, place the meatballs separately onto a non-stick mini-muffin tin (this makes turning them and clean-up so much easier). Bake in a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees until they begin to brown. Then turn them over and place them under the broiler on low. Crisp them up and rotate them until the outsides are nice and well-done. Take them out and serve them with your favorite dish or sauce.


Crock Pot Pumpkin Chili By Jondi “Ruby Red” Soper

When I first heard about pumpkin chili, I seriously thought it sounded like the most horrible thing in the world. But then someone made it for me. It is the smoothest, most wonderful version of chili I think I have ever had and it is a perfect meal for the fall. I love to cook it up on Halloween and eat it while watching “Mad Monster Party” and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters that come to my door. Ingredients: 1.5 pounds of ground chuck 1 (15 ounce )can of dark red kidney beans 1 (15 ounce) can of light red kidney beans 2 (14 ounce) cans of pumpkin puree (OR, I like to cook down my own real pumpkin and puree the guts. This gives any pumpkin dish you make a much richer flavor) - see end of recipe for instructions on how to cook down your own pumpkin. 1 medium sized onion, diced 1 green bell pepper, diced 1 (46 fl. Ounce) can of tomato juice 2 (28 ounce) cans of dices or crushed tomatoes, peeled 1 cup chicken broth 1 fresh clove of garlic, diced 1 tablespoon Pumpkin Pie Spice 1 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of pepper 2 teaspoons of Cumin 1 teaspoon of chili powder (or more to suit your taste) 2 tablespoons white granulated sugar 1. In a skillet over medium heat, brown the ground chuck, drain. 2. Stir in onion, bell pepper and garlic. Cook five minutes. 3. Pour the ground chuck mixture into the crock pot and add the kidney beans, tomatoes, chicken brother and pumpkin puree. Stir together. 4. Slowly add the tomato juice until you reach your desired thickness. 5. Add Pumpkin Pie Spice, Cumin, Chili Powder and granulated sugar. Stir. 6. Add in salt and pepper. 7. Turn crock pot on high and cook for 4 hours. 8. Turn crock pot down to low or warm and let simmer. Serve and enjoy. I like to mix my chili with sour cream, cheese and crackers!

To make your own pumpkin puree: select a pumpkin of any size. Preferably a good sized pumpkin if you wish to yield more than one or two dishes from it. The puree freezes well and can be used over the year. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Cut the pumpkin in half from stem to base. Remove seeds and pulp. Cover each side with foil and bake for 1 hour or until tender. Scoop out the meat of the pumpkin and puree in a blender. Strain to remove any additional pulp. Puree can be stored in the freezer in freezer bags or plastic containers.


“Lilith” Welcome To My Realm (Continued from Previous Issue)

She awoke early in the morning curled on the floor with her hair a mess, and dark circles under her eyes. “At least today I get to see her.” She got up, and changed into another dress and brushed her hair, and put on her cape. Then out the window she went. She ran towards the stable to grab her black horse Star Fire. “Hello my lovely.” Just then she realized she forgot to pack anything. “Well, I’m sure it won’t be that bad.” She rode up to that edge of the cliff where the mysterious boy waited. She rode up and saw him sitting against the tree. “Hey, I’m here.” ”I see that. Did you prepare for the journey?” “I forgot to. I’m sorry.” ”Don’t be sorry to me, be sorry to yourself. I don’t need to prepare” “Why do you say that?” ”Don’t worry about that. Lets go.” “There’s something strange about you..why do you always wear that damned robe? Why won’t you tell me your identity. Can’t you trust me?” ”No, I don’t trust anyone. If your smart you’d do the same.” “Interesting..”


She got up top Star fire, and rode after the boy. They rode through the country side for days, and nights. The first night was terrible. She realized why she shouldve brought something to eat at least. The next few nights was a tiny bit easier. She didn’t complain, and just carried on. Near the last few nights is when it started to hit. She was cold, thirsty, getting depressed, and paranoid. When they settled down for that night she curled up into a ball, and started to weep whenever she knew he was asleep. She wouldn’t cry in front of a stranger. Defiantly not infront of someone who helped her, it won’t be the last time shes seen him. She cried, and cried. Hoping, and praying that shes okay. Also hoping she will be okay. She kept hearing, and seeing things in the shadows. She hasn’t really been out of the castle, ever. So she knows whats out there, but shes never really been prepared. It was the middle of the night, she wasn’t thinking, and was scared. She went over to the boy, and poked him. “A-are you awake..?” No response, just a jerk of his shoulders. “Okay that’s fine then, I see how it is.” She sat right back down in her little corner to think. All she could think about was, who was this guy? Since she knew he was asleep, she reached over for his bag. All that was in there was some kind of broken mirror, and some glass shards.

She took the biggest, and sharpest piece she could find. “Now I can do this.” She walked out into the black, out into the shadows. No thought of whom, or what may be out there.

closer, and closer to the end. Lilith kept thinking about what he said. In her eyes, she should be able to take care of herself. She shouldn’t have to run to some stranger for help.

She then felt clawing, and scratching. Then she saw her very first Shadow Demon. ”Hello pretty girl, what happens to be your damn?” She got ready, with the glass in hand. “What do you want?” She felt the cold arms wrap around her body. ”Aw, it isn’t obvious enough?” She tried to hurt it with the glass, but nothing happens. “W-what are you?!” Then it giggled at her. ”Mm mm you’d be such a delightful little pet.”

Finally, in the next several hours, they arrived at the mirror. They both pulled up there horses, and jumped down. “Its..beautiful.” ”Its the reason for chaos in both realms. No its not beautiful.”

She started to get scared, but tried to hide it. She knew that she wasn’t strong enough to fight whatever it was. Then she saw his figure running toward it, and all she heard was it screaming as she fell to the ground. ”Are you stupid?” “I was going to thank you, but forget it now.” ”You went out into the Shadows with what? A piece of glass? Why would you be so ignorant? Were you not taught anything?” “I heard something out there, and I was trying..” ”Trying to kill yourself. You couldve woken me up, and I would’ve checked it out. Something bad couldve happened to both of us.” “Well..I was just trying to defend myself instead of relying on you!” ”Since were both up lets just move on because you tried to be a heroin.” They both got on there horses slowly getting

---------As she examined the mirror she just looked at him. “Why do you say its the reason for Chaos?” ”I say that because its true. Do you know what happens when a shadow leaves this realm? It prays on the mortals in the Light realm. Do you really think a pure mortal could defend themselves against such evil?” “Well..I guess your right. So, how does it work exactly?” ”I will show you.” The mysterious boy took out a book from his satchel, and flipped through it too a page with words that Lilith could not understand. Another language perhaps? He then spoke words the most beautiful words she had ever heard even though she didn’t understand any of them. He then asked without looking at her,”What is her name?” “I think the papers said Lillian..”


”Do you think, or do you know? You do realize that if its the wrong name that would mean that your just going to be getting close to someone that you don’t even know.” “I know.” ”Very well.” He said more of the oh so magical words, and then said Lillian name. All of a sudden the mirrors imaged changed from her, and the strangers reflection to that of a bedroom. “ that her?” ”Yes” Lilith watched as her sister drifted into a deep slumber. “Can I go see her?” ”Who’s stopping you?” Lilith nodded her head, and stepped through the mirror.

The room was dark, only lit by the TV. The floor was a gray colored carpet with tons of clothes on the floor. Lillian laid along the right side of the wall. Lilith sat on Lillian bed stroking her hair, and snuggling up too her. She leaned in close to Lillian ear, and whispered, “Shh its okay sister, I have finally come for you. I hope your okay. I promise to visit you every night. I love you..sweet dreams..” The stranger steps through the mirror, and motions Lilith to come back. She gets up off the bed, and steps back through the mirror. “Shes beautiful..” ”You can’t stay too long. Either way, she can only see you at night.” “Oh, I see..” ”I think its time you go home now its starting to get late.” “Very well, will I see you tomorrow?” ”Wait, and find out.’

By Rosalie

A New Comic Series featuring the D20 Girls Organization

Welcome to the world of Professor Moriarty’s Great great granddaughter Katherine Moriarty, Katt; discovers whom she is after some rather bizarre twists in her life as a power corporate attorney for her employer; The secretive and globally connected Division 20. She will find that being Moriarty’s Descendant is the least of her worries. The story will feature characters created by members of the D20 Girls Organization.








Ask L Questions From Our Girls

Dear L, I’m an overweight otaku who loves to cosplay. I’m always getting put down for my costumes, no matter how well put together, cause I’m so big. is there anything I can do, or should I just stop cosplaying altogether?

Thanks <33 -D-chan

Dear D-chan, I’m also a larger girl who loves to cosplay. I still do, and I rarely get any negative comments. There are a few things that have helped me along I can share though. First, pick an outfit that shows off your best attributes. Got great hair, eyes, or a killer rack? Make that your focus, and concentrate your outfit on flattering the rest of you. What ever your not okay with, or self conscious about, cover it up. While I enjoy all women’s body types, doing what ensures you have a good time is more import than someone’s opinion. The last thing I recommend is to have confidence. The world is full of jerks who like to troll. Don’t feed their tiny egos by giving them the time of day. Everyone is beautiful in different ways!







Dragon*Con 2011 By: The GPX Gaming Editors

Dragon*Con is definitely one of the biggest conventions in North America, there’s no denying; just look at the streets on Saturday morning or go inside the Marriott Marquis at any given point between Thursday and Monday! Everything was packed! The fact that the con was spread across five different hotels didn’t help matters either, making it quite a challenge for the GPX Gaming editors to cover! But somehow everyone survived and had an absolute blast at this year’s Dragon*Con! GPX Gaming editors spark3r and Stormraven were both very impressed with and in constant awe of the costumes! Not just the quantity, however, but the quality and creativity and variety of costumes! How often can you get Prince Namor, Jack Sparrow (sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow), a Dalek, a TARDIS, and a steampunked Ghostbuster all in the same room? If your answer is

“pretty much all the time”, then be prepared for a line of people wanting to come live in your world of epicness. There were so many costumes to be seen (several David Bowies and Mystiques and even the Silver Surfer!) they can’t all be done justice in a few words. You’ll just have to go to the con next year to see for yourself!

was even some bromancing at the guest’s table next to the Mistress of Darkness between Eddie McClintock and a fan! But be prepared for long wait times and high prices; some guests charged as much as $60 just for an autograph, not to mention extra fees for pictures with them or signed merchandise. The sticker shock

A-list (and even B-list) guests packed the Walk of Fame on Friday, including fan favorites like Brent Spiner, Robert Englund, Edward James Olmos (actually, a lot of the Battlestar Gallactica cast were there), Felicia Day, William Shatner, Tom Felton, and a ton of others! Spark3r even got to meet her idol: Elvira! There


just may be too much for some newbies. Despite the cost of the autographs and swag, all of the guests had wonderful panels like “@$%& My Captain Says” (in fact, all of Shatner’s panels had lines going outside and around the building), Q&A sessions, and autograph signings.

interested in either franchise, it was definitely the place to be! While Stormraven did her thing, spark3r enjoyed sitting in on the Indie PC gaming panel learning the nuts-and-bolts of the indie gaming industry, especially how to find revenue, not become depressed or overworked, and how marketing can benefit even In terms of panels, this year’s indie games. She also sat in on a were some of the best around! Horror in Gaming panel, which Everything from the newest My covered how gamemakers can Little Pony series, Doctor Who, to set the moods for horror LARPs Ghost Hunters was given its mo- and video games. To be honest, ment to shine over the weekend the panel covered how to avoid (including a showing of My Little cheesy effects and monsters with Pony fanvids, most of which were zippers down the back. absolutely amazing). Stormraven got the chance to be a part of a very interactive Doctor Who panel on Sunday (since the Invader Zim panel overflowed into the hallway and down a corridor, which made her very sad). The panelists all knew what they were talking about and were kind enough to want to hear opinions from the audience periodically. Seeing as Stormraven feels very strongly about one companion In addition to these panels, there in particular, when the panelists were voice acting panels with asked for volunteers she leapt guests like Mike McFarland, Kyle at her chance to do her best im- Hebert, and Richard Epcar. Speakpression of said character; she ing of Mr. Epcar, he later hosted a got a roomful of laughter and an panel called “An Evening with Baaction figure for her enthusiasm! tou” where he covered his roles and answered (ahem) interesting On Sunday, there was a Narnia questions about the characters vs. Middle Earth discussion about he’s portrayed throughout his the successes, failures, and chal- career. Epcar was also a part of lenges of adapting both the Lord anime fanvids mentioned earlier of the Rings and the Chronicles that had all of the GPX Gaming of Narnia onto the silver screen. staff rolling on the floor…with 28 If anyone is even remotely laughter!

Laughter, you dirty people! Late nights were the best for music lovers; concerts went on every single night with some of the best indie artists in the country! Steampunk group Abney Park, goth/humor/country/ whatever-else-he-wants-to-be musician Voltaire, electro-punk/ goth project Ayria, and internationally-renowned Cruxshadows had attendees packed in the ballrooms and up well into the wee hours of the morning! These concerts were in addition to all of the dances (such as the Yule Ball), including the Masquerade Ball held in honor of the 25th anniversary of Dragon*Con, not to mention the local theater group putting on a live showing of the cult-classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show! While spark3r and Stormraven love anime conventions, there’s something about multi-media cons like Dragon*Con that is just enchanting. Maybe it’s the insane amount of top-name guests Dragon*Con seems to get every year, the variety and scope of the panels, or the general atmosphere of a wide range of attendees from newborn to near-death. Whatever it is, it’s got more than a few people addicted to cons and con-going over the years! 40,000+ attendees and 3,500+ hours of programming at the 25th anniversary of Dragon*Con this year alone can’t all be wrong.


Costumes on a Budget

By Ruby Red (Jondi Schmitt-Soper)

Ever go to a convention and get a major case of the costume envies?

ostumes can cost an arm and a leg, or at least more Cmoney than most people have to spend on a hobby.

with a steampunk look, so I started looking at local boutiques and stores. My town has a But never fear! You too, can have fun costumes and second-hand little one that gets some really look like a million bucks (without actually spending great neat stuff and I scored a wonderful a million bucks). pair of brown boots for only $12. So Costumes can be made out of virtu- why not? It is fabulous, gorgeous that told me my basic color scheme ally anything. I am not kidding ei- and there are endless possibilities! for my outfit. It had to go with these ther…from old bed sheets to dollar However, steampunk costumes can boots. remnants of fabric from Wal-Mart get quite pricey because they just to recycled Styrofoam cups or pa- aren’t steampunk without accesso- Next, I went looking for a skirt. I wanted something in the light per plates. Almost anything around ries. brown or cream-colored family, but your house could possibly be used in your next great costume. You just I recently put together a I wasn’t being too picky. Eventually, have to be creative. stempunk(ish) outfit, complete I plan to make a skirt and I have a viwith a mini-tophat. Now, I plan to sion for what I want it to look like (it Of course, some of it does depend expand on my idea of this outfit won’t cost me much to make either) on your ability to sew. If you can’t and make it better. I put it together but I was on a short deadline at the sew, that will put a damper on just on short notice to wear to Gencon. time. So, I hit the mall. I didn’t exhow much you can do with raw ma- And you know what? I got all kinds pect to actually find anything in the terials. But don’t fret. You can still of compliments on an outfit I spent mall, but what the heck, right? Lo cut back your costs in other depart- very little money on! Guess how and behold, I found something that ments. You might have to buy your much in fact? I spent a grand total would work. It was just a creamactual clothing, but stop buying you of $42. Yes, I spent less than $50 for colored double-layer short skirt. accessories. Instead, next time try an entire outfit including jewelry I found it on a clearance rack for to think of ways to make them! and a hat. For example, steampunk – while it is a way of life for many – is also 30 a very popular cosplay now. And

(Picture to right:) How did I do that? It was simple. At GenCon in my outfit with I started out with the boots. some guy who asked to have I knew I wanted to do something his picture taken with me

somewhere around $7. My next find was completely unexpected. I was going into a store my teenage daughter shops in for clothing and I found the perfect steampunk vest! It looked like distressed brown leather with clunky buttons. It couldn’t have been more perfect! Even better, it was only $20. I also scored a distressed-looking gold charm necklace there for only $3.49.

sticks, whatever you wish to deco- mental markings (you will use these rate the hat with, tulle. tabs to attach the brim to the bottom of the hat). The actual hat only consists of three pieces; a long straight piece that Step 7. Using E6000 or Hot Glue, will become what I call the “smoke- glue the tabs to the inside of the stack” of the hat, a small circle that smokestack making sure the brim will become the top of the hat, and a of your hat is flush to the bottom of large circle for the bottom (you will the smokestack. eventually cut a hole in the bottom, so you may want to have a small Step. 8. Cover the hat in tulle. (I hole started in the very center of it). found that using hot glue is not a good idea here, as it will burn your Step 1. Using hot glue (or E6000), fingers.). There are many ways you bring the two ends of your long can cover the hat in tulle, be crepiece together and make the ative here and do it however you smokestack of the hat. You will wish. You can tie it on, glue it on need to use a clothespin to hold the or find some other way. I cut it in a seam together while the glue dries large square, brought it down over if you use E6000. the hat, tied a ribbon around the bottom of the smokestack to hold Step 2. Using E6000, carefully put the tulle in place, then brought the glue on the top rim of the smoke- tulle around the brim to the inside stack and then place your smaller of the hat and glued it into place. circle on the top of the hat. Wipe off any excess glue before the glue Step 9. Attach a barrette, hair comb dries or it will leave an ugly mark. or use bobby pins to wear your hat.

The vest was a short vest, the kind that stops just beneath the uppertorso. In a perfect world, I would have had a solid black waist cincher corset to go with it. I am still, to this day, looking for one that is a good bargain and have actually found one I think will work from Ethereal Threads at an unbelievable price. You can find them online at www. However, for the purposes of Gencon, I didn’t have the time or the extra money to buy a corset (I wanted to have some spending money for Step 3. Once the glue dries, trim the the convention after all). So, I went top of the hat so it matches the size with a long black tank top from Tar- of your smokestack exactly. get for $8. Step 4. Measure to the exact center The final touch was my mini- of the larger circle and mark it. tophat. Sure you can buy them many places online for $20 or Step 5. Decide how wide you want more. I have even seen them for the brim of your hat to be and make as much as $50. But, why spend all small marks around the hat, at one that money when you can make inch increments. one for less than $5 right at home? Here’s what you need: stiff felt, Step 6. Cut tabs from that center E6000 Glue, hot glue gun, hot glue marking to those one inch incre32

There are tutorials on YouTube for making hats like this, though truthfully I didn’t find them very helpful. With a project like this, it is just trial and error. Don’t get frustrated if you mess up, the materials don’t cost much and you can undo it and try again. Good luck!


Strong and Creative Cosplayers in North Carolina (Author Unlisted)

When one thinks of Cosplay and Anime, North Carolina is probably not what you would associate with the word, but several D20 Girls in North Carolina are doing their part to put North Carolina on the Cosplay Scene. photographer-Anna Fischer

The Chainmail Chick

While she is not your typical cosplayer in the Anime and Video game scene, Allegra or as she is known in inner geek circles: The Chainmail Chick, is a talented costume model. Her work has earned her several positions at different conventions as a guest, promoter, photographer-Joshua Steinke and a booth babe. This is a name you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget as soon as you see her in her famous Chainmail ensembles. Allegra can be found on the D20 Girls Project website Chiki is the North Carolina manager and has been cosplaying for 11 as well as on Facebook: www. years. Her love of costumes was kindled at a young age spending time with her aunt in the Costume Shop for the Sarasota Opera, Ringling Brother Barnum and Bailey Clown College and Chautauqua Opera. She learned to sew at a very young age and took that skill with her into Celes-Photographer-Sonja Carter the world of Cosplay. She now cosplays with her best friends: the Cosplay Pirates. You can find her on The D20 Girls Project website as well as on




Lady Gaga-photographer-Chiki Fischer

X-23-photogrpaher-GD Sullivan Photography

Steam Punk Sailor Jupiter-Photographer-Randall Tallent

Mayuge Seishou

Katherine, also known as Mayuge Seishou, is originally from California but now calls North Carolina home. She specializes in a number of different cosplay genres and has an impressive cosplaying portfolio, she finds her love of art beneficial to her work with cosplay: “Cosplay is one of my favorite hobbies because you never know where it can take you artistically, socially, and beyond.” Katherine not only is a D20 Girl but is also one seventh of the Cosplay Pirates, a cosplay group based out of North Carolina. Mayuge Seishou can be found on the D20 Girls Project website and on Blondie-Photographer-PhotoNXS


As her name suggests this cosplayer is much more than that, she is also a talented writer as well as cosplayer skilled in leatherworking. “My love of Anime brought me to study Japan, and now my interest has expanded to include culture, history, and language. After graduating University, I pursued that interest and went to Japan for three years. Now, I’m proficient in conversational Japanese… I love crafty things, especially making costumes. One of my favorite aspects of that is creating leather pieces that work in costumes like the real thing.” Scribe cosplays with her good friend Raven in a group called “Dark-Light Cosplay.” Scribe can be found on the D20 Girls Project Website and on her Blog:




Space Core-Photographer-Sonja Carter Rei-Photographer-Sonja Carter

Strange Love

While Strange Love a.k.a. is still very young she has an impressive amount of incredibly accurate and creative costumes under her belt. Her love of video games and anime has translated into several beautiful and alluring cosplays. Her original design of the Space Core from Portal 2 has already earned her a reputation around conventions and the internet. She is truly a cosplayer to watch, she will only get better. Strange Love can be found on the D20 Girls Project website and on Deviant Art: Haruko-Photographer-Washu Otaku



Cali, or Courtney, is a warm and inviting person. Her creativity and flare for life are very apparent to any who meet her. Her obvious joy shows in her cosplay, everything she creates she seems to create simply because she wants to have fun wearing it. Cali can be found on the D20 Girls Project Website and on Deviant Art:

SteamPunk-Photographer-Daniel Grey


QuakeCon 2011 tzow

ki” Bu

a “Sa y Aliss


being worked on by id software, with an announcement somewhere toward the end that hadn’t been released until that keynote. This year, Carmack announced that Doom 3 source code will be released by the end of this year, and spoke in detail about id software’s upcoming game RAGE.

Thousands of people from across the country, and a few internationally came out to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas for QuakeCon 2011. This gaming convention may be as a small gaming expo, however it is the largest free LAN party in North America. At first glance from the name, an outsider may assume that this convention focuses solely on id software’s hit game series Quake. However, to assume this is the case would be a grave mistake, as this annual event also showcases the newest hardware and games from id software. The attendees are computer gamers of all walks of life, some of which equipped with their own PC mods. And oh, does the inner computer nerd in me love a good PC mod... This leads to one of the things that makes QuakeCon rather unique for a gaming convention: the Bring Your Own Computer area (or BYOC), open all hours. A person can reserve a seat, and upon check-in to the convention, the person proceeds into a line to register their tower and 38 monitor (to help prevent theft)

and be directed to what seat in the BYOC is theirs. Now, if a person has not pre-ordered a seat, the open spaces are left as first-come, firstserve, and the reserved seats that are not claimed by Friday at 7pm are opened for the taking. The BYOC section is arguably the largest area of the convention in regards to floor space alone, and quite possibly the most popular reason to attend this convention. It was very well run and organized, and was worth an addition wait in line for set up purposes. The BYOC may in fact be the very heart of QuakeCon, as it is one of a few traditions that have been with the con since 1996. Another aspect of that has been around since its inception is the lengendary John Carmack of id software annual keynote speech. What basically occurs during a John Carmack keynote speech is a lengthy monologue concerning the whole year leading up to the convention in terms of programming developments on different projects

On the expo floor of QuakeCon attendees could play some of the completed single player campaign of RAGE for either Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or PC. Also on the expo floor was a stage that, throughout the four days of the convention, did drawings of tickets for four lucky attendees to play the racing multipayer on RAGE for a thousand dollars and a chance at winning a RAGE limited edition Hennessey Velociraptor. RAGE wasn’t the only game being played on the expo floor. Hi-Rez studios had a beta version of capture the flag available to play from their upcoming edition to the Tribes franchise: Tribes Ascend. Sixteen people (eight on eight) got to play twenty

come back and visit as well. Come to think of it, the expo floor might have been called the “Raffles Everywhere” floor. On one hand, there were some pretty excellent items up for raffle from every booth, but the mass quantities of them could be considered a little off-putting.

minute matches, or until one team captured five flags. Alienware also had a spot on the expo floor for free to play tournaments of games like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Quake Live. During time in between tournaments, an attendee could play any of these games, or Portal 2 on the Alienware computers. This allowed attendees of the convention who may not have brought their PC to play some games while they were at the convention, or get away form the BYOC and play with new people or even something new. Both Alienware and the Tribes Ascend had raffles going throughout the convention. Also on the expo floor were various vendors selling parts of computers such as cooling units, video cards, mouse pads, mice, and headphones. Bawls had a table selling their energy drink as single bottles or as cases, which seemed to be one of the beverages of choice for the BYOC. The vendors at all the booths were very amiable, and multiple booths had raffles going throughout the convention to encourage attendees

What wasn’t off-putting was the panels that were executed throughout the convention. On the Alienware mainstage presentations were given for Prey 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skyrim is looking better than sex, by the way... not kidding here.), as well as a panel discussion of 20 years of id software. In the smaller panels rooms were panels on First-Perspective Perspectives, Community Manager: Unmoderated!, and Ultimate Origins: The Games that Influence Us. All the panels were executed by brilliant representatives from such companies as id, Bethesda, Respawn, Arkane, and Insomniac. If a free convention spanning four days of LAN, free raffles, game demos, and panels are not convinc-

ing enough of reasons to come down to Texas to attend QuakeCon, then what ultimately sets QuakeCon as a definite do-not-miss convention is the community feel of the convention as a whole. At no other convention will one start up conversation with a stranger and the stranger offers one to play on their steam account. Or will one jump in on a four-player Left 4 Dead 2 survival mode team with two guys from Quebec and another girl out of nowhere. Wrapped up, QuakeCon is by far an outstanding convention full of heart and substance. It is highly recommended that everyone that loves gaming goes, even if you do not have a computer to game on, even if you do not typically play first-person shooters, even if you live out of the state or country. Trust this self-identifying platform-fighting gamer: you will have a good time, and you will broaden your horizons. Excuse me while I go start building a computer. For more information and to check out some of the highlights from this year’s QuakeCon, please check out


Unconventional: The Culture of Conventions ~ Laura “Cryshayn” Latterman ~

Artwork by Steven and Abigail Selvidge

There is something innately comforting when a large group Wars? TOKYOPOP or VIZ Meof people gathers together to embrace and celebrate their dia? iPhone or Android? Depending on what you pick, you shared interests and socialize on a grand scale. Whether it’s a comic book convention or an anime expo, it’s always the true fans that make the event a worthwhile experience. Sure, there are tons of freebies and raffles, demonstrations and competitions, merchants and high-calorie foods; but, for me, it’s the people – the culture of convention goers. What exactly is the culture of conventions? How might you fit in? Well, a simple approach to defining a culture is by highlighting specific aspects of the group. Let us unconventionally break down convention culture into government & religion, resources & economics, family & society, and arts & technology.

Government & Religion

There is a certain hierarchy within any given convention: the event staff and volunteers, who make sure that everything runs 40 smoothly; the vendors, who

could be a part of the “in” crowd supply the newest and greatest or on the outs with the different advancements in products; the troops of fandom. Be sure to sponsors, who promote them- choose your associations wisely. selves by placating the masses with free schwag; the panel- Resources & Economics ists, who are there to increase Haggling, bartering, trading, numbers and notoriety; and the and finagling – The convention attendees, who, whereby em- marketplace is its own little bracing their fanaticism, give pocket of commerce. Attendees the entire convention purpose. and vendors alike will bring the Each branch fills a need, and cream of the crop of their collecno branch can exist without the tions. Whether its action figures, support of the rest. The ques- lithographs, jump drives, antion is: How will you participate? tique swords, rare autographs, comic books, or various handInstead of religious institu- made wares, the likelihood of tions, conventions are filled finding the perfect deal is strictly with groups dedicated to par- based on supply and demand. ticular products, those who sup- Ergo, you demand it, and they port specific brands, or who are supply it. Cash is not always devout followers of particular necessary with transactions at sponsors and panelists. Party conventions; many times a haglines are drawn between these gling session over prices may convention hierarchies and fac- turn into a mutually beneficial tions. Are you a Dragonlance or barter exchange. Mint condition Forgotten Realms kind of gal? Sailor Moon action figure for an Mac or PC? DC or Marvel? PS3 autographed headshot of Stan or Xbox 360? Star Trek or Star Lee? You got it! My handmade

steampunk goggle collection for your gigantic cosplay hammer? Maybe if you throw in your pocket watch and the newest Fables trade – then, maybe we can talk.

Family & Society

the computers, software, hardware, and other technical innovations that make the experience worthwhile. The newest gaming systems out on display, demo versions of up and coming RPG’s ready to be tested and played, and the most creative minds in the industry all gathered together to share in the techie fun. Curious when the Conventioneers are typically newest incarnation of your fasocial and welcoming. The pur- vorite game is coming out? This pose of a convention is to pro- is place to find out! Immediate vide a venue for fandom sharing. hands on feedback; how much Attendees want to share their better can it get?! opinions on the newest tech, issues, games, etc. and get your I never understood movies and feedback. They want to share. television shows that made fun Conventions are all about get- of conventions and their attendting to know your fellow fans, ees. I always admired the fans’ making friendships, joining devotion, willingness to emgroups, playing and just having a brace their joys, and the sincere good time. Even if you’re a tad feeling of camaraderie at those on the shy side, let that slip a expos and events. The culture little and truly embrace the fun. of conventions may be unconventional; but, there is nothing uncultured about it. Long live Arts & Technology Attending various conventions nerdy conventions! Game on. in my time, I’ve noticed a plethora of “How To” workshops. They are informative, interesting, creative, and social. Artists, who have honed their crafts in jewelry, drawing, special effects makeup, sewing, sword fighting, etc., share tips of their trades. DIY fanatics can learn a lot, while also admiring the amazing works of big-name artists and discovering the newer talents of lesser known local artisans.

You have to walk the walk and talk the talk to fit in. Do you look and sound like you belong at your convention? Most conventioneers dress to the occasion: full cosplay for anime conventions, goggle and gears for steampunk fashion shows, favorite nerdy t-shirt for gaming expos, etc. Couples and families tend to coordinate as well. Thinking about taking your little one to the local comic convention? Toss a Yoda costume on him and strap him to your back – You’ll fit right in. For many convention goers, it’s


The eighth annual Erie Days of Gaming is around the corner. Held in Erie’s stately Avalon Hotel the weekend of October 21-23, Erie Days of Gaming offers a plethora of scheduled and open tabletop games seldom seen outside of the likes of Gen Con. As with larger, more famous conventions, Erie Days of Gaming offers all types of games. Scheduled events include a Magic: the Gathering cube draft, a Flames of War tournament, and board game demos featuring products from such illustrious publishers as Rio Grande and Z-Man. Whether you favor board games, card games, or war games, Erie Days of Gaming can easily sate your appetite. Less experienced and less focused gamers are also welcomed and encouraged, however. Each day of the convention will feature a Deckbuilding Decathlon, where entrants can play any of over a dozen deck building games (such as Nightfall and Thunderstone)…but nobody knows what game they’ll be playing until they sit down at their assigned table each round. Prizes will be given both to individual game winners and the overall winner of the day’s Decathlon. Besides the Decathlons, board games will be demoed all day every day for the duration of the convention. Erie Days of Gaming even has a “Play It to Win It” series of demos, where everyone who tries the game is entered to win it. Staff are also always pleased to teach any game in the convention’s massive library. As much as the convention caters to hardcore gamers, a major driving force behind the festivities is introducing new players to the board gaming fold. Games for all skill levels and all ages will be available for open gaming and for demos, and this year’s event features Family Day, where a family that has not attended a previous Erie Days of Gaming event may play for free from noon until 5pm on Saturday, October 22.


By: Kyle Zaffino

This is also a reason the Erie Days of Gaming committee strives to maintain one key difference between their convention and more famous conventions like Origins and Comic Con. While other conventions may cost $25-50 per day and $80-100 for the week, Erie Days of Gaming is $10 for one day or $20 for the weekend for an adult, and discounts are available for students (with valid photo student ID) and children (if accompanied by an adult). Erie Days of Gaming strives to be a convention by gamers, for gamers; all staff are volunteers, and extensive local advertising helps offset other costs. Erie Days of Gaming is a hometown convention with big-city cachet. Whether you’re experienced or new, competitive or casual, Erie Days of Gaming offers events and open play for everyone--at a reasonable price and in a convenient location.


What is Tanto Cuore?

Age: 12+ Minutes to play: 30-60 # of Players: 2-4

For more Information, visit us at:

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2027 196th St. SW Suite A-104 Lynnwood, WA 98036 1-425-778-2091

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