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1. women

1.1 new products

1.1a top rated

1.2 tops

1.3 bottoms

1.4 accessories

1.1a sports

1.2a pants

1.3a bags

1.1b tanks

1.2b crops

1.3b headwear 1.3c socks and underwear 1.3d yoga mats 1.3e run accessorie s 1.3f

1.1b activities 1.1c features 1.1d we made too much 1.1e gift cards 1.1f ride on 1.1g online only

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

1.1c tops 1.1d jackets and hoodies

1.2c shorts 1.2d skirts and dresses

accessorie s

1.5 activities

1.6 features

2. men

2.1 new products

1.4a yoga

1.5a marathon

2.1a top rated

1.4b run

1.5b online only

2.1b activities 2.1c features 2.1d we made too much 2.1e gift cards

3. company

2.2 tops

2.2a jackets and hoodies

2.3 bottoms

2.3a shorts

2.3b pants

2.4 accessories

2.4a bags 2.4b socks and underwear 2.4c yoga mats and props

4. my account

3.1 corporate information

3.1a r & d team 3.1b responsibility 3.1c charitable giving 3.1 d gift of yoga 3.1e ambassadors

2.1f ride on 3.1f careers 2.1g online only

3.2 education

3.3 community

3.2 a fabrics & technologies

3.3a yoga 101

3.2b size chart

3.3b goal setting

3.2c product care

3.3c og

3.2d a-z product terms

4.1 sign in

4.1a my shopping bag 4.1b wish list 4.1c shipping

4.2 register

4.3 need help

4.3a live chat

4.3d find a store

4.3b email

4.3e returns

4.3c 1.800 number

4.3f faq

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lululemons' after sitemap

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