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* How to Save and Spend Money Wisely?

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August 2012

ONLINE Edition Volume 01 Issue 08

How to Save and Spend Money Wisely? This is my personal experience

para sa PA M I LYA

by Raquel Padilla (Canada)

Some people might think that I have no social life (coz I don’t go out a lot unlike other people my age). I only want to see where my money goes. Not that I have sooo many savings but I rather stay home, save my hard-earned money and use it wisely (or give it to someone who needs it most). I don’t worship money, just wanna be clear on that, but I always think of what will happen to me and the people I am supporting in the future if, 1. I lose my job (which happened to me in the country where I was in 2009) 2. there’s an emergency (illness, accidents, unexpected happenings..)

Because of my unwise decision, I left my job in the country where I was in 2009. I had no full time job for 1 year (August 2009-August 2010). I thought that leaving my employer’s home and becoming a free lancer will benefit me but I was wrong because when you are renting a place and buying all your things is much more expensive.. I only worked part time and the money I was earning wasn’t enough. Good thing, I had some savings from my previous job which helped me survive through the first few months. I wasn’t really worried (well sometimes, I was) with my family back home because I left my jewelries (which I bought during my first 3 years in this country). They could pawn them anytime. Another reason was, since I went

3. I die (knock on wood!) or things will happen and I couldn’t work anymore

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About The Author Raquel Padilla is a native of Capiz. She was a high school math teacher and college instructor. She went abroad as a tutor in the Middle East when she was 22. She is now in British Columbia Canada in her 2nd year as a caregiver. She’s a contributor of The Filipino Post in Taiwan and her book entitled “Tiis, Sipag and Tiyaga” (OFW Stories) was released last April 28th of this year.


abroad, I don’t send much money to my family. I don’t want them to live a luxurious life. I always tell them I want to save because we don’t know what will happen in the future. My mother is also resourceful that she didn’t ask me money. She sold balut, corn, and anything she thought to earn a living. I love my family so much but sending too much is like condoning them into being luxurious.


Usapang Negosyo

It’s a nice thing it was my decision to leave that I was ready with things that would happen. I have prepared my family too (before I left my job) that I wouldn’t send them money for the next months because I was planning something bigger for myself and for them. But what if, you don’t have any savings and your company closes? or you employer doesn’t need you anymore? We have to expect the worst, right? For OFW, you don’t want to go home penniless. For those who are Philippines, you don’t want to be a burden to your family. I don’t think you like asking money in buying your personal things. When I was still working part time in the Philippines, I always put aside some portion of my salary. Then I got hospitalized for 3 days. The same time I was in the hospital, my nephew got sick as well. My family didn’t know that I have opened an account that I could use for emergencies. Imagine me in the hospital bed giving my ATM card to my brother but since, I was the only one who knew the PIN code, I went with him to the machine to withdraw (the machine was outside the hospital and you need to cross the main road to get

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para sa PA M I LYA

How to Save & Spend Wisely ... continued from page 3

Expect the unexpected! We don’t know what will happen to us. Even as a single individual, I am thinking of my siblings, mother, nephews and nieces. I don’t want them to pay my debts (lol)..I want them to be financially secure or survive the first years I leave this world (too much advance eh?) What to do to save? 1. Buy things that you need, not the things that you want. I knew some people who buys things they don’t need. It’s because they like them or because they haven’t had those things before and since they have money, they want to taste some luxury. What’s the difference? I mean, you’re earning few money now. But if you save your salary, invest it into something profitable. You can buy loads of those if you want. right? 2. Forget social life for at least 3 years or until you have earned enough money. Yes! no discos, parties and other gatherings that will end up into spending your hard-earned money. Going to gatherings mean buying clothes, shoes, bags and other expensive classy things because of course, you don’t want to wear same outfits all the time right? I have puzzles, books and laptop. Puzzles


make me use my mind. Books (not the trashy ones of course) never cease to teach me new things (it will improve your English skills as well. If you heard me talking 4 years ago, you’ll laugh at me! At least now, my mistakes in grammar aren’t that much). I think going for vacation to expensive places fall to this category. I know some people who go out of the country and return home broke. (I have complete papers to visit different countries but going for an expensive vacay never crossed my mind.. I have been to 5 different countries but those are my employers’ expense) 3. Forget buying expensive things. I have lots of clothes but most of them are from ukay (I am not ashamed of that). It doesn’t mean that you buy expensive clothes, they look good on you. It depends on how you carry yourself. Buy cheap clothes and you’ll have tens or hundreds of them than buying expensive and you’ll end up wearing them most of the time. As one of the ads I saw says “You don’t need to be rich to become beautiful”

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para sa PA M I LYA

How to Save & Spend Wisely ... continued from page 4

4. Fight jealousy. Your friend has this, you buy it as well. She has new shoes, you’ll buy. She has new cellphone, you buy. You are losing your own identity. Later on, you’ll become her and you’ll forget who you are. 5. Don’t try to fit in. This one is about buying gadgets. Would you believe that I am still using my 7250 nokia phone? It’s been with me for 5 years. I don’t need to buy iphone, blackberry, android etc etc. When I had my vacation in the Philippines, some of my friends asked me why I was still


using my very old phone. They said, I could buy expensive ones if I want to but I answered them that phones are for communicating your loveones not to show people how rich you are. lol. Expensive phones have many functions. Do you ever know how to use them? Another thing is laptop. Well, this is my second one already but if you want to buy, you need to check the specifications. Will this last for years? My first one was a mistake and I already learned from it. I hope my new one will last longer.


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7. Don’t date for at least 3 years or until you achieve things you want. If you’re a guy, forget girls that are materialistic. Choose the one that love you because she’ll understand your situation. But my real advice is, forget being single. Don’t date coz even girls that are not materialistic like you to take them out sometimes. Believe me, I do! For girls, never never spend money to your man all the time. I mean, don’t be like some girls who pay for the movie, for lunches, fare, expensive gifts (I have done that when I was 18. I was stupid I know!!!). Or you can be a single for few years coz if you reach your dreams, guys from different walks of life will beg you for your attention.


6. Be careful about making easy money. Scams are everywhere. I have a friend in the Philippines who asked me to join this networking business. I did but after I gained what I lost, I stopped. What if you invested a lot and you don’t even see where your business is going? And I have received hundreds of scam emails, even my cellphone won lotteries and sweepstakes (which of course, before you received your prize, you need to pay percentage of your winnings. Believe me, my businessman friend was almost duped if I haven’t stopped him)

8. Last, don’t feel sorry about yourself if you don’t have anything in the world and your friends buy things they want. It’s better to cry now and laugh later than to laugh now and cry afterwards. I have eaten my first jollibee food when my brother was working as a crew. It was free. lol! I think I was already in the university then.

Even I know how to spend my money wisely, there were times (especially when I had no work) I have no single coin in my pocket. And that was really really terrible. Good thing, I have many friends who went into the rescue. but what if, you are alone (like me now) and you don’t have anyone to rely on but yourself? And you better list what things you want to achieve in the next 3, 5 or 10 years and do something on how to reach them.

I think, this article isn’t only applicable to my fellow OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) but to everyone even students. You or your parents might lose job anytime (or businesses will be bankrupted).

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para sa PA M I LYA

OFW ako. Tao lang hindi banko! T-shirts

How to Save & Spend Wisely ... continued from page 7

For OFWs, even you need to send all your money, it’s important that you have some savings. Would you believe that I know someone who’s a ship master (captain) for 2 decades and they don’t even own a house. They learned how to save when they saw how I handle finances. I even trusted me with their money but I chose not to do it to prevent problems. ***There is no big or small salaries. It depends on how you spend your hardearned money wisely***


NOTE: Kinuha ko po ito sa sarili kong website kaya nakasulat ito sa English.. Anyways, ako po ay andito sa Canada ngayon.. 6 po kaming magkakapatid.. lahat ng kapatid ko ay nagtatrabaho kahit po kasambahay ay pinasukan ng ate ko at yung bunsong kapatid ko naman ay nagtatrabaho sa palengke..Ang sahod nila ay 3k lang buwan buwan pero kahit ganun man, natutuwa ako at sila ay di umaasa sa padala ko..Never kong kinundena ang pamilya ko sa luho..Mula noong nasa Pinas ako hanggang makarating ako dito sa Canada, di nagbago ang lifestyle namin. -end-



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para sa PA M I LYA 10

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Vacation with my Family is more fun in the


Enjoy life. Enjoy the beach. Enjoy the sun. Have lots of fun at Balay OFW



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Setting-Up Internet Rental business


Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers, a massive network of networks, a networking infrastructure. Any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both connected to the Internet. Information that travels over the Internet does so via a variety of languages known as protocols.

I. Estimated Investment Requirements (in Php): Hardware: 25,000 - Pc Server (1) 180,000 - Workstation (9) 15,000 - Laser printer (1) 3,000 - Inkjet printer (1) 3,000 - Scanner (1) 3,200 - Others --------229,200 - Total Software: 5,000 - Windows OS 3,500 - Anti-virus/adwares 2,000 - Others ---------10,500 - Total

Indirect Costs: 12,270 - Labor (409/day x 30) 7,000 - Rent 5,000 - Water/Electricity 1,000 - Contingencies ----------25,270 - Total II. Services to Offer and Pricing



Usapang Negosyo

36,000 - Internet (20/hr x 6 x 30 days x10 PC) 400 - Encoding (8/pg x 50 pgs/ month) 1,500 - Printing (5/pg x 300 pgs/ month) 200 - Scanning (10/scan x 20 scan/ month) ----------------38,100 - Total

Direct Costs: 2,000 - Supplies and Materials 3,700 - Internet (ISP/DSL) ----------5,500 - Total

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para sa PA M I LYA

Setting up an Internet Rental business ... continued from page 13

III. Other Negotiable Services: + Web Designing (by contract) + Desktop publications (e.g., calling cards, invitations, etc.) + Food, coffee, beverages and drinks + Other computer-related services

IV. Service Procedures Online business must have a network connection or connectivity between your computer and the Internet, a network, or another computer. A network is a group of computer systems that are connected together. Sometimes a computer is connected to a local area network, or LAN. A LAN connects computer systems that are close together, such as those in one room or on one floor of a building. A server controls most of the networks. With Network Connections, you can gain access to network resources and functionality, whether you are physically located at the location of the network or in a remote location. Small Internet & Computer Services Business should have PC Server and PC Clients.


Server - a computer that carries out clients requests. It is the main computer or device on a network that manages network resources and handling network files, printers, database and other devices. Servers are often dedicated, meaning that they perform no other tasks besides their server tasks. Client - is an application that runs on a personal computer or workstation and relies on a server to perform some operations. There are different network connection types. The most commonly used by Small Internet CafĂŠ Business are DSL connections or broadband provided by ISP companies.

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para sa PA M I LYA

Setting up an Internet Rental business ... continued from page 14

Selecting your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Depending on your configuration, you may need some or all of the following hardware:

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company which provides Internet access to other companies or individuals. An ISP maintains connections to other networks and ISPs, acting as a router for Internet traffic between a customer’s computer and any other machine also connected to the Internet anywhere else in the world. ISPs can provide access to the Internet in many ways. Most ISPs in the country are into subscription plans and provide good packages for home use and small businesses.

1. Network adapter with a Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) driver for LAN connectivity; 2. DSL or Cable Modem, typically connected to an Ethernet network adapter; 4. Analog telephone line; and 5. A multi-port hub/adapter, which may improve performance for multiple connections.



Hardware Requirements for Network Connections

Business Name: For Single Proprietorship Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) Trade and Industry Building 361 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City Tel. No.: 751.3190; 7510.384 loc. 2124 Validity: 5 years Requirements: + Accomplished Business + Name Registration Form [Single + Proprietorship/Partnership (Optional)]; + 2 pcs. 2×2 colored ID Picture; + Tax Identification Number (TIN) (Optional); + List of five business names ranked according to preference; and + Registration fee of Php315.00 Mayor’s Permit - Local municipality

where the business is located Validity: 1 year Requirements: + Accomplished Business Permit Application Form; + DTI - Business Name Certificate; + Sketch of the business location; + 2 pcs. 2×2 colored ID Picture; and + Registration fee depends on the type of the business. + Tax Identification Number (TIN) Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)


Where to Register your Internet Café?

National Office, Diliman, Quezon City Requirements: + Accomplish Form 1901; + Mayor’s Permit; and + Registration Fee of P500.00 Other Registering Agencies: DOLE, SSS -end-


para sa PA M I LYA 18

ANITA’S KITCHEN has no walls, it extends beyond my wildest dreams and around the world


The best DINUGUAN I had in the Philippines was from the LITTLE BUNGALOW in Makati City. Col. Hidalgo, our Circulation Manager at the Manila Daily Bulletin, took me to lunch there. I believed he owned the restaurant, but I was very young then and didn’t know any better, so don’t quote me guys. There was also that bookstore at Avenida Rizal. It

was Alemar’s. I think. But that was a thousand years ago and gosh, you don’t expect me to be that accurate, you know.



1 1/2 pounds pork steak (marinated in vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper) 1/2 pound of pork liver (optional) 2 margarine-size container of pork blood from your Filipino store. Buy only pork blood (not beef ) 1 cup chopped onions 2 tablespoons minced garlic 4 to 5 pieces of Jalapeno pepper 1 tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil1 1/2 cup Paombong Vinegar (next time you visit the Philippines bring some back with you or import these and start a sari-sari store.) Well, Balsamic vinegar will do. Salt and pepper to taste

Broil the pork steaks and liver for about five minutes on each side. This method will let the grease out. Be sure your stove fan is on, or you will hear the siren of the fire trucks. Neighbors are sure to call the fire department because of the smoke coming from your kitchen.

I remember their dinuguan was also delicious... served with puto... that’s it... no puto, no dinuguan. Anyway, through the years I perfected the PERFECT dinuguan... here it is...

Cut the broiled pork and liver into cubes or bite-size pieces. In a pan, boil water and the vinegar. Add the meat mixture and simmer for 15 minutes. In a separate pan, cook the blood in vinegar, 1 cup water, salt and pepper. Do not stir until it boils so your sauce will not have that raw vinegar taste. Continue to simmer until the blood is cooked. Cooking the blood separately will eliminate the bloody smell.

Get your puto ready (right now, you don’t have time to steam some, so just go and buy these from your Filipino store). Smell yourself, you smell like vinegar! You have 20 minutes to take a shower. Get the table ready... a rose, a lighted dinner candle and of course, your Ceasar’s Salad, and corn.

Try your dinuguan, is it soury… hot and with sauce to dip your puto? That’s good... you have the perfect dinuguan!


Sauté garlic and onion and add this to the pork and liver. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Add the cooked blood, then the Jalapeno pepper, making sure to crush one in the mix. Simmer for another 20 minutes.

SO THE DINNER TABLE IS READY? Call, “HONEY, DINNER IS SERVED”... take out the RIB EYE STEAK, THE CORN AND SALAD AND SEAT THE HUSBAND IN HIS PROPER PLACE. Get a bowl of your dinuguan and with the puto, eat in the formal dining room. If your husband is like mine, do not show him the dinuguan. Well, excuse me… these Americans do not know what they are missing. -end-

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Ang Buhay ng isang T.N.T.

para sa PA M I LYA

by Dev Guintab (Israel)

Araw ng sabado noon, Mayo 7,2011 nang mangyari ang kinatatakutan ni aling Aida tubong Bataan at may siyam na taon nang nagtatrabaho bilang caregiver sa bansang Israel bago ito namatayan sa pangalawang alaga. Sa pagpanaw ng huling alaga ay pagkawalan din ng kanyang visa dahil lampas na sa itinakdang panahon ang limit ng pananatili sa bansa,ngunit kailangan pa rin nyang magpatuloy magtrabaho at kumita upang matustusan pa ang gamot ng maysakit sa diabetes na asawa at


makapagpatuloy sa pag-aaral ang kanyang 3 anak na mgkakasunod na year sa high school at panganay na nasa kolehiyo. Tago dito, tago doon ang kanyang ginagawa sa isang taong pag-aabang ng trabaho,kada may uuweng pinay na magbabakasyon sa pinas ay kausap na upang humalili na mg-alaga sa matandang iiwanan at pagkuwa’y may abang n auli na kasunod na rereliban upang hindi mabakante,subalit ang kaba at daga sa dibdib ay lagi nang naandiyan,at


T-shirts ang damit ng mga Bagong Bayani.

OFW ako Dahil Mahal Ko Pamilya Ko. Dev Guintab is an OFW based in Israel working as caregiver. Before Israel she worked in Hongkong for 8 years.

minsan ang pagtitiwala sa kapwa pilipino ay hindi maibigay sa takot na mapahamak pa kung sasabihen ang tunay na sitwasyon. walang gabi bago matulog na panay ang dalanging mapatapos man lang ang mga ng-aaral na anak bago man lang maging biglaan ang pagkakauwe o kusang pagsurender. Ngunit dumating ang oras ng kinatatakutan,na wala nang magawa kundi ang tanggapin na lang na hanggang doon na lang. Siya’y natyempuhan ng immigration habang sakay ng taxi patungo sa lilipatang bagong rereliban,pilit syang pinababa at sinita at hanapin ang passport na nang madiskubreng wala na syang visa ay isinakay sa van at idineretso sa deportation area. maswerte pa rin sya at hindi na naikulong na tulad ng ibang tnt. Nang gabing yun ay agad syang napadeport,sakay ng eroplano na bitbit ang mga pangarap at kabiguan....pangarap na pilit nyang inabot na matupad,sa

sikap at tiyaga,lakas ng loob at pananampalataya sa Diyos ang kasama nyang nilisan ang bansang ngbigay ng oppurtunidad sa katuparan ng mga pangarap gayunman sa huli ay nag-iwan ng kalungkutan na nataguriang TNT sa bansang pinaglingkran ay laking pasasalamat pa rin sa Diyos dahil nakatapos ang knyang panganay sa kurso sa kolehiyo at 2 na lamang na anak sa high school ang ng-aaral.


About The Author

Sa buhay ng isang TNT sa ating mga ofw ay sadyang napakahirap pakiramdaman ang sitwasyong kanilang ginagalawan,parang mga daga na takot na takot na masila ng mga mababalasik na pusang tatapos ng buhay at kinabukasan... Sa sitwasyong ganito ay hindi sila masisisi kung bakit nais pa nilang magtrabaho kahit sila’y ilegal na sapagkat sila lamang ang inaasahan sa pamilya. Maraming TNT ang nakauweng walang ipon sa maraming kadahilanan... sana bago mawalan ng papel ang bawat ofw ay nakaimpok na ng sisimulang negosyo at ikabubuhay ng pamilya disin sana’y walang uuweng malungkot at bigo... -end-

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OFW ako

para sa PA M I LYA

by Tristan Tan (USA)

Nakakatawa ang laman ng kahon ko this year. Parang walang kakwenta kwenta. Kung last year, bonggang bongga sya, this year naman, naubusan na yata ako ng pera and creativity. Masabi na lang na nakapagpadala. You know how it works, pag OFW ka, it is almost expected that a box will be sent at least once a year to the family back home - on top of everything else that you send back home. This year I started buying stuff really late. I finished shopping in two Saturdays. For someone who doesn’t have a car here, buying stuff in bulk can be really tiring. I think this task, in addition to going out of the city for the occasional get togethers, make me want to finally buy myself a car. Pero ayoko pa din. Anyway, so may I bring na lang ako ng big luggage to haul all the stuff that I bought back home from the supermarket. Ang smart d ba? Parang galing airport lang all the time. Haha.


It took me three trips to fill that box. Madami dami din akong naubos na salapi. Mahal na talaga ang mga bilihin these days. Or talaga lang magastos ako. I became a little melodramatic as I was packing the stuff that I bought. Ganito pala ang

pakiramdam ni Ate Vi when she was still working in KongKong. “Sana sa bawat hiwa ng Spam na kinakain nyo, maisip nyo kung ilang Louis Vuitton ang hindi ko mabili...”, ang bulong ko sarili ko chaneling Ate Vi. Echos lang. As if naman makakabili ng LV ang Spam. Yes, may Spam. Importante ang de latang ito sa pamilyang Pilipino. Besides, studies show na mas masarap daw ang Spam na galing sa States. Kakaloka.May studies talaga? “Naku sana hindi mabasag ang platong ito...”, ang wish ko habang nagbabalot ng Corelle sa bubble wrap. Mahal kasi yan sa Pinas eh saksakan ng mura dito. So go! Sabi naman nila resistant naman daw. Oh no. “Naku, maintindihan kaya ng Nanay ko na ang silverware eh hindi talaga silver? Baka isangla...” Jologs kasi Nanay ko. Baka isipin nya na ang mga kutsara na pinadala ko eh parang yung nabibili sa SM. Mabigat kaya ‘to! “Naku, Nay, bawal ipamigay sa kapitbahay ang mga kutsarang ito at baka mahampas ko kayo ng...” Tristan Tan. The Blogger lives in the US. He is Filipino and he writes about sex, being single and his quest to find love everlasting... assuming it exists.

Naghanap ako ng panghahampas ko sa Nanay ko kung nagkataon. “... ng Nutella.” Sorry naman. Yun ang una kong nakita eh. Oo mahal din kasi ang Nutella sa Pilipinas. Dito kasi, pinangpapahid ko lang yan sa sahig. Choz. “Hindi kaya kabahan ka ng husto Tay sa dami ng kapeng to?”, ang bulong ko sa sarili ko.

“Saka chocolates!!!”, sabay sabay sila. Parang nagpractice lang sila. Nakakalurkey talaga ang pamilya ko. So may I buy naman ako ng chocolates na alam kong wala sa Pilipinas. Hongdoming chocolates!!!


About The Author

“Malapit na mapuno....”, ang sabi ko sa sarili ko habang kinakahon ang iba pang de lata. Sinunod ko ang mga sabon, toothpaste at kung anik anik pa.

At naimagine ko ang Nanay ko bigla.

“Madami daming ligo ito...”

“Anak, yung Equal ko na hindi Equal ah... sabi kasi ng suki ko yun daw ang ipabili ko sa yo...”

Napatigil ako. Tiningnan ang kahon na malapit nang mapuno. I suddenly got misty eyed.

Natawa ko. She meant Splenda. Kaloka. At nagtuloy tuloy pa.

“Bakla!!! Bawal umiyak...”, ang sigaw ko sa sarili ko.

“Saka Tristan, yung tea... yung green ah...”

Pero ayan na babagsak na talaga.

Naloka ako. Nakakababa daw kasi ng blood sugar nya. Ewan ko ba. “Nay, pati ba naman tsaa eh dito ko pa bibilhin?”, naalala ko ang tanong ko sa kanya nung huling tumawag ako sa bahay.

“Pikit lang Tristan, pikit lang para hindi masakit...”, I chaneled Viktoria Valera. Natawa ko.

“Keri na din to...”, I tried to brush it off. Nung sinara ko ang kahon para sa pamilya ko, napangiti ako.

Masarap daw kasi ang tsaa galing sa isteyts.

“Kita mo nga naman bakla, ganap na ganap ka na.”

“Kuya, yung ice tea ulit na malaki ah!”, sabi ng kapatid kong babae.

Kakaloka. -end-


para sa PA M I LYA 24


ang damit ng mga Bagong Bayani.




Financial success requires more than just luck

para sa PA M I LYA

by Alvin T. Tabanag, RFP

Every time a New Year comes around, particularly the Chinese New Year, you hear a lot of talk about attracting good luck and avoiding ill fortune. Businesses selling gems, ornaments, fountains and other lucky charms are regularly featured on TV and so are feng shui experts, geomancers and astrologers. Major newspapers and magazines give ample space to feature articles on feng shui, horoscopes, and astrological guides and forecasts for the year. This only shows that a large number of Filipinos do believe in these stuff and you are probably one of them. See if you are familiar with any of the following 13 beliefs on luck, success, money and prosperity:


+ on New Year’s eve open all doors, windows, cabinets and drawers to invite good fortune + do not spend money on New Year’s day so you will be thrifty the whole year + do not pay your debts at night or you will become poor + an anthill under the house or black ants inside the house is a sign of good fortune + a white butterfly is a sign of future wealth. + if your palm is itchy you will receive a lot of money soon + do not give money through the window because you will become poor + do not sweep the floor at night so you will not sweep away your blessings + when you see a falling star you will be lucky and will win in a game of chance + if you have a mole on your face you will succeed in business + crossing your fingers brings good luck + cutting your nails at night or on a Friday brings bad luck + you will succeed in business if you have lines running from your palm to the fingers

Usapang Negosyo Alvin T. Tabañag is the bestselling author of “Kaya Mo, Pinoy! 12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income” and “1,001 Ways to Reduce Expenses and Save Thousands.” He is the founder of Pinoy Smart Savers Learning Center ( and known as the “financial adviser ng masa.”

Besides clinging to these age-old beliefs and applying the principles of feng shui and astrology, millions of Filipinos also turn to the heavens and pray for good fortune and success. Many ask for help in finding a job (some jobseekers even have their resumes blessed), getting a promotion, closing a major deal, acquiring a big client or turning around a failing business. Others pray for money that they badly need while some brazenly ask God to make them win the lottery.


About The Author

There’s really nothing wrong in believing on luck or divine intervention to achieve success. Unfortunately, many Pinoys do nothing more than just rely on luck, which a famous proverb referred to as “the idol of the idle” or lazy. If possessing a lucky charm or believing in superstitions or even prayer is all it takes to prosper, there would be no poor Filipino. You can’t just pray or invite luck then sit back and wait for things to happen. You still have to go out there and do what is necessary to accomplish your goals.

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Financial Success requires more than just luck ... continued from page 27

There are people who swear to the power of luck. American billionaire Donald Trump believes that “everything in life is luck.” Popular TV and radio host Larry King also said that “those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.” But I tend to agree more with Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks, who said that “a lot of what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all. It’s seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future.” What we perceive as luck is really just a case of being prepared when an opportunity knocks. An opportunity could be right in your face but you don’t see it or you can’t grab it because you don’t possess the right knowledge, skills and attitude. And being chock-full of lucky charms and superstitious beliefs won’t help. I also concur with Benjamin Franklin’s assertion that “diligence is the mother of good luck.” So if you feel you are not having any luck and not getting the breaks, create your own luck by working harder and being more active! There is no substitute for hard work, patience, discipline, determination and persistence in achieving financial success.

Whether you are an employee, a professional or a business owner, strive to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge so you can become better at what you do. Financial prosperity will follow when you succeed in your career or business. If you are employed, work harder, longer and smarter than others. Work more effectively and efficiently and always produce quality output. Be more willing to take on challenging tasks and additional responsibilities which can help you climb the corporate ladder faster. If you run a business, operate it more efficiently. Learn more about your market and be more attuned and responsive to your customers’ needs. Continue improving existing products and services. Study the competition intently, keep innovating and keep abreast of the latest trends to stay ahead of the game. Don’t forget to learn about personal money management. Even if you are earning well, you still won’t achieve financial success if you don’t know how to handle your personal finances responsibly. It’s okay to believe in luck, but believe in the power of hard work and perseverance even more. -end-


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Health and Happiness

para sa PA M I LYA

by Eden R. Manabat (Moscow, Russia)

Life is a delicate balance between doing good and avoiding harm. The earliest single-cell organisms explored their environment looking for food, evading poisons and trying to avoid becoming food themselves. As life expanded into a multi-cellular animal kingdom, a kind of “inner knowing�developed. Animals have a sense of what to eat or avoid and instinctively know how to eat when sick, when breeding or in different seasons of the year. Our earliest human ancestors also had this inner knowing, as they ate local roots and greens and benefited from successful hunts and seasonal harvests.


Life has certainly become more complex. Our ability to process and transport foods has expanded beyond anything previously experienced in human culture. We fill supermarkets the size of football fields with more than 45,000 items, many of which are processed, packaged items wrapped in bright shiny packages and filled with sugar, fat and additives. Amidst all of this abundance, our compass of inner knowing has gone awry. It’s become blocked by the magnetic attraction of foods that are engineered to tempt our taste buds but to neglect our health. We no longer instinctively know what to eat.

Articles in this column are not a substitute for professional advice. For specific information of any illness and treatment you must consult a qualified medical professional in your area.

Adding to our confusion is an overwhelming glut of information about nutrition. A stampede of new diets on the market each claim to be the best and each have developed their own small following: High protein, low carbohydrate versus complex carbohydrate, low protein versus all raw foods versus vegan versus only grapefruit and on and on it goes. What each of these approaches misses is that we’re all different. Our biological individuality allows one person to thrive on a diet that is a terrible for someone else. Following a diet plan designed by someone whose genetic makeup and nutritional needs are different from our own cannot restore our inner knowing. For real answers, we must look deeper.



I’m Eden Ramirez Manabat, a student of IIN. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Join me on our Health Corner as I am going to discuss with you how holistic health will helps us all improve our well being and how it will give us guidance on maintaining a healthy life. We will follow some simple steps for living a more balanced life full of laughter, joy and abundance. We all eat, all day every day, and we all know the saying, “we are what we eat.” But for some reason, no one knows what to eat. Should we eat more grapes or drink more red wine? Are eggs a good source of protein or a source of bad cholesterol? Do dairy foods help us gain weight or lose weight?

Nutrition is a funny science. It’s the only field where people can scientifically prove opposing theories and still be right. In science, we stick to facts.

The earth rotates on an axis around the sun. The freezing point of water is 32 degrees. But we are yet to discover the same definitive truths about nutrition.

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para sa PA M I LYA

Health and Happiness ... continued from page 31

We are only beginning to understand the relationship between our diet and our health. Despite all the nutritional research that’s been done and all the diet books that have been published, most Americans are increasingly confused about food. Each of us can unlearn destructive habits and start living to our fullest potential. As we learn to tune into our inner knowing, we begin to listen to our bodies and fill them with whole, natural foods that nourish us. We live in an era of “time poverty,” where we’re caught in a constant state of “hurry sickness.” We consume massive amounts of caffeine to speed us up, eat fast foods to save time, work while eating to stay productive, but we never catch up. It is possible to shift these behaviors. Start by slowing down here and now. Savor it like a good meal. Then start your meal with a few moments of silent breathing, chew slowly and enjoy the taste. Health and happiness begin with slowing down to enjoy every moment of your life.


WEIGHT LOSS Weight loss is a huge issue for Americans today. Our society idolizes people who are thin. But with an overabundance of snack foods, junk foods and fast foods, combined with a lack of daily exercise, many Americans struggle with their weight. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose a few pounds. Many people turn to modern nutrition’s approach of counting calories and trying to get fit. When they have trouble following their own diet regimen, they look for help in the more than $30-billion diet and weight loss industry which includes everything from commercial chains like WeightWatchers and Jenny Craig to diet pills, artificial sweeteners, diet books and magazines, meal replacement shakes and bellystapling surgeries. Year after year, many Americans realize that these fad diets don’t work. In fact, about 90 percent of all dieters regain some or all or the weight originally lost. Diet and exercise theories like the 40-day, 20-day or even 8-minutes-a-day to a thinner you are aimed at quick results and selling books.

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para sa PA M I LYA

Health and Happiness ... continued from page 34

In recent years, the idea of eating more and weighing less has become popular. Why not? When given the choice, most of us would rather eat more. The trick is understanding caloric density or volumetrics, which means you can eat as much as you want of foods that are nutrient-rich and low in calories.


I like to use the example of a package of Oreos. One package has 2,200 calories. For that same amount of calories, someone could consume 1 pound of carrots, 1 pound of papaya, 1 pound of apples, 1 pound of onions, 1 pound of lettuce, 1 pound of kale, 1 pound of tofu, 1 pound of 2% cottage cheese, 2 pounds of cantaloupe, 2 pounds of celery and 2 pounds of cucumber.

People who eat breakfast are much more successful at keeping weight off. When you skip meals, you become calorie deficient and usually end up binging later in the day.

Another way to think about caloric density is that your body only needs a certain volume of food each day. If you’re having a bowl of soup, your body doesn’t know if the bowl of soup has 100 calories or 1,000 calories.

By eating between meals, you can help reduce hunger pains and binging later in the day.

By choosing foods that have a low caloric density, you can feel full without packing on the pounds.


Many people who have lost weight and kept it off have looked past the diet books and fads and found what works best for their own bodies. I encourage people who want to lose weight to experiment with different methods and see what works.

Snack throughout the day. You know the saying, “Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry?” Try it. Snacking can actually help some people eat less.


Drink more water

Reduce your stress level

By replacing soda, alcohol or coffee with water, you can cut a significant amount of calories from your daily routine. Many people can effortlessly lose 10 pounds by simply replacing soda with water throughout the day. Be aware of alcoholic drinks as well-a jumbo margarita can have up to 700 calories. Also try drinking water before your meal. The water will help break down the food more effectively.

Many people eat more when they feel stress; the stuffed feeling makes them feel comfortable and helps them relax. Try other ways of relaxing, like a hot bath or a walk around the block. Also try slowing down, breathing and enjoying each meal. Say a prayer beforehand or take a moment to be grateful for the food you are eating.

Make your own meals Restaurant food generally has more salt, more fat and more calories and is served in larger portions than food cooked at home. When you make your own meals, you can control the amount of salt and oil, as well as the portion size. If you have to eat out, try splitting one dish between two people or ask for half the meal to be wrapped up before it comes to the table.

Get enough sleep each night. Growing evidence supports that missing out on sleep can increase your appetite. Most people need about 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Keep moving

Start with small changes like getting off one stop earlier on a train and walking the rest of the way or parking in the back of a parking lot. Take the stairs whenever possible. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, meet for a walk, or a bike ride or take a dance class together.

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para sa PA M I LYA

Health and Happiness ... continued from page 37

Keep track Whether you keep a food journal or weigh yourself on a regular basis, find a method that will keep you motivated and help you track your progress. Be a food detective Read food labels and don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce. Stick to simple, whole foods that will nourish your body. Identify your temptation foods You know whether they are salty or sweet, fried or creamy, and you know that if they are within reach, you will want them. Do not keep these foods in your home or office and get support from your family and friends with these foods. Take a multivitamin

If you want to lose weight fast, you don’t have to go on a fad diet. Just switch from simple to complex carbohydrates and eat lots of vegetables. You’ll lose weight and improve your health. Plant foods are so low in calories that they force the body to burn its own fat. Nobody gets fat on a diet that’s made up largely of green vegetables, sweet vegetables, whole grains and small amountsof high-quality animal products. But throw in a bunch of cookies, white bread, French fries and a few quarterpounders, and you’ve got yourself a serious weight problem. Always remember that small changes are everthing. Never minimize them. One small change leads to another and another and another and that is how happiness achieved. -end-

Everyone can benefit from wellrounded nutrients. Some evidence suggests that by adding specific high-quality nutrients to a well-balanced diet, you can improve your metabolism and many enzyme processes for greater vitality and health.


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Itulak ang Pagpapatibay at Pagpapatupad ng ILO Convention 189

para sa PA M I LYA

Kanlungan Centre Foundation Inc.

Matapos ang ilang taong paghihitay pormal ng nilagdaan ng kasalukuyang administrasyon ang ILO Convention 189 na kilala din bilang Magna Carta for Domestic Workers na ilang dekada ding inilaban sa pandaigdigang larangan. Ang paglagda ni Pangulong Aquino sa ILO Convention 189 ay bunga ng makasaysayang pagkilos ng organisasyon ng mga manggagawang migrante. Kung hindi naging mapagbantay ang mga organisasyong ito, maaaring naging matagal na naman ang prosesong ito. Sa kasalukuyan ang Uruguay pa lamang ang nagpatibay ng nasabing kumbensiyon, kung ito ay mapapagtibay ng Kongreso ang Pilipinas ang papangalawa sa Uruguay. Ang nasabing kumbensiyon ay nag bibigay ng kalayaan at karapatan sa mga kasambahay na mag organisa at magtamasa ng mga karapatan gaya ng isang regular na manggagawa. Binibigyan ng kumbensiyon ang mga kasambahay ng karadagang benepisyo gaya ng pagliban kung nagkakasakit ( sick leave) at iba pang benepisyo na tinatakda ng

ating batas pagagawa o Labor Code. Isa rin sa probisyon ng 189 ang pagkakaroon ng batayan na sahod para sa mga kasambahay. Ang ILO convention 189 ay magbibigay ng kasiguruhan sa paggawa ang ating mga kasambahay. Binibigyan ng kumbensiyon na magkaroon ng batayan na kontrata ang mga kasambahay at maprotektahan sila laban sa hindi makataong trato . Subalit dapat pa rin tayong maging mapagbantay at masigasig upang tiyak na maipapatupad ang nasabing kumbensiyon. Maliban sa nasabing kumbensiyon ang bansang Pilipinas ay lumagda sa maraming kumbensiyon gaya ng International Convention on the Protection of Migrant Workers and their families , subalit ang nasabing kumbensiyon ay hindi pa rin pinagtitibay ng mga bansang pinagpapadalahan ( receiving countries) ng ating lakas paggawa kaya sa suma tutal ay hindi pa rin protektado ang ating mga manggawa sa ibayong dagat.

continued to page 42 ...

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para sa PA M I LYA

Itulak ang pagpapatibay at pagpapatupad ... continued from page 40

Dapat na kilalin ang nasabing kumbensiyon at maging salalayan ng batayang karapatan ng mga kasambahay lalo na sa panahong nanalasa ang globalisasyon at ang turing sa mga manggagawa ay kalakal. Umaasa tayo na ang hakbang ng pamahalaan ay sinsero at walang bahid ng pagkukunwari . Bukod sa pagpaptibay ng nasabing kumbensiyon dapat na pagtuunan ng kasalukuyang pamahalaan ang pagpapunlad ng lokal na ekonomiya nang sa gayon ang migrasyon ay isa lamang opsiyon at hindi ang tanging opsiyon. Nagsisimula pa lamang ang laban ! Hinahamon natin ang Senado kasama na ang Pangulong Aquino na patunayan na sinsero ang kasalukuyang pamahalaan na protektahan ang mga manggagawa.

Sa isang bansa na gaya ng Pilipinas na mas itinutulak ang kanyang mamayan na mangibang bayan kaysa sa pagpapaunlad ng economiya ay dapat na maging matapat sa pagtupad ng kanyang tungkulin na protektahan at itaas ang dignidad sa paggawa.Wala tayong ilusyon na kusang loob na ibibigay ang mga karapatang ito ng madalian Nangangailangan pa rin ng puspusang pag oorganisa sa hanay ng mga kasambahay upang tiyakin na ang mga karapatang na nakamit ay hindi lamang panandalian . Bagkus ito ay magbubukas ng mga bagong arena at tungalian upang lalong patibayin ang makauring pagkakaisa ng mga manggagawa sa loob at labas ng bansa. -end-


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ang damit ng mga Bagong Bayani.




para sa PA M I LYA

BUHAY OFW Dalawang klase lang ng buhay kapag ofw ka yung wala kang naipon, o ang buhay ay gumanda mas tumibay ang pamilya, o nasira ang pagsasama yan ang ofw na nakikipag sapalaran, na di alam kung saan ang punta.... Kaya dami ng naging ganito ang sitwasyon na nakahawak lng ng dolyares, kung gumastos parang pugon akala nga siguro, di na aabot sa panahon na kapag bumalik na ng pinas, ni walang bitbit kundi ang pantalon... Masewrte naman kung ikaw ay maingat perang pinaghirapan, ginagamit ng maingat para pagdating ng takdang oras, na matapos na ang lahat sitting pretty na lang, may naipundar ng inaangkat... Kya nga maganda itong, inyong pagsisimula ng OFW ako Magazine, na sa buhay tutuligsa ng mabigyan ng gabay, ang mga kababayang nadarapa na bago pa malunod, ay masagip na sa salita... Ngayon pa lang binabati ko na kayo sa lahat ng nag-isip at may pakana nito at kung kailangan nyo ng, isang manunulang katulad ng marami dito ako ay laging handa, na sa kanila ay bumato.... - Cherry Baytamo

46 Photo Credit: BALAY OFW


Makata si Juan at si Maria

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