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2012 Parents’ Weekend Snapshot

Introduction Parents’ Weekend is a tradition of the Florida State University that gives parents the opportunity to visit their student(s) while also gaining exposure to the Florida State University community and its many traditions. The 2012 Parents’ Weekend was held on October 12th and 13th. Events included a picnic, educational sessions, three Flying High Circus performances, the Fun Run 5K Run/Walk, and a tailgate brunch. Attendance Figures 2009








Picnic at Union Green





Tailgate Brunch





5K Fun Run/Walk





Total Survey Respondents





Total # of families at PW # of Participants by Event

Online Assessment Highlights

Parents’ Weekend 2012 was the eighth year that PW has been formally assessed. Participants were directed to an online survey to provide feedback at the conclusion of the weekend’s festivities. They were informed via business cards, an ad in the program booklet, and follow up emails. A drawing took place and a random survey participant was awarded $100 in Flex Bucks. A total of 96 survey responses were recorded.

Demographics of survey respondents

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85% were in-state parent/guardians 12% were out-of-state parent/guardians 63% had students who were freshman 6% had students who were sophomores 24% had students who were juniors 11% had students who were seniors

Registration comments from survey 

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69% of respondents pre-registered online  92% thought online/mailing registration was easy to understand 22% registered on-site  92% thought on-site registration was quick and organized 8% pre-registered via mail 96% of participants found PW staff to be friendly and helpful

Marketing Participants heard about PW through numerous sources. The three top responses included:  57% Orientation  52% Family Connection  77% of survey respondents were members of the Family Connection  41% Website

Program Attendance PW offered various programs participants could choose to participate in. The most popular among survey respondents included:  Football Game—FSU vs. Boston College (86%)  Circus Performance (61%)  Picnic on Union Green (56%)  Tailgate Brunch (27%)  5K Fun Run/Walk (27%)

Recommendations for next year: Suggestions taken from qualitative feedback via online survey: Catering  Improve the quality of the food  Provide more fresh food  More options besides typical buffet food Postcards  Have more printers available and photographers, waiting time was too long  Offer it for a longer period of time, some parents could not attend because their child had class 5k Fun Run/ Walk  Post the times of all the participants  Have more water stations  Perhaps give out small bottles of water so that there is no waiting time at the water stations Parking  Many parents had trouble looking for parking spots  Parents did not know where to park for the football game without the risk of getting towed  Have a map of parking lots and garages  Include addresses of parking lots and garages so that parents can input the address into their GPS Promotion  Provide parents with information on Parents’ Weekend upon their child being accepted since families that attend summer orientation find out later than others and have trouble booking hotel rooms later on

Suggestions for 2013 survey:

What else do we need to find out from parents about their PW experience?

2012 PW Summary