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entrepreneurs. Are you ready to realize your dreams of developing and implementing your own business plan, but are concerned that you don’t have the resources to make it happen? Or, do you have the capital and entrepreneurial spirit, and need the marketing and product expertise to offer proven solutions to your customers? Selling Nationwide® insurance and financial products could be the career you’ve been waiting for. It’s the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will have the ability to help others while building a business with outstanding flexibility and income potential. You’ll be your own boss, yet have the strength and stability of Nationwide to support you. And most importantly, Nationwide recognizes every entrepreneur comes from a different situation, whether it’s based on financial background, past experiences or workplace strengths. This diversity is what makes our company strong, and our agency programs the ideal career opportunity. To accommodate entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and situations, and in any location throughout the United States, we have developed four Nationwide Agent Programs, each customized based upon your situation.

Capital Builder 1 Agency Designed for entrepreneurs that are just starting out and looking to be a future agency owner

Agency Executive 2 Associate Perfect for those with some experience in the business and a strong desire to grow

Agency Executive 3 Replacement The ideal opportunity for an experienced business person ready to try something new

Executive 4 Agency For proven entrepreneurs in search of a new challenge

1 Agency Capital Builder

2 Associate Agency Executive

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Experience a plus, initiative a must.

Our entry-level opportunity is perfect for entrepreneurs that want to start working for themselves, but need the resources, capital and support of an innovative industry leader like Nationwide.®

Have you been working in the business world for a few years, but always dreamed of starting something you can call your own? Many successful Nationwide agents have been in this exact position. And many were concerned about the same issues.

If you’ve ever seriously considered starting your own business, the Agency Capital Builder Program offers a clear answer.

Do I have the resources to do this? More importantly, do I have resources to do this right?

By providing financial assistance, bonus opportunities and support tools with minimal start-up capital requirements, this option is designed to help you reach your goal in as little as 18 months, preparing you to become a successful agent.

The Associate Agency Executive Program offers a simple solution. By providing financial assistance and support tools, the program is designed to help you reach your goal in as little as six months, preparing you to become a successful agent.

3 Replacement Agency Executive

4 Agency Executive

Established business, new opportunities

Your business, our support

You have spent years gaining professional experience, but you are ready to try something new. Owning your own business has always been a dream, but your cautious nature has always prevented you from taking the risk.

If you’ve built a business from the ground up before, you know it can be challenging. And if you’re thinking about trying it for the first or second time, you may be asking: Are the rewards big enough to justify the investment? Do I have enough support to get on my feet quickly?

This is yet another scenario many successful Nationwide agents found themselves in before joining our agency force. And we had the solution for them and the opportunity for you. The Replacement Agency Executive program gives you the ability to become an agent in a thriving, established business. Instead of starting your agency from scratch, you can manage an existing group of Nationwide customers and begin earning commissions right away.

The Agency Executive Program helps you build a business from scratch with a strong support system behind you. After an initial two-week training course, you’ll immediately start working as a Nationwide agent and begin working with new customers .

This could be the perfect opportunity for you. To further explore our agency opportunities, please visit us at Lorie Kuyoth

Nationwide Talent Acquisition (614) 249-3581

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