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Welcome to our second edition We still can’t quite believe we managed to pull off the 1st edition of the magazine as there were several hiccups along the way and a good few occasions when we almost decided to throw the towel in. But we’re so glad we didn’t. We don’t know if you’ve ever tried to put a magazine together yourselves but it’s quite a time consuming process - far more than we’d realised. Having said that, the time and effort you put in is so worth it when the final publication is out. We were absolutely gobsmacked and proud beyond belief! The response from all our advertisers as well as our readers has been spectacular. I’m sure you’d agree, our 1st edition really did have the wow factor!

So what have we got in store for our lovely readers in our 2nd edition? Well, we have the same sort of mix as our 1st edition - articles and adverts and even a money off code from one of the venues we vlogged with! It’s been unbelievably tropical since our last encounter, hasn’t it? We’re just hoping the days and days of near unbroken sunshine haven’t been jinxed by us mentioning the weather! We’re also hoping you’ve managed to fit in lots of ‘Off The Couch Adventures’ during that time if we do so happen to have jinxed it – sorry! The only saving grace is that the summer holidays are literally within reach and I’m sure many of you will have holidays planned, either abroad or in this country. So take a look and enjoy the read. Oh, and it would be great to hear where you read the magazine – how fabulous if we managed to get someone who took our online magazine abroad with them! Please do let us know via our social media pages!


very warm Welcome to all our Off The Couch Adventures Magazine readers out there! We present to you, the 2nd edition of our online magazine!

Photo Shoot at Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ in Crosby. A great place for ‘Off The Couch Adventures’



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Off The Couch Adventures, Edition 2.

Isaac presents Swish with tubs

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Harlem Globetrotters Meet and Great - the calm before the shoot out!

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Even England Rocks can’t escape Fortnite

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Athleticism, with theatre! We’d heard about the Harlem Globetrotters and watched the cartoon as youngsters, but we’d never been to see them in action. We can’t remember telling our boys about the Harlem Globetrotters but they have always known about them. Actually, who doesn’t know about the Harlem Globetrotters?

Just in case you’re one of the few people in the world who don’t know about them, they’re an exhibition basketball team who combine athleticism with theatre and comedy in their style of play. The tickets to the show were part of Isaac’s Christmas present so we went one step further and bought not only


show tickets but we upgraded to include the Magic Pass. The Magic Pass includes an invitation to join the members of the Harlem Globetrotters on court. You can shoot hoops, learn tricks and get autographs as well as pose for photographs with the players.

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS VERSUS ISAAC POWELL When you think of a Basketball player, you imagine someone who’s 10ft tall don’t you? Well, when Isaac started secondary school in September 2017, he got into playing basketball within weeks of starting. Knowing his stature, we never thought it would be a sport Isaac would be any good at.

But he absolutely loved playing, and that was enough for us. Leading up to Christmas 2017, all Isaac spoke about was basketball. It was basketball this and basketball that. He wanted a basketball and a basketball hoop and basketball trainers - he would eat, sleep, drink basketball in the first few months of secondary school and his enthusiasm was infectious! Imagine our delight when we spotted that the Harlem Globetrotters were playing at the Echo Arena in Liverpool! The Magic Pass event takes place a good 90 minutes before the start of the actual show and is a truly magical experience as it allows you the opportunity to hang out with the stars. Never mind Isaac, both his mum and dad were awestruck interacting with these gigantic basketball celebrities and his mum even had to have a go at spinning the basketball on her finger! They make it look so easy don’t they? With the Magic Pass experience over, it was time to grab a quick snack and a drink before watching the room fill up, the excitement build, and join the men, women, boys and girls take to their seats. For the next two, if not more hours, the Harlem Globetrotters entertained an Echo Arena full of fans. There was audience participation, fun and fancy skills from both teams, from start to finish. We didn’t really know what to expect but we watched an actual game of basketball and the pace and speed at which baskets were shot, was mind blowing! We were sat behind the opposing teams coach and he was absolutely hilarious! Each and every basket scored that meant his

team were in the lead and he was pulling his tongue out, making faces, dancing and essentially rubbing it in their faces that his team were in the lead! By the time it was the end of the show, after literally hundreds of baskets had been shot, you felt like you had been on court with the teams because you felt exhausted! As an audience member, you were none stop cheering your team on, willing them to score basket after basket and wincing when they missed. It was energetic stuff! The players athleticism is unbelievable. How they do what they do, with such apparent ease, is testimony to their intense, yet fun filled, dedication to their sport. When you thought the night was over, wrong - there was more to come! An announcement was made to invite the whole audience to meet the team, to ask for autographs and to take the odd selfie with your favourite player. Each and every player was so obliging, always had time for you and had a great big smile on their face, making you feel like #1 for those precious few moments. To say we loved our evening at the Echo Arena Liverpool would be an absolute understatement. It was the best Christmas present we could have bought for Isaac with the added bonus that we all had a fabulous evening. The great news is that they are returning to the North West next year so make sure to grab your tickets sooner rather than later!

Off The Couch Adventures




CLIP ‘n’ CLIMB Liverpool The team at Off The Couch Adventures first tested out the Clip ‘n’ Climb concept back in December 2016 when we visited Clip ‘n’ Climb in Chester. Since then we’ve seen Clip ‘n’ Climb venues springing up all over the North West and beyond. Fast forward to August 2017 and an old familiar favourite venue, Awesome Walls in Liverpool, opened its doors to its very own Clip ‘n’ Climb! Off The Couch Adventures was privileged enough to be invited to vlog from the opening day and this was to be our 3rd Clip ‘n’ Climb venue visited.


By now, we’d become quite expert with the concept. We’d gotten over the initial dread of getting clipped into our chosen station and willing ourselves to climb higher, even though there was this inner fear that the ropes and attachments would not hold and support us. But they always did. There was nothing to actually worry about. But that was the buzz of this concept too! No matter how much you convince yourself it’s ok, you are still petrified as you work out your next step up the vertical obstacles. So what was so different about Clip ‘n’ Climb Liverpool? What was going to make this new venue stand out from the others we’d visited? Those were the questions we were asking ourselves as we headed to the venue on that opening weekend.

Having Awesome Walls under the same roof provides that natural progression to climbing that Clip ‘n’ Climb begins, so it’s yet another plus for this venue. We had a great time during our visit. The mum’s got stuck in just as much as the kids and the staff were absolutely fantastic. They were all so positive and so encouraging - both with the kids and adults alike! If you were nervous or unsure, they would show you how and made you believe you can do it! In fact, it made you feel like you could concur Everest. We’d only need a few more training sessions surely, haha!

WOULD THE ROPES HOLD... ...THEY ALWAYS DID! Well that question was answered as soon as we approached the location. St Albans Church. You can just imagine can’t you? The venue used to be a church back in the day, and what is it about churches that is breath taking? Well for us it was the sheer awesomeness of the height of the venue. I guess that’s where the name ‘Awesome Walls’ came from! This impressive height for a Clip ‘n’ Climb concept puts the Liverpool venue on another level compared to its competitors. The concept is already breath-taking but the additional height makes this venue head and shoulders above the rest. Another plus for this venue is Awesome Walls. We believe the Clip ‘n’ Climb concept caters really well for the beginner. That’s not to say the more experienced climber will miss out. The more advanced climber can use their expertise to beat the clock or race against a friend. In fact, Isaac had a race against one of the staff and it was jaw dropping just how quickly the guy went up! This guy reached the top and was already back on the ground before Isaac even got half way up! I think the competition was a little one sided that day but Isaac loved it!

Clip ‘n’ Climb is perfect for all ages, suitable for adults and juniors aged 4 years and upwards. An ideal venue for entertaining too, Clip ‘n’ Climb Liverpool will play host to all types of corporate events from networking to team building, as well as private parties for special occasions. Book yourself into a session today but make sure to check out the advert in our magazine to bag yourself a discount! Have Fun!

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Off The Couch Adventures Magazine Edition 2  

The 2nd edition of the Off The Couch Adventures magazine including: The Harlem Globetrotters Clip 'n' Climb Liverpool Free Bees Manchester &...

Off The Couch Adventures Magazine Edition 2  

The 2nd edition of the Off The Couch Adventures magazine including: The Harlem Globetrotters Clip 'n' Climb Liverpool Free Bees Manchester &...