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About Ybrant




• 16 local offices • 50 national markets • 500+ agencies and brands

• Proprietary tools • Auto-Optimization • API and data integration

• Display Exchange Seats • Facebook Preferred Developers • Microsoft Sales House

It works better

We have a winner!

It works better • • •

One banner per frame Banner size is 12% of screen size Eye movement is top-down in a single path Touch has its “touch”

Mobile display CTR: 5-12 times bigger than web


Smartphone/tablet + touch • • • • •

Quality Smartphone and tablet Traffic* Brand Safety CPC Model Site List on Demand Media Channels: Fashion












etc… * We have feature phone traffic as well

Optimization and targeting • Specific days/hours • Channels • Geo-targeting

Basic Targeting

• Device • Operating System • Carrier • 3G/Wifi

Additional Parameters

• • • •

Customized per Objective

Pixel Tracking Capabilities

Mobile Site Social Landing Page Branding Sales/Leads/Downloads

Mobile Services • • • • •

AdCenter – reporting stats Landing Pages: production, hosting and optimization Conversion Tracking Support for Pixels Dedicated performance Campaign Managers

Ybrant AdCenter

• Unified User Interface Access to all activity on all platforms ROI

• Cross-Platform Optimization Runs only on the suitable sources for relevant audience • Multiple Reports Fast and effective overview of all digital buying in one place


Mobile CRM

• Lead Database Total vs. verified leads • Landing Page Service We host / advertiser hosts LP with Ybrant API

• Real Time Data Automatic and instant adding of new leads

App Download Tracking

App Download Tracking Simple Set-Up • Use SDK to simplify the integration of conversion tracking with publishers and advertisers • Plug & play Android or iOS SDK into your mobile apps • Update the app on the Appstore/Play Store

Simple Tracking • An intuitive dashboard to track sources for highest click-to-install rate • Track specific events within applications (e.g. in-app purchase or service registration) • Optimize campaigns for installs and layered actions • Provide advertisers with in-depth campaign info

The “Brandformance” approach

Brands need results, not just clicks • Mobile performance for brands • Optimizing media by post-click performance

Media mix in web campaigns

Pure mobile: App downloads

Promoting App Downloads

App Banner * Banners are Static or Animated CTR: 0.5-1.2%

Click to Call

Direct to Call Center

Click to video

Play full video

Mobile Optimization Pixel Tracking and Macro Data Optimization • • • •

Stage 1 - Pixel Stage 2 - Monitor Stage 3 - Analyze Stage 4 - Execute

Stage 1 – Pixel Optimization •

Tracking codes for: - Fill form - Click to Call - Click to Video - Etc.

• •

Implementation by advertiser or Ybrant hosting Integrated via mobile page or server

Stage 2 – Monitor •

Traffic to mobile page via actions (fill lead box, etc) Action triggers advertiser’s server to send pixel to Ybrant server Ybrant collects macro data and pub id’s

Stage 3 - Analyze •

Data from pixel:

- Publisher id/traffic source id - Connection type ( 3G/wifi) - Platform ( iOs, Android) - Device type (iphone 4 ,ipad 2) - Creative id - Conversion timestamp

Servers analyze most converting traffic sources & targeting

Stage 4 - Execute • • •

Data process Exclude non-converting traffic Optimize targeting

Publisher A Publisher B

Publisher B

Publisher C

Publisher D

Publisher D

Mobile to Social

Traffic to Facebook mobile page


Facebook is Mobile Facebook Announcement, September 2012: • 1 Billion monthly active users • Over 50% of users use mobile to access Facebook

Brand Timelines are Mobile • •

Most Facebook campaigns lead to Timelines Facebook mobile site/app adjusts all pages (Screen size and resolution) • Advertiser promotes page to mobile sites and app

Web Timeline

On mobile browser

Target Mobile Users Android


Feature Phones

Click to Facebook or Mobile Web No Facebook app installed User redirected to a click URL which detects if the user has the Facebook application on his device Opens the page on Native app

Facebook app installed Users see and click a mobile ad to Facebook page

Opens the page on mobile web

Important Product Notes • • •

Works on iOS and Android OS version 4+ Advertiser must provide their Facebook page id Works for Timelines only (not for Facebook apps)

Facebook Analytics Tracking •

Facebook control panel

“Like” sources counted

Mobile “likes” counted

Facebook Mobile – How to? What • Add mobile media in all Facebook campaigns with Timelines. Double your user reach

Where • Mobile banners on apps and sites with channel targeting

How • CPC model. Pay for clicks ending in Facebook

Easy • GIF banner

Rich Media Floating Ads

Rich Media Platform •

Standalone platform for agencies creating rich media ads for mobile

Very simple to use – drag & drop

Agencies can open account for self-production of mobile ads

Built-in option to send final version of the ad for advertiser approval

Landing pages – Full Service

• Choose the right offer • Produce the right content • Host the mobile page • Optimize for best results

Advertisers/Agencies Buy Media Blind

Premium Networks


Media is monitored by: CTR CPC Cost per Engagement

They buy clicks!!!


But they want post-click results

Value of click: Engagement


Conclusion: More smartphone clicks in campaign mix!



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