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Three 160 watt panels will replenish 150 to 160 amp hours a day back into your battery bank under optimal conditions. The perfect dry camping kit for power hungry RV's. The controller has 6 battery type settings for simple programing. Gel, AGM, Wet, and Calcium plus two additional Lithium settings.

Deluxe 480 Watt RV Solar Kit Includes" o3 – 160 Watt Class A Monocrystalline High Efficiency, Highest Quality Solar Panel o30 Amp 5 Stage PWM Digital Deluxe Solar Charge Controller oDigital display for voltage, current amps, and amps per period of time. oLED Lights indicate operational status and battery charge status. o25 Feet of High Quality Wire Properly Sized for up to 480 watt of solar power. oOur wire is made of high quality and purchased from an American company – any wiring that needs to be done is wired at our Bend, OR shop. o12 – Solar Panel Mounting Feet (Nuts, Bolts & Washers Included) o3 Port Roof Cap o1 – Inline Circuit Breaker

Zamp solar ready rv  
Zamp solar ready rv  

We carry a full line of Zamp Solar kits, from the smallest 5 watt panels up the newest 160 watt USA made solar panel. Solar Ready RV Kits (S...