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Project concept 2013

Green Rush – national ecological GCDP project which is aimed to pay attention of Ukrainian society on global ecological problems, ecological problems of Ukraine and stimulate the action of young people through green education, creation and realization of ecological events, participation in hugest ecology action “Let’s do it”. Target audience: • Pupils of the end classes of schools (14-16 years old) • Students • Active youth Goals of the project: • Education for children, their parents and students of sense of the personal involvement to the protection of natural riches, responsibility for them; capabilities of personality harmoniously to coexist with nature; • Forming of critical estimation consumer-utilitarian attitude toward nature, which results in violation of natural equilibrium, appearance of ecological crisis; • Feeling themselves as a part of nature by pupils, their parents and students, understanding of connection between the nature state and health of people. • Forming of active life position in relation to participating in practical nature protection measures: realization of nature protection activity on own initiative. Results of the project: • Project will be realized in 10 cities around Ukraine • 3000 pupils from 30 schools will take part in the project • 90 interns will come to participate in the project • At every school which will take part in a project «Green remembrance» will be developed by the participants of project and placed in the school • «Green principles of behavior» will be developed by pupils and their parents • The event of landing trees will take part in each city • The ecological events, devoted to the International Day of Earth 2013, in will be organizes by the participants of the project • Participants of the project will take part in the Earth Hour 2013 • Participants of the project will take part in the international ecological action “lets do it!” – global cleaning of action. Time of realization: 04.03.2013- 28.04.2013 Project description: Green Rush 2013 will take part in 10 cities around Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Lugansk, Mariupol, Odesa, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Ternopil and Zaporizhzhya. Project will be based on 30 schools. We are planning to involve 90 interns and 3000 Ukrainian pupils as participants of the project. During the project interns will conduct learning seminars, trainings, facilitate games and discussions in the ecological area.

Main topics that should be covered during the project: - Global ecological problems; - Separation of garbage; - Garbage recycling; - Ecological culture; - Global warming. Interns and participants of the project also should take part in the organization of different ecological activities. Main project events: 4-7 of March – International training camp (ITC) for interns – preparation seminar to the project in Kyiv. 9 of March – official opening of the project in the cities. 30 of March – participation in the international Earth day 2013: 1-7 of April – lending trees in the cities. 8-14 of April – pupils’ pictures exhibition about ecological problems. 15-21 of April – creation of «Green remembrance» and «Green principles of behavior» by the participants of the project. 20 of April – participation in “Lets do it Ukraine”. 22 of April – organization of ecological activities and participation in such which are devoted to International Earth day: 26 of April – official closing of the project in cities. During the project realization there can be some more ecological activities which will be organized by Local Committee.

Green Rush Project (Ukraine)  
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