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Promoting Israel’s Next Generation of Scientists & Engineers

A country isn’t measured by its size or population, but by its capacity to create new lands that are not geographical‌ and by the opportunities it offers and the number of Colombuses it produces. The Hon. Shimon Peres President of the State of Israel

Building Israel’s Future

Israel can win the difficult battle of survival only by developing painstakingly the intelligence and expert knowledge of her young people in the field of technology. Albert Einstein, at the Technion Workshops - now a MadaTech Exhibition Hall - on his only visit to the region in 1923

Nobel Laureates at MadaTech: 85 years of Science Israel ’s economic motor is fueled by science & technology. At that motor ’s very heart, are teachers, engineers and researchers. If the continuum--kindergarten-elementary school-high school--on which universities rely, breaks down at any one point, our universities will not survive. That is why MadaTech ’s success in engaging young Israelis in science, exposing them in a fascinating way to incredible scientific developments and getting them to develop a love for science & technology, is so vitally important. Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2004), speaking to students at MadaTech.

Dear Friends, Some 85 years ago, on his only visit to the region, Albert Einstein planted a palm tree in MadaTech 's front courtyard, originally home to Israel 's first institution of higher education, the Technion. It serves to remind us of our sacred national mission: preparing young Israelis to meet the challenges of a sophisticated technological society. In recent years, there has been a significant drop in the number of Israeli youngsters who opt for higher education in the sciences. Moreover, while in the 1960’s, Israel was in the lead in worldwide student science scores, it is currently situated below the international average, coming in 33 out of 45 countries. Informal science education is one major way to hone and promote excellence in science & technology, while narrowing gaps between students from the periphery and the center, boys & girls, Israeli-born & new immigrants, and Jews & Arabs. MadaTech, Israel ’s prime institution of informal science education, evokes interest in science & technology through a host of exciting hands-on exhibitions and an array of innovative science-made-fun educational programs. Every year, close to half a million visitors--among them 200,000 youngsters, of all ages, backgrounds & geographic locations, take part in Museum activities. At MadaTech ’s Institute for Education in Science & Technology, they construct robots, gain insight into the human genome and learn about securing information. They also bone up on environmental issues and engage in space exploration. Most importantly, they acquire research tools, adopt a scientific approach, develop a spirit of entrepreneurship, and gain knowledge that enables them to make value judgments on issues which affect their lives and the society around them. As a result, many more of these youngsters will choose to pursue higher studies and later on a career in the sciences, ensuring that Israel remain a global leader in science & technology, thus safeguarding our economy and future well-being.

Leon Recanati Maj-Gen. (res.) Eitan Ben Eliahu MadaTech Co-Chairs

Narrowing Israel’s Digital Divide MadaTech offers year-round, tailor-made programs, to students of diverse backgrounds and needs, which bolster scientific topics taught in schools and motivate youngsters to opt for a fortified science curriculum and later on to pursue a science career. These include:

Science For Soviet Immigrant Students

Empowers able immigrant students in scientific fields, such as chemistry, physics, nanotechnology and robotics; while strengthening their ties to the country, through visits to key Israeli industries and high-tech companies.

Tapping Solomon’s Mind

Enriches third-to-sixth grade students of Ethiopian origin in a range of science topics: from aviation & evolution, to earth sciences & the human body. The program boosts student confidence in tackling scientific topics, improving their scholastic achievements and leading them to opt for a fortified science curriculum.

Stimulating Excellence Advanced Science in Arabic

A special program for gifted and excelling Israeli Arab junior high school students, in advanced areas of science--such as bio-medicine, genetics, nano-technology & astrophysics-in a relaxed, informal learning environment; combined with encounters with leading Israeli Jewish & Arab scientists and researchers.

Woman Power

Workshops in robotics & genetic medicine for excelling junior high school girls that include encounters with prominent women engineers and doctors, from academia & industry, who act as role models, helping the girls overcome the significant gender gap in science achievements.

Developing Strategic Thinking The OlympiYeda - Annual National Science Competition Aims to identify and reward excellence in science and to inspire and nurture students who have a particular scientific interest. Thousands of Israeli eighth and ninth graders take part in this four-stage, yearlong competition, focusing on a different topic each year. Semi-finalists take part in a summer science camp, where they enjoy a range of hands-on scientific activities, lectures by prominent scientists and visits to innovative research, technological & industrial facilities. Winners recieve Technion scholarships.

The Culture of Science: Chess Club

The MadaTech-Intel Chess Club runs a chess school, led by a veteran chess master from the FSU; and trains groups that play in national leagues, including women’s groups. A number of its young players (seven and eight year olds) have captured top places in international chess competitions. The Club has also hosted the bi-annual Israeli National Championship Games, some of whose competitors are of world class, and many of whom hail from the FSU.

StartUp Seeds kids at the Residence of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres

Promoting a Spirit of Entrepreneurship The Annual Young Inventor Competition Held at MadaTech, the Competition is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry & Trade and run by Ta’asiYeda, the educational arm of the Israel Manufacturers’ Association.


This unique and innovative program, incorporated as a MadaTech subsidiary, focuses on building and promoting a significant community of technology-oriented youth; and assisting its young entrepreneurs in developing and advancing technological ideas, up to marketable products, guided by leading figures in the field, who serve as role models and mentors. About 1,300 internet geeks are currently enrolled in the program.

Science for Diaspora Jewish Youngsters - MadaTech hosts an annual seminar for 10th and 11th grade students from Jewish high schools in Mexico and Colombia, where students enjoy scientific demonstrations, conduct experiments and engage in group projects in advanced fields of science & technology. They also take part in joint activities with Israeli peers and get to know Technion faculties, and to meet new immigrant students studying there.

Outreach Operation North

A multi-pronged, yearlong science education program, in select peripheral towns in the Galilee. The program combines mutually reinforcing elements: Mobile Lab visits to chosen schools and half-day class visits to MadaTech.

Mobile Science Labs

The Labs cover many miles, as they travel to schools and community centers, from Beit Shean to Daliat El Carmel, and from Kiryat Shmone to Ashkelon. Equipped with demonstration and teaching aids, accompanying instructors provide stimulating interactive presentations that illustrate scientific phenomena and their underlying principles. The Labs provide students and educators with an address for questions and assistance.

Hands-On Science MadaTech ’s varied educational programs are all hands-on, whether in state-of-the-art laboratories, situated at Centers of Excellence in advanced fields of science, in the Museum’s Education Building; or through engagement with a host of interactive exhibits and exhibitions, housed in MadaTech’s Exhibition Building. MadaTech offers unique groundbreaking science programs, with advanced content and innovative hands-on instruction methods that prod students to develop inquiring minds and to engage in out-of-the-box thinking. Orit Asayag, head, Education Administration, Acre Municipality

Centers of Excellence MadaTech’s Institute for Education in Science & Technology houses six Centers of Excellence, each of which comprises two laboratories and a demonstration hall--furnished with basic equipment and specialized instrumentation and exhibits--as well as ancillary facilities. At these Centers, kindergarten to twelfth grade students experience hands-on learning, in a broad range of fields in science & technology.

The Centers: • Astrophysics & Space Exploration • Gelfand Model Building, Robotics & Communication • Lichtman NetRix Center for Young Internet Entrepreneurs • Life Sciences, the Human Genome & Bio-Technology • Green Energy, the Environment & Sustainable Development • Chais Center for Excellence in Science & Technology • Pre-School Science & Technology Hub inspiring world-class science museum...a major source of science enrichment for youngsters of all ages that truly makes a difference in so many students’ lives.   Mark Gelfand, Boston, shown here, sharing his views on science education with MadaTech staff, at the Gelfand Center for Model Building, Robotics & Communication   

MadaTech ’s NetRix Center is a mind teaser that tickles the creativity of Israeli youngsters, awakens their curiosity and enhances their desire to know more… with a superb range of outreach programs countrywide, which promote internet technology--a “must-know ” field in today’s world. Igal Lichtman, Livingston, New Jersey Initiator and sponsor of StartUp and the Lichtman NetRix Center for Young Internet Entrepreneurs

MadaTech Exhibitions Interactive exhibits serve as a vital tool in exposing youngsters, in a fun hands-on way, to scientific principles. Housed in MadaTech’s landmark Exhibition Building, the Museum’s permanent collection comprises about 600 interactive exhibits, most produced by its in-house Workshop staff. MadaTech also hosts traveling exhibitions on an array of topics, from the Giant Dinosaurs of Patagonia, to Body Worlds and serves as a showcase for Israeli technological innovations. The CinematriX, a unique 4-D Theatre—replete with special effects, such as revolving chairs, sprays of water, air and aromas—provides an array of multisensory journeys, to space, within the body, to the magic behind science, to road safety and more.

MadaTech Campus At a Glance

Mobile Science Labs Two fully-equipped Labs which travel countrywide

Future Development

MadaTech Backyard 12,000 square meters (129,000 square feet) including 3 multi-storied buildings

Education Building 6 Centers of Excellence 13 State-of-the-Art Laboratories Pre-School Science & Technology Hub Israel National Archives of Historic Scientific Instruments 750 square-meter flexible Event and Exhibition Space

Science Park

(under construction) Outdoor Exhibition Area 4,000 square meters (1 acre)


Annual Number of Visitors: 500,000 On Campus: 330,000 In Outreach Activities: 170,000 Annual Number of Children & Youth: 200,000 Annual Number of Classes: 1,500

32°48’36.76”N 34°59’47.13”E

Exhibition Building Historic Technion Building

Permanent Collection comprising 15 Exhibition Halls 600 Museum-produced interactive exhibits Indoor Exhibition Space: 4,515 square meters (48,536 square feet) Outdoor Exhibition Space: 1,021 square meters (10,976 square feet)

Green Park

(in the planning) MadaTech Front Courtyard 10,495 square meters (2.5 acres)

Holistic Approach - The engagement of students, teachers and parents.

Added Value - MadaTech science programs help students develop behavior patterns characteristic of scientists, a critical approach, a spirit of entrepreneurship, project-based learning, team work and value judgments.


Green Outlook - MadaTech features energy saving facilities; Museum-produced Green Energy & My Green House Exhibitions; Green Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development Learning Center; Educator Conferences; and two green areas on the MadaTech Campus: a future Science Park and ecological Green Park.




Total Immersion in Science-Made-Fun - MadaTech’s educational approach can be summed up by 3D’s: Discovery, Delight and Drive. It renders science relevant to visitors’ daily life experience, in an informal, unthreatening, interactive learning environment, that allows youngsters to fully activate all their faculties & senses--emotional, cognitive & social; and to learn at their own pace.



MadaTech Frameworks & Educational Approach

MadaTech Frameworks comprise Class Visits; Afternoon Workshops; Holiday Activities for Families; Scientific Mobile Laboratory; Assistance on School Projects; Teacher Refresher Courses; Permanent & Traveling Exhibitions; Popular Seminars & Lectures; and a Chess Club.

Universal Accessibility - Both lingually (Hebrew, Arabic, Russian) & physically.

International Cooperation - MadaTech is a member of the Association of Science & Technology Centers (ASTC). It is active in a number of ongoing forums, such as the EU Researchers’ Night Consortium; IGLO—International Action on Global Warming and more.



Collaborative Ventures - with companies, such as the Israel Electric Company, Applied Materials, Bank Hapoalim, Intel, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company Ltd. (EAPC), Ormat, Phoenicia Glassworks Ltd., Solel and SolaTube; and NGO’s, such as the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and more.

Co-Existence & Peace - Situated in Haifa, a city known for its promotion of Jewish-Arab relations, MadaTech contributes to peaceful co-existence, by providing equal lingual access to the country’s Arab citizen’s, most especially young people; joint involvement of Israeli Jewish and Arab youngsters in diverse frameworks; and special science activities, such as seminars for Israeli and Jordanian youngsters.

The MadaTech Technion Connection - MadaTech is housed in two landmark buildings, originally home to the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Although a separate legal entity, the Museum operates under the auspices of the Technion and serves as that institution’s platform for community outreach. Technion faculty is well represented on the MadaTech Board, on its diverse Academic Steering Committees and among its lecturers. Technion students serve as MadaTech guides & instructors.

The Technion in 1923 Present-Day MadaTech

MadaTech Leadership - MadaTech is led by a 21-person Board, chaired by Leon Recanati, one of Israel’s leading business persons and by Maj.-Gen. (res.) Eitan Ben Eliahu, former Israeli Air Force commander. Prominent science educator & physicist, Dr. Ronen Mir, is Museum director. Academic Steering Committee - Leading experts from diverse scientific fields oversee all MadaTech educational programs and exhibitions. American Friends of the Israel National Museum of Science - Founded in 1985, the American Friends, a 501c taxexempt organization, helps MadaTech fulfill its goals, by providing support for its programs & activities, Centers of Excellence, as well as physical maintenance, development and expansion.

Securing Israel’s Future Moula, 11, a participant in MadaTech’s multi-year program for elementary school students of Ethiopian origin, has scored 20 points above the national average in a recent countrywide science test, as have his classmates, all MadaTech program participants. Moula now dreams of becoming a doctor, or computer engineer.

Amit, 22, a graduate of MadaTech’s 2002 OlympiYeda Annual Science Competition, is serving in a special IDF computer unit and planning to work in the high tech industry, after completing his university studies.

Gabi, 30, attended MadaTech afternoon workshops for years, starting at the age of eight. Coming from a family of meager means, he was able to do so thanks to a multi-year Museum scholarship. Gabi then went on to become a young Museum instructor. After graduating the Technion, he now works as an electronics engineer at Intel--Gabi is the only one in his family to get a university education and a white collar job.

These are but three of scores of Israeli kids, whose life choices and opportunities have been significantly affected by their MadaTech experience. As we reach out to engage more and more Israeli youngsters, of all ages and backgrounds, we invite you to help write this success story in-the-making: To prepare young Israelis to successfully cope with and be an active part of the scientific technological revolution that is rapidly changing our world. In helping to fully tap on the extensive reservoir of Israeli brainpower, you will be contributing to promoting excellence and shaping the country’s future scientific landscape, while strengthening its social fabric, two components critical to the future of the State of Israel.

What Our Children Say I didn’t think I could do it. But, during the yearlong astrophysics course, I discovered that I find it exciting… My future direction is, for sure, going to be physics or technology. Sharon, 14, Ort School, Ma’alot It’s very different from our regular lessons…easier to understand, because there are a lot of fun demonstrations… it makes us think more and want to ask more questions. You should participate in these MadaTech lessons, too, because they open up your mind and make you think in a different way. Ziona, 5th grade, Gavrieli School, Haifa The OlympiYeda was a formative experience in my life; an intellectual challenge that rescued me from the shallow waters of my school and taught me how to swim in deep seas. It got me to recognize and actively exercise my abilities. Amit, 22, 2002 OlympiYeda participant I felt like a real scientist…it was an opportunity to get to know Israel from a totally different perspective. Rebecca, 16, Mount Sinai School, Mexico City We learn about all kinds of things we don’t study in school, like space exploration, life beyond our planet, radiation... I wish the program were longer, so that I could do more space research… Sergei, 7 th grade, Bosmat-Mofet School, Haifa It was exciting to be exposed to new worlds and to meet leading researchers working in scientific fields that will radically change the world. Working on projects in teams showed me the importance of collaboration. While I always thought I would study computers, I now want to pursue genetic medicine or nano-technology. Rima Khouri, 16, Ilabun

I thought science is boring. But, I wasn’t bored at all, because even though we didn’t write anything down, we learned much more than in any of our lessons… It was a lot of fun. Meital, 9, Haifa

concept, editing and design: Drora Kass & O*GE Architects

Contact Details American Friends of the Israel National Museum of Science 390 5th Avenue, Suite 902, New York, NY 10018, USA Tel: 212-947-5654. Fax: 212-947-4562. Website: MadaTech - The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space Historic Technion Campus, 25 Shmaryahu Levin St. /12 Balfour St. Mailing Address: POB 44927, Haifa 31448, Israel Tel: 972-4-861-4412. E-Mail: Website:

Madatech - Israel National Science and Space Museum  

Promotional Brochure for the Madatech - Israel National Science and Space Museum created by O*GE Architects with Drora Kass

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