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ROBOTS Scientifics though that maybe in a not further future, robots could be a part of our life. Much robots have been created for specific things, and with a high technical engineer. The point of creating the RoboCup is to improve the facilities for the people, for example the housework. Another company which also participates in this new break through, its paper on this work, is to achieve the way to make the robots able to see, listen, touch and smell trough some sensors. They will be able to think by themselves, and walk like normal people. Robots are becoming a normal form of live in Japan, although they are expensive. Every day the robotic technology is getting better and improving their services, that’s ASIMO why people who can afford this expenditure buy them. ASIMO (company who works to improve the mobility of robots) sponsored by Honda Motor Company, has just created the most advanced humanoid (it has an automation, which is likely as a human). RoboCup can even interpret some of the human gestures or orders, like “Sit down” or “Lay the table”. Nowdays in Japan are used to do lot of thing from doing the housework to working in a nuclear plant, or in the war field. In a report not much time ago, ASIMO said that the RobotCup was able to greet people who was around his/her and even the RobotCup can recognize a face and know how is the person is called. Moreover of all this capacities, RobotCup has free access to internet, and uses it to answer to the people questions like “What’s the weather like today?”, “How can I get home?

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Robots are future

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