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Oliviane's News News letter from Sylviane, Olivier, Nathan & Rémy Fleury in Switzerland


Marsh 2011 N°3

Around the world...

2010: Exceptional! 2011: Even better? A wine grower friend of mine said to me, “These last years have been fabulous years of harvest, so it would have been normal if 2010 would have not been as good. But on the contrary, it was much better than the previous years, if that’s possible!” At the beginning of last year, I had the feeling that 2010 was going to be an “exceptional” year. Not in regards to wine growing but for the fruit that was sown for the “Jesus Celebration 2030” vision. Clearly, 2010 unfolded beyond my wildest hopes: * support raising meal * trip to Israel * 2 trips to Capetown S. Africa * trip to Hawaii To recount all that God has done during this year would necessitate me to write a small book, but hey, I work! I will try though to collect the thoughts, the visions, and the divine appointments to compose a book. Between Christmas and New Year’s, I read a small portion of a manuscript of a book that is being rewritten by a friend and I burst into tears. The strength of this 2030 vision overwhelmed me. The grace of God, who uses anybody for outof-the ordinary projects, touches me greatly. Yes, 2010 was a vintage year of high quality. Just as the level of the vine of our vision for 2030. Our God is He who is well able to provide in abundance. And the adventure continues...

Several trips marked 2010 (in red), and others are in the works for the next 12 months. I had the privilege of taking three big trips in 2010 to share the 2030 vision with some key people. In May, I was a part of the world-wide “Global Day of Prayer” along with about 1000 other participants. I met well-known leaders of this movement, like Graham Power and Etienne Pick, as well as Michael Cassidy and Saeed Husseini. In October, I returned to this beautiful city of Cape Town for the World Congress for Evangelism, Lausanne III. There were certain criteria for the 4,200 delegates who came from 198 countries and each country had a certain quota that they could not exceed. It was only one month before the event that I received my final confirmation that I had been accepted in the Swiss delegation. Indeed a memorable time of divine appointments and my 40th birthday, At the end of November, I crossed two oceans and the North American continent to arrive in Hawaii for the 50th anniversary of YWAM International. The Lord confirmed this trip in a supernatural way. The meetings that I had will no doubt

produce fruit for years to come. For more information about these trips, reread the EPI (email prayer and information). I had wanted to share this 2030 vision during these three conferences but the Lord didn’t allow it, in spite of much prayer and my insistence. I better understood the reason for my “failure” after Loren Cunningham called me from Hawaii on the 26th of December saying, “It isn’t yet the time to promote this vision “to the public”. When it will be the time, you will know it. For the time being, talk about it in the YWAM “family”, with leaders from missions, or denominations. Do your preparation work well for when the vision beco-

Around the world... mes public.” What a privilege to have his advice and support!

vision? Your experience and your wisdom would be greatly helpful.” The time of “refining” the vision isn’t finished and it certainly Video isn’t the time to do an all out “selA few days before leaving for ling” of the vision. South Africa and the “Lausanne III” I t ’s for congress, I receithis reason I am ved a 50-second Jesus Celebration 2030 taking the time to video clip. A share with some super tool of “ Celebrate 2000 years men and women since the resurrection communication who have worldof Jesus Christ in every that made more nation... ” wide experience than one person and a capacity to cry. Not only At the rising of the sun on see into the futuby the quality Easter Sunday, 2030, the 21st re. I have already of April, hundreds of stadiums, of the video, but shared this vision public places, fields – welby the power of coming millions of people to with some people the vision. We celebrate the resurrection. The from all of the are in the proworld impact will be such that continents and cess of working everyone will have access to their feedback is the Good News that Jesus has with cinematovery encouraging. resurrected! graphy directors In 2011, I in order to make foresee sharing a “top quality” 4 t h i s v i s ion in minute version. Hungary, Egypt, Thailand, the USA, The release date isn’t known yet but, and Hawaii during some YWAM believe me, I will let you know as regional leadership meetings. soon as it is possible. The biggest trip that I am anticipating to take is a tour in the USA to visit six cities and several key people in each city. A couple of other trips, to England and Israel for example, need yet to be confirmed in the next few weeks. Thank you for your prayers that we would receive discernment for which trips to take and who to meet.

Fund-raising meal

Trips in 2011

When I received a part of this vision in 2007 when in Sydney (Australia), I had the feeling I had in hand only a few of the pieces of the puzzle. But the final picture represents thousands of pieces of a puzzle. The vision isn’t entirely put together but still needs to be developed and tried. When I travel, I don’t sell a concept but to ask humbly, “Do you have something to bring to this

We are organizing a fund-raising meal for the 19th of March in Dully, between Geneva and Lausanne, to finance a part of these trips and the development of the “Jesus Celebration 2030” vision. A meeting not to miss to hear the global vision (between 5pm and 6pm) and to receive news of the trips in 2010 in Israel, South Africa, and Hawaii, as well as to raise funds for the planned for trips and the next part of the video clip, all around an excellent meal.

Don’t hesitate a second to spend a super evening with us and to be yourself encouraged in your faith and to participate in an extraordinary adventure!!


The JC2030 vision demands a lot of finances in order to receive its world-wide realization. But do we need to spend the money 20 years beforehand? 2010 was a particular year for this vision. After the fund-raising meal when I shared this vision publically for the first time, 24 of us went to put the first stone of this vision into place in Israel where He resurrected. Then I was able to present the concept of this vision to dozens of Christian leaders in South Africa and Hawaii. We also made a 50second video clip. All of this costs! I never would have thought “to spend” so much money for this vision in 2010. I began the year with $ 100.for this vision and I finished the year with $ 100.- in the account. Between the two, with everything included, more than $ 86,000.- had been invested for the “Jesus Celebration 2030”. Without my really knowing how, the Lord provided for each expenditure. Thank you so much to everyone who believes with us in this vision and who has given of his time or finances to celebrate the 2000 years since the resurrection of Jesus Christ in all the nations!

Alpha: the big departure On the 30th of December, 2010, the last boxes of books and Alphalive materials were put into the mini bus headed for Yverdon. The new office for the Alphalive course in the Frenchspeaking part of Switzerland will be housed in the office provided by the parish of the Reformed Church in Yverdon-les-Bains.


How can I turn the “Alpha” page in my life without emotion and a deep sense of gratefulness? 1995 – Canada. My first contact with the concept of the Alphalive course. 1997 – The beginnings of a small Alphalive office in Burtigny (YWAM). 1998 – The beginnings of the first Alpha course in Lausanne. We were about 100 participants. The first Alpha conference in Burtigny with 130 participants. In the same year, we launched Alpha in France with a meeting of pastors in Mâcon.

sanne. 25 churches, posters, giant balloons. 750 people began an Alpha course as a result of this initiative. 2005 – national initiative. 450 partner churches, 300 articles in the press, and dozens of TV and radio clips with more than 13,000 Swiss people participating in an Alphalive evening. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the numbers of people: -- regional counselors -- pastors and priests -- Alphalive teams in the local churches -- and the coworkers in the Alphalive office: Sylvie Favre, Andrée Escher, Sébastien Tottier, Bob Davet, Sylvie Ducommun, Anne-Laure Jaquillard, Céline Gonseth, Patricia Steiner, Anne Robert, François Trueb, Jasmine Swanney, and Lorène Rochat.

mega Alphaliveparty

Samedi 12 mars 2011

2001 – Camescape came out of the box. 4 broadcasting programs of 15 minutes each to strengthen the faith of the young people in Switzerland, France, and Africa. 2003 – prayer initiative for Alphalive; a year of prayer (1 time each week) at the Cathedral in Lausanne. 2004 – Alphalive initiative in Lau-

17h30 - 21h30 Maison de paroisse Réformée Rue Pestalozzi 6, Yverdon-les-Bains

As well as all the others who helped with specific tasks or who came occasionally to help with such things as: the Internet site, the Alphalive News, the conferences and courses, the database, etc... You have given thousands of hours for the love of God and His salvation that is being shared in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. To God be all the glory and a huge thank you to each one!!! May I invite you to the official ending of my mandate for Alphalive on Saturday, 12 March, at the paroisse in Yverdon? Registration is required: or by telephoning 021 825 20 60.


What are you going to do now that you don’t have Alpha? As the leader for Youth With A Mission in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, I have enough to keep me occupied: 10 departments, 155 coworkers, 250 students each year. A part of my time is also invested in beginning the “Jesus Celebration 2030” vision with trips, amongst other things. Who is going to take on Alpha? The direction committee for Alpha is composed of François Rochat, Guillaume Ndam, Tom Panci, AnneCathrine Roduit and Jacky Sauvain. The administrative tasks and the book ordering will still be done by Yvonne Tramaux. There are also the regional counselors and the volunteers who work in several specific areas. Neil Britton helps us as well for the publicity and contacts. In all, there is a great team that has my confidence. Where is your office? I will keep the YWAM office in Aubonne, for the meantime anyway. But I am changing my work-related telephone number and email: 021 826 13 33 or 079 524 82 30 and May I also send out an urgent request for someone to help me 40% in the office in the area of secretarial? You can also see this offer on the internet at:

The Family Nathan is now 13 1⁄2 years old. He is in the 7th year VSB at the school in Château d’Aubonne. What a lovely context! He has chosen the option of Math and Physics. He has great teachers and some good friends. They help the school work be more tolerable. The jump to the 7th year made itself felt with adjustments needing to be made, particularly at the level of the time investment for homework. Nathan continues his drumming course and is a part of a music youth ensemble (fanfare) and a group of percussionists. Last October, the group “PercuT” took 3rd place in the cantonal competition, so they w e r e very proud of themselves!

Rémy turned 11 in October. He is finishing the primary school, the 5th year, in a new middle school in Etoy. After biking to and from school during the nice days, it’s now the bus that takes him back and forth. It’s also a new stage for him with different teachers, gym with a real gym teacher, new friends to get to know and a youth center. Cool! He worked very well and received good school marks. Four months ago he began bass guitar lessons which please him. He has a nice teacher who comes to the house. I (Sylviane) continue to share my time between the house and the medical cabinet (where work I 40%).

My commitment in the accounting at Alpha will come to an end when the accounts close for 2010. At church, I am the leader for a connection group that meets two times per month, and I also help with the organization of events for women. In 2011, I will be stopping two activities: serving coffee at church and registering participants for the training of the Listening Prayer for the Family Resources office. It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy doing those activities but after having had a year back in a professional activity, I realize that it’s too much for the rest of the family. 2011 will also be a year of traveling for Olivier. Times when I was absent created undue stress for tasks that needed to be organized and done. 20 + 40 + 40 = 100 years! As you probably understood, 2011 is and will be a special year for the Fleury family. We will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! In August, I will be turning 40 and two months later Olivier will be turning 40. 20 + 40 + 40 = 100 years! My how the time flies!

Agenda 2011

Sylviane & Olivier Nathan & Rémy Fleury Rte des Bruyères 1 1164 Buchillon 021 807.20.44 079 524.82.30 (Olivier) 079 612 57 67 (Sylviane)

Budapest Switzerland USA Hawaii USA Thaïland*

Europeen YWAM Leaders Forum Fund-raising meal JC2030 - 6 City Tour "100 ans" (formation & congé) "100 ans" (congé) JEM Indo-China

1 - 3 March 19 March 5 - 19 April 6 July - 30 July 31 July - 12 August 30 October - 4 November

* to be confirmed

Prayer corner Thank you to pray for: • the balance between family and all the other activities • various trips: discernment for which ones are right and for the finances • the favor of God for YWAM and JC2030

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