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06 | CO2-free energy Since the EU set the goals under Green Deal in order to become climate-neutral by 2050, all sectors have been motivated to integrate renewable energy solutions. Green hydrogen is seen as one of the solutions to integrate more renewable energy acting as an energy-storing medium.

Offshore NL is a magazine with the objective to promote the interests and export opportunities of the Dutch supply - and service companies in the upstream oil and gas industry. Moreover technological developments will be highlighted in order to contribute to a positive representation

10 | Gas treatment packages Leading energy equipment supplier Frames has been awarded a contract to supply engineering contractor, JGC Gulf International, with dehydration and water treatment packages for production of natural gas by Aramco Unconventional Gas Program in South Ghawar.

and positioning of the Netherlands as innovative and ingenious partner country.

16 | Introduction Chela Twins Last October, Velesto Drilling awarded GustoMSC the first two orders for the new and cost-competitive version of the Chela crane; the Chela Twins. Two cranes are to be installed on NAGA-6, a GustoMSC CJ46 drilling jack-up design and owned by Malaysia’s Velesto Energy. These Chela Twins, take the key elements of this first Chela towards the South East Asian drilling arena.

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04 | Welcome by Lody Embrechts, Ambassador 05 | Welcome by Sander Vergroesen, IRO 06 | CO2-free energy 08 | Combating corrosion 10 | Gas treatment packages 12 | Cable Hang-off system Advertising

14 | Project management and engineering services

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Welcome to Abu Dhabi!

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates! It goes without saying I am elated to see you again in the capital on the occasion of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). The 2021 edition of ADIPEC is dear to my heart as it allows us to meet in person again, to connect, to exchange ideas and get inspired! We are excited to see over twenty Dutch companies present at the IRO’s Netherlands Pavilion and exhibiting with their own booth - mostly familiar faces - during an eventful week.

This is a wonderfully exciting time to be in the UAE: EXPO 2020 Dubai is in full swing. Its theme ‘Connecting minds: Creating the future’ is based on the belief that an exchange in perspectives can instigate action to deliver real life solutions to real life challenges. The latter could not be more timely. I encourage you to visit and experience our truly unique Netherlands biotope in the Sustainability District where we highlight the Dutch expertise with regards to the ‘Water-Energy-Food’ nexus. Looking back, 2020 has proven to be a challenging year for many of us as oil prices dropped dramatically, investments decreased, industries were at a standstill as CoVID 19 heavily disrupted our daily lives. If anything, the pandemic has shown us how truly interconnected we are. CoVID 19 and the oil downturn have accelerated - not paused - long-term trends, such as the energy transition and digital transformation.



Today, the economic rebound has amongst others led to a significant increase in gas prices as the world amongst others further shifts towards decarbonisation and renewables. The 2021 edition of ADIPEC is expected to provide insights into how the energy industry has responded to the challenges of CoVID 19, and how it is adapting more broadly in the face of accelerated energy transitions, growing global ambitions for sustainable integrated energy value chains and net-zero emissions. Taking place immediately after COP26, key decisions of the climate meeting are also expected to be discussed in Abu Dhabi. 2021 brings new insights and hope as we slowly seem to transition into a new paradigm. The Netherlands and its energy companies are resilient, known to adapt and to innovate. The latter is particularly true in the offshore sector and more recently hydrogen. As you may know, the Netherlands strives to

co-create smart and sustainable solutions for global challenges. As result the Dutch enjoy a solid reputation internationally and can boast about a strong relationship with the UAE and the wider GCC countries. As always, my team and I remain available to support you and your company in your endeavours in the region. Please do not hesitate to reach out in order to exchange insights or if you wish to discuss opportunities for Dutch companies here in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Feel free to contact the Embassy’s Economic Department in Abu Dhabi via and/or the Consulate-General in Dubai via with questions, comments and suggestions about the energy industry. Onwards! Lody Embrechts Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UAE.

Celebrating the future, embracing the energy transition! In 2021 IRO will reach its 50th anniversary and we will not let that pass unnoticed with a celebration on 26 November. IRO was founded in 1971 during the first oil & gas developments in Europe. The original name stood for Industrial Council for Oceanology. The members of this council represented different sectors in oceanology such as mining, coastal water technology, fisheries and oceanological instrumentation. As a result of the oil crisis in 1973 and the associated increasing concerns about the energy supply, IRO focused on oil and natural gas extraction. In November 1991, IRO became an association, namely the Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry. Over time the offshore industry has undergone an enormous change. With the transition from traditional energy sources to renewable energy, the association changed its name with the aim of better reflecting the activities of its members. With the new name ‘The Association of the Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry’, IRO focuses next to oil and gas on offshore wind and other offshore renewable energy. Although a small country, The Netherlands has been excelling in working on energy production offshore for half a century. The offshore industry has not only become the backbone of

the Dutch maritime cluster, but it also plays an international pivotal role in the energy transition. Large and small IRO members play their specific role in this. The Dutch offshore industry is characterised by its versatility, innovativeness, resilience and flexibility. Looking ahead to the next 50 years, we believe that the Dutch offshore industry will remain a major player in the global offshore market, in particular through the use of smart techniques and solutions for the many issues concerning the offshore energy transition. Great opportunities and challenges lie in making processes more sustainable. Ships can sail cleaner, on LNG and later perhaps also methanol or hydrogen. In addition, platforms and activities at sea can be made even more efficient and environmentally friendly. The next step is to electrify the installations on the platform, first from the shore and later directly from a nearby Offshore Wind Farm. Energy is a need which will only grow the next coming decades. Which means we need all the resources to provide in this daily requirement. However, renewable energy is not the only energy supply which can provide in this growing demand. We still need fossil-based energy since renewables

can only supply 50 percent of the total energy demand in 2050. There is no question that the ecological footprint we leave on the planet is massive and a climate agreement is necessary. However, upstream oil and gas o perations will remain necessary during this transition period and the Dutch suppliers are capable of providing the most sustainable solutions in this branch all over the world. How do we see our future? The IRO members are flexible and seize the opportunities that arise. It doesn’t matter what needs to be done at sea, the IRO members will get the job done. The sea is gigantic, we are far from finished. As IRO, we will always keep the same role, facilitating the network and bringing the global opportunities to our members. IRO members are ready for the next 50 years to give substance to the worldwide Offshore Energy Transition! We look forward to doing business with you and hope to meet you at our Dutch Pavilion at the ADIPEC 2021! Sander Vergroesen Managing Director IRO - The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry.



SoluForce developed innovative piping technology

Energy efficient infrastructure for CO2-free energy

Since the EU set the goals under Green Deal in order to become climate-neutral by 2050, all sectors have been motivated to integrate renewable energy solutions. Green hydrogen is seen as one of the solutions to integrate more renewable energy acting as an energy-storing medium. However, before it can be fully utilized as such, there are still some challenges to overcome.



“If Europe wants to reach its target of climate neutrality, there is no way around hydrogen. By 2050, it must be firmly anchored in the European energy landscape. I think that by then, half of the energy mix will be electricity, mainly from solar and wind power, and the other half will be hydrogen,” says Ad van Wijk, Delft University of Technology. So, why isn’t green hydrogen already supporting our lives with sustainable energy? The issue lies in the framework – the production of green hydrogen, the construction of hydrogen infrastructure as well adaptations of appliances. While some of the necessary technologies have reached maturity, others, such as networks for high-pressure hydrogen, still need to be improved in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. To facilitate/improve the distribution of high-pressure (green) hydrogen, it is needed to first implement a suitable, viable, and sustainable infrastructure. So, how can we effectively implement the promising solution? Long-lasting solution Sometimes, we need to leave the known in the past to enable change for the better. Especially, when it comes to innovative solutions. To facilitate the transportation of green hydrogen, we need to reconsider its infrastructure. The steel pipes that are traditionally used for conveying hydrogen are considerably heavy and inflexible, making their transportation and installation process costly and time-, and energy-consuming. Apart from this, metal pipes commonly suffer from hydrogen embrittlement and thus have a limited lifecycle. To solve these issues, SoluForce (a brand of Pipelife) has developed an innovative piping technology, based on extensively proven technology.

‘To facilitate the transportation of green hydrogen, we need to reconsider its infrastructure.’ Marking a milestone that plays a part in accelerating the feasibility of green hydrogen infrastructure. The SoluForce pipe system, on which the hydrogen certified pipe is based, has been on the market since the year 2000 with over 3.500km installed around the world in various applications such as oil and gas, water and mining. RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes) consist of HDPE and synthetic fibers making them more sustainable in production than traditional pipes. The pipes score with their flexibility and availability in long lengths up to 400 meters, simplifying the construction process considerably. Their most prominent advantage is, however, their perseverance. Other than steel pipes, RTP do not suffer from hydrogen embrittlement or corrosion and so can be utilized for an extended period without maintenance. The ease of installation due to the flexible nature of SoluForce hydrogen-certified pipe

systems saves on time and resources while ensuring the longevity and endurance of the pipe infrastructure. In addition, the production, transportation, and installation of RTP require significantly less energy, reducing the carbon footprint by 4 times. Hydrogen Currently, SoluForce is taking part in a project in Eemshaven to distribute hydrogen with its high-pressure pipeline. For the near future, the Netherlands is actively working on a model project in the Province of Groningen, where they are constructing a massive offshore wind park. The park will be built to produce clean electricity which then will be converted into green hydrogen with the process of electrolysis, supplying Groningen Seaports (a port operator in the north of the Netherland) with green power via a complete hydrogen piping system.



Seal For Life protects the future

Seal For Life Industries Group boasts a wide range of brands offering coating and sealing solutions to infrastructure markets. With a history of more than 60 years, over 700 employees, more than 250 patents and formulations and customers in over 90 countries Seal For Life is has a wealth of experience to offer its customers.

Combating corrosion with traditional and new methods

Polyken application in Abu Dhabi, UAE.



Heat shrink sleeve protection by Covalence in UAE.

Our coating technologies are approved, specified and deployed globally with a focus on corrosion prevention, fire and temperature protection and cathodic protection for pipeline, oil, gas, water, infrastructure and industrial applications. Projects Powercrete QC, R&D and Technical Service Teams in India completed an HDD project with Powercrete DD for Mahangar Gas Limited. Protection was provided to 850m of 8” Pipe in extremely rocky soil and difficult conditions. An extensive gas pipeline project has been completed in Croatia including field joints, bends, flanges and risers throughout. Apart from the basic system, Stopaq Wrappingband and Outerwrap, due to the rocky areas Outerglass Shield was added at the field joints and SFL RockShield for the main pipeline running underground, subsea and above the ground.

In addition, the casings were filled with Stopaq Casing Filler. China Petroleum & Pipeline Bureau Indonesia awarded Seal For Life the supply contract for a 14km offshore and 7km onshore Balikpapan Project using Covalence 2 Layer series to protect the field joint areas on the large 52” OD 3LPE coated pipeline transporting crude oil. After successfully supplying SHWE Phase I in 2015, Seal For Life Industries were awarded the complete supply contract from McDermott Malaysia (EPCIC) for the SHWE Phase II Project. Supply scope consists of Covalence heat shrink sleeves (WPC100M) for field joint coating (FJC) of all subsea flowlines, risers and umbilicals for in total 75 km 6”, 12” and 14”. A flange connector on a Gas scrubber/ coalescer V1109 on the G17 A-Platform for Neptune Energy was recently protected with Oxifree TM198 by their

Global Services Team. The 1650mm diameter flange was suffering from corrosion due to the offshore environment. The Oxifree Technician completed the project coating over 3 days and TM198 will now provide long term protection. Polyken 1600HT is being applied to flowlines in Abu Dhabi for ADNOC. Polyken has been selected as a reliable cold applied corrosion protection solution for both below ground and above ground applications. Polyken offers corrosion protection, mechanical protection, withstanding high temperatures and UV protection being suitable for existing and new lines. Over 8,500 field joints are being protected with Covalence Heat Shrink Sleeves in the UAE. We are delighted to be working with two EPC contractors on this project, who are first time customers of Covalence for water pipelines in UAE.





‘Frames TEG and PWT packages are compact, skid-mounted systems that can be readily integrated with other plant processes.’ Allwyn Rodrigues, project manager Frames.

Supply contract for Frames

Gas treatment packages for South Ghawar LNG processing Leading energy equipment supplier Frames has been awarded a contract to supply engineering contractor, JGC Gulf International Co., with dehydration and water treatment packages for production of natural gas by Aramco Unconventional Gas Program in South Ghawar.

Aramco is developing infrastructure for processing unconventional gas to meet in-Kingdom energy demand and to reduce liquid burning at power generation facilities. The Unconventional Gas Program is a series of projects to be undertaken for Jafurah and South Ghawar. The South Ghawar basin is a key unconventional tight sand gas asset in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

JGC Gulf International Co. is building the main gas separation plant in which the Frames triethylene glycolbased (TEG) dehydration and Produced Water Treatment (PWT) packages will operate. The TEG dehydration package is a liquid desiccant technology for the removal of both water and CO2 from natural gas, thus preventing corrosion problems in downstream processes and equipment. Frames standardized produced water treatment packages reduce the oil-in-water content,

typically from 2000 ppmv to 20 ppmv. The separated water is then pumped back into the reservoir to maintain the pressure in the well. “Frames TEG and PWT packages are compact, skid-mounted systems that can be readily integrated with other plant processes,” says Allwyn Rodrigues, Frames project manager. “We are working closely with JGC engineers to enable their optimum performance for the Unconventional Gas Program in South Ghawar.”



Subsea cabling specialist Vos Prodect Innovations (VPI)

Ready for new offshore industries Engineered initially for the wind turbine industry, over the past few years the VPI Cable Hang-off system (HOS) has been further engineered and developed by a dedicated innovation team, which has resulted in the VPI Cable Hang-off system evolving into a multifunctional offshore solution. In addition, the Cable Protection System (CPS), also known as cast-iron pipes, is a bespoke and tailor-made solution for various industries, including submarine telecom cabling, high-voltage subsea power cables, and from this decade the oil and gas electrification. From every project that is successfully delivered, Vos Prodect innovations (VPI) learns and adapts from its experience to ensure that they are servicing the electrification of the offshore industry in the most effective manner. Within the industry, VPI has gained a reputation of quality and has been trusted with over 150 projects, supplying VPI’s cable protection system across the globe. In recent years, VPI has been established as the market leader in the engineering and supply of cable hang-off systems. Over the last 60 years, the company has constantly reinvented itself in the face of shifting market demands and industry trends. Three generations of cable protection systems have already been established for various industries and are now ready for the next step: the electrification of oil and gas platforms. Changing markets Becoming increasingly prominent in both the professional and personal lives, sustainability and the fight against global warming needs to be addressed imminently.



‘The VPI CPS also offers additional benefits of bend restriction and impact protection.’ Marc Derks , CEO VPI.

One major factor to combat climate change is the production of renewable energy, a field in which VPI is heavily embedded and has a vested interest. In conjunction with these notions, VPI has focused within the other offshore industries to see whether any further sustainable innovation can be applied, as many of these industries are being supplied with fossil fuel power. VPI is exploring the various options into providing renewable electricity sources for these platforms, to further address sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hybrid protection system VPI’s CPS consists of two primary products, including VPI CIS (Cast Iron Shell) and VPI HPS (Hybrid Protection Shell). The VPI CIS is utilized for the cable in contact with the seabed and the VPI HPS is utilized for the free span areas leading into the offshore platform. The VPI CIS, also known as articulated pipes, is cast from cast iron half-shells whereas the VPI HPS is formed using the cast iron half-shells along with an outer polyurethane shell, to provide extra corrosion protection around the free span areas.

The main transition that VPI actively promotes is to attain electricity that is provided by a subsea cable from the mainland facility instead of using an offshore power generator. VPI can deliver both protection systems to accommodate submarine electricity cables from the mainland facility to the offshore facility, as the VPI Hang-off System is designed for securing medium and high voltage power cables to the top of a cable deck of a monopile, jacket, or rig. VPI’s Cable Protection System (CPS) serves to protect and stabilize the subsea power cable and VPI’s Hang Off-System secures the electricity cable during the installation on an offshore platform and securely locks the cable after final installation. Both systems have been tested extensively, it is a proven solution for offshore projects which has been delivered successfully across a wide range of projects.

Precious time The multitude of benefits the revolutionary system offers ensures that the cable is fully protected and will remain intact being situated at the bottom of oceans for decades but also due to being an innovated hybrid system, this significantly reduces installation time by 50%, offering potential cost savings across the life of the project. VPI’s CEO Marc Derks stated: “Out of personal experience, I recognize that our offshore systems need to be fast and easy to install, saving precious offshore time. Our universal system is fast to install as we offer a self-locking system, so no bolts are needed. The combination of the polyurethane surface and the cast iron insert, provide all the protection required when your cable lay upon the bottom of the ocean.

The VPI CPS also offers additional benefits of bend restriction and impact protection.’’ Offshore collaborations VPI’s collaborative and open approach enables them to work closely with their partners, to further promote sustainability processes, and to understand how they can further enhance custom-engineered products to suit. Another innovative product that has been engineered as a result of this collaborative approach, is the J-Tube cable protection system along with other subsea cable accessories. VPI’s J-tube cable protection system is a hybrid product withstanding against drag and the accompanying effects such as VIV and fatigue. The system has been successfully tested and deployed across numerous projects. The combination of both their own experience along with those views of their partners who install and work with VPI’s offshore products enables VPI to learn, engineer, and innovate their products further, whilst focusing on sustainability throughout the entire process. An example of this can be demonstrated when VPI successfully installed the first onshore landing clamps this year, including on the beach of Ameland. This ‘Beach Clamp’ is now being used for securing a power cable of the NAM, which is currently electrifying three offshore platforms for the production of natural gas.



Maritime Construction Services

Emerging business in challenging times Maritime Construction Services (MCS) provides high quality project management and engineering services to the oil & gas majors and main contractors worldwide. The services of the company range from pipelay, heavy lift and SURF to SAT diving. In addition, MCS services its clients in the construction of ports & terminals and vessel management.

MCS has been established in 2015 as an independent Dutch entity to execute international projects and deliver project management, tendering, business development and commercial support. The exclusive partnership with various stakeholders assures direct access to owned assets and unique experience in reference to turnkey construction of oil and gas subsea facilities, pipelay and port and terminal constructions. In addition, MCS has access to local offices worldwide, to service its clients on site. Fleet For the delivery of projects, MCS has an extensive fleet of (construction) vessels. This includes dredgers, tugs, pipelay/derrick barges, but also DSV’s. A unique asset to the fleet is the DP3 Multi-Purpose Vessel Everest. Due to its characteristics, the MPV Everest can continue operations safely, in remote areas and in the harshest weather. With 1,400m2 of deck space a large quantity of project equipment or subsea structures/ parts can be brought on board or lowered. The MPV Everest is equipped with a 250MT Active Heave Compensated crane, three state-of-the-art ROV’s and a twin bell 18 person saturation dive system, making the vessel particularly suited for subsea construction and other specialized projects.



In 2019 the Everest was deployed in Indonesia. MCS, together with its partner DCN-Diving was contracted for the execution of an extensive campaign to connect the subsea infrastructure to the subsea gas transport pipelines. The MPV was deployed for installation and diving support operations. During this project the Everest, equipped with two dive bells, ensured a 25% reduction of dive operations time. Finally, when the monsoon started and all other vessels in the field were waiting on weather, the MPV Everest continued to work tirelessly.

Another noteworthy project performed with the MPV Everest is the project performed for the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) early 2021. With the Everest, MCS executed supply services in the Arctic. The project included resupplying several AAD bases in Antarctica, where research is carried out into climate change in the Arctic. Despite a major challenge, the project was delivered successfully. During project execution a fire started onboard the vessel, which led to serious damage to the vessel. Fortunately nobody was injured and due to the DP3 capabilities of the vessel it could safely return to Australia. After full investigations into

the cause of the fire, the Everest has been fully repaired and all recommendations following the investigation have been implemented. Russia Today, the MPV Everest is back in business and working in the east of Russia on a project which includes the installation of subsea infrastructures with divers and ROV’s. The first part of this project was executed in 2020 already. MCS is also supplying technical support to several port installation projects in Russia. To follow up on the growing demand and the ambitions for the future, expansion of the MCS team is part of the agenda.



Cost competitive pair of cranes

GustoMSC brings Chela Twins to the market



In 2019, the first Chela crane was delivered to Maersk Drilling and installed onboard the Maersk Invincible an ultra-harsh environment GustoMSC CJ70 drilling jack-up design. It has proven its claims since while operating offshore in the Valhall field for AkerBP. Last October, Velesto Drilling awarded GustoMSC the first two orders for the new and cost-competitive version of the Chela crane; the Chela Twins. Two cranes are to be installed on NAGA-6, a GustoMSC CJ46 drilling jack-up design and owned by Malaysia’s Velesto Energy. These Chela Twins, take the key elements of this first Chela towards the South East Asian drilling arena.

The cranes work around the well center in pairs. With their telescopic arms, they provide significant coverage below the cantilever and, depending on the cantilever position, can reach main deck and pick up tools or a x-mas trees, for example. The current offering of two telescopic cranes forms a cost-competitive solution that can be applied to the worldwide fleet of standard drilling jack-ups. Environmental footprint reduced through SIMOPS The GustoMSC Chela series of multifunctional arms offers an extra hand in operations. Due to its crablike motion characteristics, it can reach below the cantilever as well as reach towards the

main deck, providing crane access to an area traditionally blocked by the cantilever when drilling. Chela thus provides a huge advantage in development drilling, infill drilling, and plug and abandonment operations. With this option, wireline operations can take place offline, on any other nearby well, while the derrick is engaged with other well construction operations. The primary field-proven feature of Chela relates to safe and efficient lifting of well related parts and tools prior before and after well construction. With this functionality, a simultaneous operation with the activities performed by the drilling crew at well center is possible. Depending on the well-program, total time saved varies between 5 to 15%



of total rig days per well. This proven technology represents a robust opportunity to bring forward ROI for every well drilled. With less rig days per well, it directly reduces the industry’s environmental footprint per well drilled while addressing the call for cost reduction from operators. Maximizing safety Increasing safety for lifting over live wells was another key element when developing Chela series. Reducing human involvement, when done correctly, is favorable to cost and safety. As Chela separates wireline operations from the drill floor operation, it reduces human interface on the drill floor and less interaction is required between different crews as rigging up for the operation is done offline. Enabling a single lift from the main deck to the wellhead platform below the cantilever reduces handshakes. The high level of control, as a result of the short distance from



crane tip to hoist, has a substantial impact on the overall safety of the rig. Chela’s main hoisting system can be made fully redundant to acknowledge requirements put forward by the operator. A key technical feature that provides additional safety when lifting and working over live wells. It is executed as a dual-winch system consisting of a two times 100% capacity winch. As a consequence, no single failure, including the failure of a single hoisting rope, in the chain of the dual-winch lay-out will lead to a high risk situation. Additionally, it will keep the load steady after a rope failure. A snag load absorb system prevents excessive loads on the lifting ropes and structural parts of the crane. These features ensure an inherent safe use of Chela. Chela is controlled with a handheld remote, allowing the crane operator to be in the optimal position to oversee and control the operations

at all times. The crane is supplied with an anti-collision procedure to ensure that the load and crane boom do not collide with obstacles such as the riser at well center or topside modules below and aft of the rig. Chela is electrically driven, eliminating the risk of hydraulic spillage Cost effective Chela is a full electrical crane that requires little maintenance. It can be installed on a new build rig or retrofitted to an existing rig. Due to the efficient foundation interface with the cantilever, it requires only limited modification to the existing cantilever structure. Chela is designed to be easily dismountable, and if the same integration points and type of jumper stations are used, Chela can be shared among different rigs within the fleet, increasing flexibility for the operators and contractors.

For installation on Van Oord’s new offshore installation vessel

Huisman to deliver largest Leg Encircling Crane Huisman has been awarded a contract from Van Oord for the delivery of a Leg Encircling Crane (LEC) for its new offshore installation vessel. This crane will be the largest Leg Encircling Crane that Huisman has developed to date in terms of lifting capacity, boom length, installed power and technical features.

Over the past years, Huisman has built a strong track record with its Leg Encircling Crane because of the high demand for this type of heavy lift crane for the installation of increasingly large wind turbines. Its lightweight, yet robust design, high level of reliability and limited tail swing makes the LEC highly suitable for the construction of offshore wind farms. Thanks to its fully electrically driven system, the crane has a low energy consumption and thus contributes to the reduced CO2 footprint of Van Oord’s new offshore installation vessel.

Pieter van Oord, CEO of Van Oord: “This investment prepares us for the increase in scale in the offshore wind industry and allows us to maintain our leadership position. The crane to be delivered by Huisman will support us to achieve that target.”

For this project, Huisman will implement the same robust and proven technology on drive systems and slewing bearings as used for the LECs that the company has been delivering to the offshore wind market, e.g. to Van Oord’s Aeolus.

David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman: “We are very proud of this order from Van Oord, who has been a frontrunner in the offshore wind industry since 2002. We fully support their ambition to make offshore wind a more competitive energy source and are grateful for their trust in us to build our largest LEC to date.”

The scope of work for Huisman consists of the design, engineering and construction of the crane at its production facility in Zhangzhou, China. The crane will be delivered and integrated in close cooperation with the vessel’s designer Knud E Hansen at Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard in China, scheduled for 2023.



Middle East important region for Van Oord

New perspectives in complex projects To support industry partners with their offshore marine challenges, Van Oord draws on its 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. The reason why it is worth visiting Van Oord at the ADIPEC is to interact and share knowledge on how to make a net positive impact in the energy transition.

Driven by a rising global population, a growing demand for energy and a transition towards a renewable energy system Van Oord offers new perspectives in complex, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects in challenging marine environments. Working together with their clients in making their energy transition Van Oord creates new developments in renewable energy infrastructure



and ocean health. In the meantime, Van Oord remains active in conventional energy securing the current energy supply. Within the conventional energy infrastructure, Van Oord offers an integrated package of services for nearshore pipeline, cable and offshore constructions as well as seabed intervention techniques to stabilise and protect subsea

infrastructure. Due to the combination of unique self-owned vessels and proven project engineering skills, Van Oord adds value by managing the entire project. Even more important, the company manages all stakeholders involved to unburden clients with their complex projects in complex environments. The Middle East is an important region for Van Oord. Already back in 1975, Van Oord started with marine projects

to expand harbour capacity in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and the construction of Mina Saqr Port in Emirate of Ras al Khaimah. This meant an acceleration in the international development of the organisation. In more recent years Van Oord supported the transformation of Dubai with the construction of the iconic megaproject Palm Jumeirah. Since then, many other impressive world-renowned

projects followed, such as The World, Bluewaters Island and the Dubai Harbour Masterplan. In addition to taking the opportunity to meet and invite Van Oord’s highly valued clients, partners and decision makers from all over the world at the ADIPEC exhibition, Van Oord is also proud to be National Sponsor of the Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. This World Expo held

from October 1st until March 31st is the perfect platform to showcase Van Oord’s expertise in marine engineering and energy infrastructure, as well as sharing knowledge with its industry partners. Visitors are welcome to interact and visit Van Oord at the Netherlands Pavilion, more specifically at the IRO Lounge in Hall 11, stand 11216 from 15 to 18 November, 2021.



Dutch Pavilion


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11216 Ampelmann is the global leader in Walk to Work solutions by operating motion compensated offshore access systems and services all over the world.

Ampelmann Operations B.V. Rotterdamseweg 380 2629 HG Delft The Netherlands

IRO Energy Transition Lounge 11216 With a track record of more than 5.7 million safe people transfers, more than 12 million kg cargo transfers and 250 projects worldwide, Ampelmann operates in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

The unique Ampelmann systems enable safe, efficient and reliable transfers of personnel and cargo from vessels to offshore oil & gas platforms, turbines, FPSOs and all other fixed and floating structures at sea.

phone +31 (0)20 2400 121 mail

Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Blue Offshore Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 191 Monnickendamkade 1 2593 EC BN IJmuiden The Hague 1976 The Netherlands Netherlands The

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Airborne Blue Offshore Oil & supports Gas develops its customers and manufactures with Thermoplastic worldwide installation, Composite transport, Pipe (TCP) storage, to the Oil & jointing field Gas industry and repair since 2007. solutions As the for subsea first and leading high voltage manufacturer cable, array of TCP, cable, theflexible company pipes has gone and umbilicals. to deliver over 20 TCP products for various applications in both onshore and offshore, These solutions SURF and include Subsea theWell rental Intervention of innovative markets, offshore modular includingdeck hydrocarbon and mission service, equipment, gas lift, methanol vessel’s deck andand chemical equipment injection. engineering, Finite Element Method calculations, sea fastening and stability analyses, project management and project engineering.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge Stand11216 1525 The lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant We also provide composite offshore pipes crew provide to operate cost and operational the equipment benefits duringinoperations subsea production and to and oil field service support mobilisation, applications. hook-up, TCPcommissioning, is truly an economic andand maintenance viable demobilisation. alternative to metal and flexible pipe. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGLST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

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Boskalis Oil & Gas B.V. Airborne Monnickendamkade Rosmolenweg 20 1 1976 LK 3356 EC IJmuiden Papendrecht The Netherlands

To help meet future Headquartered in Thedemand Netherlands, for energy Airborne offers Boskalis Oil & Gas a wide develops range of andspecialist manufactures Thermoplastic services combined Composite into integrated Pipe (TCP) solutions. to the Oil & dedicated With Gas industry professionals since 2007.and As the versatile first and fleet, leading manufacturer Boskalis creates New Horizons of TCP, the forcompany its clients, has goneservices offering to deliver for over the entire 20 TCPoffshore products for various project energy applications life cycle. in both onshore and offshore, SURF and Subsea Well Intervention markets, Every project including bringshydrocarbon new challenges; service, it’s gas lift, methanol how you deal and with chemical theminjection. that makes the difference. With an impressive track record of multidisciplinary projects Boskalis knows how to manage interfaces, mitigate risks and simplify execution.

Stand Stand11320 1525 Withlightweight, The safety as thehigh corestrength value, Boskalis and corrosion offers aresistant unique composite range of offshore pipes provide servicescost to the and operational benefits international energy in sector subsea - oil, production gas and and oil field service renewables. Realizing applications. projects TCP in isremote truly an economicwith locations and viable a heightened alternative environmental to metal and flexible focus, is onepipe. of Boskalis’ areas of expertise. WhateverOil Airborne you & are Gas looking (AOG) isfor fully – standard, qualified in accordance complex or fulltolife thecycle newservices DNV standard – Boskalis DNVGLST-F119 can provide for TCP an innovative in subsea and cost-effective applications. solution to suit AOG’s yourshareholder needs. base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

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Airborne Oil &B.V. Gas B.V. Bridges2000 Monnickendamkade 1 P.O. Box 51165 1976 3007 EC GD IJmuiden Rotterdam The Netherlands +31 (0)255 763 500 phone +31 (0)10-820 1770 mail mail

Creating safe connections Headquartered in The Netherlands, for Airborneaccessibility offshore Oil & Gas develops and manufactures Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the Oilorder In & Gastoindustry be 100 since % safe, 2007. staying As the at home first and is leading the bestmanufacturer guarantee. However, of TCP, the thecompany world needs hasprogress to gone toand deliver this over is not20viable TCP products as the world for variousthe needs applications offshore sector in both toonshore create energy and to offshore, evolve ourSURF world. and Subsea Well Intervention markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol Within BRIDGES2000, and chemicalwe injection. combine our technical expertise with our products to solve our client’s most complex accessibility issues. BRIDGES2000 delivers safe connections across platforms and in harbours.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge Stand11216 1525 We deliver The lightweight, 24/7,high bridges strength , gangways and corrosion and other resistant composite accessibility products. pipes Mostprovide importantly, cost and we are operationalwho specialists benefits are ready in subsea to serve production our clients and oil field with technical serviceadvice applications. for any TCP emergency is truly an or economic and viable alternative to metal otherwise. and flexible pipe. As a service-provider, our consultations save time, Airborneand money Oil at & times, Gas (AOG) eveniscompanies. fully qualified Offshore in accordance companies have to the strong new networks, DNV standard however, DNVGLST-F119 for TCPeven BRIDGES2000 in subsea show up in the middle of applications. the night to respond AOG’s shareholder quickly with base a accessibility includes HPE, Shell solution – fast, Ventures, safe and Chevron fit forTechnology purpose. Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

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Brooks Instrument B.V. Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Einsteinstraat 57 Monnickendamkade 1 3902 Veenendaal 1976 HN EC IJmuiden The The Netherlands Netherlands

Brooks Instrument Headquartered in Theis Netherlands, a company of highly Airborne trained specialists Oil & Gaswith develops 75 years andofmanufactures global flow Thermoplastic experience in over Composite 80 countries. Pipe (TCP) Serving to the EPC Oil & Gas industry companies with projects since 2007. in oil,As gas, thechemical first and leading and other manufacturer industries, Brooks of TCP, Instrument the company is their has gone trusted source to deliver for high-performance over 20 TCP products flow for meter various applications technology and in-depth in both technical onshore expertise. and offshore, SURF and Subsea Well Intervention markets, Our EPC partners including come hydrocarbon back to us service, projectgas after lift, methanol project, year andafter chemical year. injection.

Stand Stand11230 1525 The portfolio Our lightweight, includes: high strength and corrosion

•resistant Metal Tube composite Variable pipes Areaprovide (VA) Flow costMeters and •operational Glass Tubebenefits VariableinArea subsea (VA)production Flow Meters and •oil Thermal field service Mass applications. Flow Meters TCP and isControllers truly an •economic Pressure-based and viable Massalternative Flow Meters toand metal Controllers •and Coriolis flexible Mass pipe. Flow Meters and Controllers • Pressure Controllers and Regulators •Airborne Variety Oil of flow & Gas accessories (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGLST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone phone +31 +31 (0)318 (0)255 549 763 288 500 mail A ndre-den.Haan@ mail

DCN Diving Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Van Konijnenburgweg 151 Monnickendamkade 1 4612 PL Bergen op Zoom 1976 EC IJmuiden The Netherlands The Netherlands phone +31 (0)164 214 343 phone +31 (0)255 763 500 mail mail

The DCN DivinginGroup Headquartered The Netherlands, is a specialist subsea Airborne service provider Oil & Gas delivering develops innovative and manufactures Thermoplastic engineering and Composite subsea solutions Pipe (TCP) fortooffshore the Oil and oil & Gas gas, industry renewable sinceenergy 2007. As infrastructure, the first and leading civil marine manufacturer works andofthe TCP,shipping the company industry. has gone to deliver over 20 TCP products for various applications Services include engineering, in both onshore air and/or and mixed offshore, gas, and saturation SURF and Subsea diving. Well Highly Intervention specialized markets, and experienced includinginhydrocarbon hyperbaric welding service, gas lift, methanol and habitatand operations, chemical DCN injection. also has a fully operational ROV department offering comprehensive services from Eyeball to WCROC support worldwide. DCN operates a fully-equipped Hyperbaric (and complying saturation set up) Testing Facility in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.

Stand Stand11326 1525 Hyperbaric The lightweight, environments high strength at pressures and corrosion of up to resistant 190m cancomposite be simulated pipesatprovide the facility, cost which and is operational one of the few benefits in theinworld. subsea Welder production codingand and oil field service procedure qualification applications. can be TCP undertaken is truly an at economic the centre.and viable alternative to metal and flexible pipe. The group consists of 9 companies in Airborne 8 countries, Oil and & Gas has(AOG) a daily is fully deployment qualified in accordance of 80-200 personnel to the new working DNVworld-wide. standard DNVGLST-F119 Over 60 for years TCPofinexperience subsea in the industry, applications. in-house engineering, AOG’s shareholder fully owned base equipment includes HPE,certification and Shell Ventures, based Chevron upon the Technology latest IMCA Ventures, and/or OGP Evonik, requirements. Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

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2021 FRAMES – Working together to energize the world

Frames Eikenlaan 237 2404 BP Alphen aan den Rijn The Netherlands phone +31 (0)172 461 600

GustoMSC Karel Doormanweg 35 3115 JD Schiedam The Netherlands

Frames has been offering systems and solutions in the international energy market since 1984. We develop optimized onshore and offshore process solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce costs, right from wellheads to export pipelines. We strive to protect the long-term future of the environment and we support our Clients in the Energy Transition. We provide hydrogen and CO2 treatment packages and conditioning packages for production of biogas and biofuels.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge 11216

In the Oil & Gas market we are providing cost effective, safe and reliable modular solutions for onshore, offshore and FPSO applications. We provide produced water treatment & separation solutions, oil & gas processing equipment, chemical injection and electrochlorination packages, wellsite packages and flow control & safeguarding systems. Frames’ excellence in design and engineering is matched by our commitment to service and support.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge 11216

The pioneers of offshore engineering.

The performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels and semi-submersibles is further optimized by our operational support and engineering consultancy. In this way, GustoMSC enables and supports safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future.

NOV is a leading provider of technology and equipment to the global energy industry. GustoMSC, part of our Marine and Construction business, is recognized for providing reputable design & engineering consultancy for mobile offshore units and equipment. In close cooperation with our clients, we translate experience, science and technical knowledge into realistic & innovative ideas.

phone +31 (0)10 2883 000 mail

Hatenboer-Water Airborne Oil & GasMiddle B.V. East Monnickendamkade 1W, 213B 1 1976 EC Dubai Airport IJmuiden Free Zone The Netherlands Dubai 54313, UAE

We are experts in Headquartered in The water Netherlands, treatment, water Airborne Oil & and management, Gas freshwater develops and production. manufactures Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the Oil & Gas industry has Hatenboer-Water since a long 2007.history As theoffirst providing and leading the Maritime manufacturer & Offshoreofindustry TCP, thewith company solutions to has gone treat generate, to deliver and maintain over 20 ‘Safe TCP products Water Onboard’ for various applications (SWOB). The global efforts in both focus onshore on safe and and offshore,water reliable SURFquality, and Subsea nowadays Well especially Intervention with markets, to solutions including reduce the hydrocarbon use of plastic service, watergas bottles. lift, methanol Offering tools andtochemical calculateinjection. savings in costs, logistics, and showing instantly your ROI. For 115 years, the privately-owned company has grown to an internationally renowned full-service player in the water treatment market.

Stand Stand11212 1525 At Hatenboer-Water The lightweight, high they strength design,and construct, corrosion and resistant supply fresh composite water (RO) pipes modules, providecomprising cost and operational all relevant components benefits in subsea neededproduction for the water and oil field service production and filtration. applications. Resulting TCP isultimately truly an economic in the safeand consumption viable alternative of fresh water to metal onboard. and flexible Crew can be trained pipe. (online) to guard the vulnerable quality of the water and to Airborneaware become Oil & Gas of the (AOG) necessity is fully of qualified proper in accordance water management. to the new DNV standard DNVGLST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. Through its worldwide AOG’s shareholder network ofbase agents includes and HPE, offices own Shell Ventures, (Houston,Chevron Rotterdam, Technology Dubai and Ventures, Evonik, Singapore), the company Saudi Aramco supportsEnergy its installed Ventures, base with Subsea local spares 7 and and Sumitomo consumables Corporation. available from stock.

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2021 Heerema Marine Contractors is a world leader in transporting, installing, and removing structures for the offshore energy industries. Clients have trusted Heerema for nearly sixty years to deliver solutions that make t he impossible possible offshore.

Heerema Marine Contractors Vondellaan 47 2332 AA Leiden The Netherlands phone +31 (0)71 5799000 mail

Heerema’s headquarters are in Leiden, the Netherlands, and the company has permanent offices in Houston, London, Mexico, Singapore, and Qatar. From these locations, Heerema manages the entire supply chain of project execution, offering solutions that include front-end engineering, planning, logistics, project management, and the execution of projects worldwide.

Stand 11312

The company has unique skills and capabilities with a world-class fleet of vessels and barges used to provide tailored solutions that fit client requirements. Within Heerema’s assets is the world’s largest crane vessel Sleipnir, with a lifting capacity of 20,000 metric tons. In addition, the company owns barge H-851, a specially designed floatover barge that can install structures that weigh around 50,000 metric tons. Heerema is your ultra-heavy lift contractor.

Huisman Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Admiraal Trompstraat1 2 Monnickendamkade 3115 HH Schiedam 1976 EC IJmuiden The The Netherlands Netherlands

We are Huisman. Headquartered in The We design, Netherlands, manufacture Airborne and service Oilheavy & Gasconstruction develops and equipment manufactures Thermoplastic for the world’s Composite leading companies Pipe (TCP) in to the the Oil & Gas industry renewable energy,since oil and 2007. gas,As civil, thenaval first and leading and entertainment manufacturer markets. of TCP, Our the company products has gone range from toCranes, deliver Pipelay over 20Equipment, TCP products for various Equipment Drilling applicationsand in both Winches, onshore and offshore, to Vessel SURF Designs andand Subsea Specials. Well Intervention markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection.

Stand Stand11310 1525

The history lightweight, of Huisman high strength is one of and setting corrosion resistant new industry composite standards. pipesOfprovide makingcost impact, and operational since 1929. benefits With stepinchanging subsea production technical and oil field service solutions that vary applications. from stand-alone TCP is truly an economic andtoviable components highlyalternative engineeredtointegrated metal and flexible systems. From pipe. concept to installation and lifetime support. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance In these timesto ofthe transition, new DNV ourstandard passionate DNVGLST-F119 forand workforce TCPworldwide in subsea production, applications. service & sales AOG’s facilities shareholder make usbase includes HPE, Shell for equipped Ventures, impact.Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone (0)88 070 2222 phone +31 +31 (0)255 763 500 mail mail See See also also Backpage Cover. 12

IRO Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Boompjes 40 Monnickendamkade 1 3011 XB Rotterdam 1976 EC IJmuiden The Netherlands The Netherlands phone +31 (0)793 411 981 phone +31 (0)255 763 500 mail mail

IRO - The Association Headquartered in The Netherlands, of Dutch Suppliers Airborne in the Offshore Oil & Gas Energy develops Industry and manufactures Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the Oil &Offshore The Gas industry Energy since supply 2007. industry As theinfirst theand leading manufacturer Netherlands belongs to ofthe TCP,Top the5company of the world. has gone Acting as the to deliver gateway over to 20 Dutch TCP suppliers products for in the various industry, energy applications the in IROboth mission onshore is ultimately and offshore, aimed at SURF maintaining and Subsea and strengthening Well Intervention markets, the position including of the hydrocarbon Dutch Oil, Gas, service, Offshore gas lift, methanol and Renewable andchemical Marine energy injection. supply industry by creating a level playing field for its members. A sharp focus on cost efficiency, innovation and sustainability amongst the IRO members are instrumental to achieve this goal.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge Stand11216 1525 The The lightweight, IRO members high consist strength of a wide and corrosion variety of resistant both multinationals composite pipes and SMEs. provide They cost represent and operational the entire supply benefits chain in subsea within production the Offshore and oil Energy field Industry, service applications. with activities TCPcovering: is truly an economic Engineering and& viable Consultancy, alternative Construction to metal& and Fabrication, flexible pipe. Plant & Equipment Supply, Contracting & Installation, Exploration & Airborne Production Oiland & Gas Personnel (AOG) is&fully HSE,qualified both for in offshore accordance upstream to theoilnew & gas DNV and standard offshore DNVGLST-F119 renewables for TCP (wind in subsea and marine energy). applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Established Shell Ventures, half a century Chevron ago, Technology the association Ventures, IRO is an independent Evonik, Saudinon-profit Aramco Energy organisation Ventures, that supports Subsea and7promotes and Sumitomo the interests Corporation. of its 400 member companies.

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2021 Mammoet – your partner in Engineered Heavy Lifting and Transport. Mammoet provides solutions to any heavy lifting or transport challenge. We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients in order to understand their businesses and challenges. By working closely with our partners, we realize the most efficient and cost-effective approaches. Mammoet Middle East Africa and Caspian Dubai United Arab Emirates

We have a unique global network and an unparalleled fleet of equipment. Our extensive engineering expertise and high quality and safety standards deliver value to a wide breadth of industry sectors and projects.

Stand 11318 Clients trust us to help them achieve feats that were once considered impossible, and we have often broken records in doing so. Some dream about a future that is Smarter, Safer and Stronger. We actually build it. Our services comprise: • Heavy lifting & transport • Plant Turnaround / Shutdown Management • Site-wide construction services • Modular construction • Factory-to-Foundation / logistics • Equipment rental

phone +971 4 812 8000 mail

Maritime Construction Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Services B.V. Parnassusweg 805(B)1 Monnickendamkade 1082 LZ Amsterdamm 1976 EC IJmuiden The The Netherlands Netherlands

Maritime Construction Headquartered in The Netherlands, Services (MCS) Airborne is an emerging, Oil & Gas independent develops and offshore manufactures Thermoplastic contracting andComposite vessel management Pipe (TCP) to company. the Oil &provide We Gas industry high-quality since 2007. projectAsmanagement the first and leading and engineering manufacturer services of TCP, to the theoil company & gas has gone majors and tomain deliver contractors over 20 TCP worldwide. products for various applications in both onshore and offshore, Our services SURF range and from Subsea pipelay, Well Intervention heavy lift markets, and SURF including to SAT diving. hydrocarbon In addition, service, we service gas lift, methanol our clientsand in the chemical construction injection. of ports & terminals and vessel management. To support our services, we have a broad network of international partners.

Stand Stand11326 1525 Our expertise The lightweight, of working high strength in harsh andweather corrosion resistant composite environments including pipes the provide Arctic,cost combined and operational with our financing benefitssolutions in subsea and production direct access and oil afield to large service asset applications. base, enablesTCP us is totruly applyanan economic tailored approach and viable to the alternative needs oftoour metal clients and makes flexibleus pipe. unique to the industry. Our multinational Airborne Oil & Gasand (AOG) experienced is fully qualified team of in accordance industry experts to is thedriven new DNV to meet standard and exceed DNVGLST-F119 our clients’ for requirements, TCP in subsea with resourceful applications. solutions which AOG’s addshareholder value to each base project. includes HPE,commitment Our Shell Ventures, is reflected Chevron Technology in our willingness Ventures, to invest inEvonik, both projects Saudi Aramco and relations Energy because Ventures, we believeSubsea this is 7the andkey Sumitomo to mutual Corporation. success.

phone phone +31 +31 (0)20 (0)255505 7631000 500 mail mail See also page 12

Paradigm Group B.V. Rotterdam The Netherlands

Stand 11214

Paradigm Group was established in The Netherlands in 2009, to develop and commercialize new technologies and innovations for the upstream Oil & Gas Industry, which now covers four specialisms; Drilling Optimization, Production Efficiency, Well Intervention and Fire Protection.

Each specialism boasts unique technologies supported by strong intellectual property, and collaboration with oil and gas operators to drive down the overall cost of operations.

With a broad range of products and solutions across the market, Paradigm delivers technologies that offer game changing operational value alongside lower carbon intensity.

Be Amazed | Visit Paradigm | Stand 11214 | Hall 11

Drilling Optimization | Production Efficiency | Well Intervention | Fire Protection.

phone +31 (0)184 609 419 mail


2021 Anchored in a rich Dutch maritime history, Royal IHC is a leading supplier of maritime technology and expert craftsmanship.

Royal IHC Smitweg 6 2961 AW Kinderdijk The Netherlands

With the right people and skills on board, and driven by innovation, we provide a competitive edge to our worldwide customers in the dredging, offshore, mining and defence industries. However, Royal IHC is much more than vessels, equipment and services. We deliver reliable, integrated solutions that improve operational efficiency and allow for a more sustainable performance.

Stand 11210 All over the world, our people are deeply committed to technological innovation, supported by our long-standing experience in our core markets. Our experts work in close collaboration with multiple stakeholders to meet the specific needs of each customer. As we navigate new waters in an ever-changing world, our aim remains unchanged: to discover the smartest and safest way forward for both our customers and our people. Together, we create the maritime future.

phone +31 (0)88 015 25 35 mail

SDC Verifier Zijlvest 25 2011 VB Haarlem The Netherlands

Headquartered in The Netherlands, SDC Verifier is an engineering company on Airborne Oil &and Gasstructural developsdesign and manufactures a mechanical that Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the provides engineering consultancy services Oil Gas industrycode since 2007. As the first and and&tailor-made checking software. leading manufacturer of TCP, the company has to we deliver TCPtrust products Sincegone 1998, haveover built20the of topfor various applications both onshore and and global companies in in Offshore, Oil & Gas, offshore, and Subsea Well Intervention Maritime SURF industries. The SDC Verifier software markets, including hydrocarbon lift, is a powerful standard checking service, tool thatgas works methanol and chemical injection. within different FEA solutions such as ANSYS, Femap, Simcenter 3D.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge Stand11216 1525 The lightweight, high strength It helps to automatically verify and yourcorrosion FEA resistant composite pipes provide coststandards and results according to multiple industry operational benefits inFEM, subsea production and as DIN, EN, Eurocode, AISC, Norsok, ISO, oil field ABS, service applications. TCP is truly an DNVGL, FKM Fatigue, DVS code. economic viable alternative to metal The holisticand functionality of the SDC Verifier and flexible pipe. app has proven to boost engineering teams’ productivity and bring them to a new level of Airborne Oil &Contact Gas (AOG) fully qualified convenience. SDC isVerifier when need in new DNV review standard DNVGLof accordance consultancytoonthe FEA, design according ST-F119 for TCP subsea extra software needs to standards, or in specialized applications. shareholder base includes related to FEAAOG’s or industry standards. HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)15 455 05 65 mail See also page 12 Headquartered Seal For Life Industries in The Netherlands, Group - A company Airborne with a deep Oilhistory & Gas develops of innovation and in manufactures the Thermoplastic market leadingComposite technologies Pipethat (TCP) wetorepresent. the Oil With & more Gas industry than 60since years2007. of experience As the first Seal and leading For Life Industries manufacturer offers of the TCP, most the company diversified has coating gone solutions to deliver in over the market 20 TCP for products superior for various infrastructure applications protection. in both Weonshore operateand in more offshore, than 80 countries, SURF andhold Subsea overWell 200Intervention patents and markets, have a workforce includingofhydrocarbon over 800 people service, gas lift, methanol dedicated and to our chemical products injection. and customers. Airborne Seal For Life Oil & Industries Gas B.V. Group Monnickendamkade Gasselterstraat 20 1 1976 9503 EC JB Stadskanaal IJmuiden The Netherlands Netherlands phone +31 (0)599 (0)255 696170 763 500 mail mail

Seal For Life is made up of thirteen distinct brands offering products from self-healing coatings to heat-shrink sleeves, anti-corrosion tapes to liquid coatings, cathodic protection to intumescent coatings, anti-corrosion

Stand Stand11234 1525 The thermoplastics lightweight,tohigh pipeline strength logistic andsolutions; corrosion resistant all servicing composite multiplepipes industries provide across cost the andglobe. operational benefits in subsea production and oil Wefield workservice in a variety applications. of industries TCP isincluding truly an economic infrastructure andprotection, viable alternative renewable to metal energy, and water flexible and desalination, pipe. energy and commodity pipelines, district heating/cooling, safety Airborne and integrity Oil &and Gasoffshore. (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGLST-F119 Our vision forisTCP to be in subsea the leading global provider applications. of protective AOG’s coatingshareholder and sealingbase solutions includes for HPE, infrastructure Shell Ventures, markets. Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

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Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. SoluForce Monnickendamkade Flevolaan 7 1 1976 MA 1601 EC IJmuiden Enkhuizen The Netherlands

SoluForce offersinnon-metallic Headquartered The Netherlands, and high pressure AirborneComposite Flexible Oil & GasPipe develops (FCP or and RTP) manufactures systems. Thermoplastic As originator and Composite technological Pipe (TCP) leader, to our the Oil & Gasare systems industry used for since a variety 2007. As of applications the first and leading such as high manufacturer pressure of flowlines, TCP, the water company injection, has transport, gas gone to deliver mining over and20hydrogen. TCP products for various applications in both onshore and offshore, With overSURF 3.500and kmSubsea of SoluForce Well Intervention pipe systems markets, around installed including thehydrocarbon world in on-service, and offshore gas lift, methanol andour applications, chemical customers injection. have been benefitting from our reliable solutions, know-how and experience since the year 2000.

Stand Stand11316 1525 The SoluForce lightweight, system high is strength completely and corrosion flexible resistant and certified composite according pipes to multiple provide cost international and operational benefits in subsea production and standards. oil field service applications. TCP is truly an economic They are maintenance and viable alternative free without to scaling metal or and flexible corrosion andpipe. can be installed almost anywhere, quickly and easily. Moreover, with our durable Airborne and reliable Oil & fitting Gas (AOG) systems, is fully our solutions qualified are in accordance easily connected to the to existing new DNV infrastructure. standard DNVGLST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. SoluForce Flexible AOG’sComposite shareholder Pipes baseare includes HPE, Shell Ventures, revolutionising the way Chevron energy Technology is transported. Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)228 (0)255 355 763 555 500 mail mail See also page 12 / ®

Green Pin is the leading manufacturer of premium quality below-the-hook lifting and lashing fittings such as shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, and Green Pin Tycan® Chain.

Van Beest B.V. P.O. Box 57 3360 AB Sliedrecht The Netherlands

Stand 11232

Their heavy-duty crane hooks, blocks and related components have a lifting capacity of up to 5000t, comply with the highest standards and are fully certified by the LRS, DNV-GL, ABS and BV Class Societies.

Green Pin® is a brand of The Netherlands-based Van Beest Group and is sold in more than 90 countries worldwide. Our co-exhibitor Irizar Forge is the leading expert in the metallurgy of heavy duty crane components and their application in harsh environments.

phone +31 (0))184 41 33 00 mail   Van Oord is a leading global marine contractor specialising in dredging, oil & gas infrastructure and offshore wind projects. Our purpose is to create a better world for future generations by delivering Marine ingenuity.

Van Oord Offshore B.V. P.O. Box 458 4200 AL Gorinchem The Netherlands

The growth of the global economy and the expanding world population are generating an increasing demand for energy worldwide. To meet this global demand for energy Van Oord Offshore provides integrated solutions with a focus on the installation, stabilisation and protection of offshore oil, gas and wind infrastructure.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge 11216 We are a market leader in the seabed intervention technique Subsea Rock Installation (SRI). Our fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels enable us to stabilise and protect pipelines, cables and other installations. Besides, we provide integrated solutions for the installation of nearshore pipelines, cables and offshore constructions.

phone +31 (0))88 826 5200 mail


2021 For over 40 years, VTN Veiligheidstechniek Nederland (VTN SAFETY) has been producing, supplying and maintaining high-quality personal protective equipment that increases the personal safety of people in hazardous work situations and environments.

VTN Veiligheidstechniek Nederland IJzerweg 67 5342 LX Oss The Netherlands

We can rightly call ourselves a leading supplier for, among others, fire brigades, law enforcement, defense, but also for large (chemical) industries, industrial cleaning companies as well as storage and transshipment companies that deal with hazardous substances.

phone +31 (0)412 69 55 55 mail

Airborne Oil Innovations & Gas B.V. (VPI) Vos Prodect Monnickendamkade 1 Heemst 1 1976 7892 EC AL IJmuiden Klazienaveen The Netherlands

Headquartered VPI - Vos Prodect in The Innovations Netherlands, is a pioneer Airborne in the fieldOilof&cable Gas develops protectionand andmanufactures hang-off Thermoplastic systems and other Composite cable accessories Pipe (TCP) to supplying the Oil various & Gasoffshore industryindustries, since 2007. including As the submarine first and leading telecommanufacturer cabling, high-voltage of TCP, the subsea company power has cables, gone and to from deliver thisover decade 20 TCP theproducts oil and gas for various electrification. applications Withininthe both company, onshoreVPI andoffers offshore, tailor-made SURF solutions and Subsea to their Well clients Intervention and markets, provides expertise including in hydrocarbon order to engineer service,an gas lift, methanol appropriate and solution chemical for the injection. benefit of the project, and always looks to offer the most costeffective solutions.

Stand 11314 As such, we de not only supply an entire range of specialist personal protective equipment, but we also maintain and repair all products supplied by us upon request. And we always do so according to one basic principle: Safety first. Additionally, VTN Safety supplies a wide range of VTN-manufactured Breathing Air Systems. These products, which are produced at our facility in The Netherlands, all come with an official Lloyd’s Register/TÜV CE marking and mee t the latest SIR guidelines. On top of that, we press and certify a wide variety of customized breathing hoses in accordance with EN14593 and EN14594.

IRO Energy Transition Lounge Stand11216 1525 The Within lightweight, the industry, high VPIstrength has gained anda corrosion reputation resistant of qualitycomposite and has been pipestrusted provide with costover and150 operational projects, supplying benefitsVPI’s in subsea cable protection productionsystem and oil across fieldthe service globe.applications. In recent years, TCP isVPI truly hasan economic been established and viable as the alternative market leader to metal in the and engineering flexible pipe. and supply of cable hang-off systems. Over the last 60 years, the company Airborne has constantly Oil & Gas reinvented (AOG) isitself fullyinqualified the face of in shifting accordance markettodemands the new and DNV industry standardtrends. DNVGLST-F119 Three generations for TCP in subsea of cable protection systems applications. have already AOG’s been established shareholderfor base various includes HPE, industries Shell and Ventures, are now Chevron ready Technology for the next step: Ventures, the electrification Evonik, Saudi of oil Aramco and gas Energy platforms. Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

+31 (0)255 phone +31 (0)591763 31 500 56 00 mail mail See also page 12










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We are Huisman. We design, manu-

To meet today’s demand for faster and

facture and service heavy construction

more flexible drilling operations in uncon-

Rig moves < 6 hours

equipment for the world’s leading

ventional environments, Huisman has

Automated hands-off sequences

companies in the renewable energy,

developed a new series of highly mobile

for tripping and casing running

oil and gas, civil, naval and entertain-

rigs that offer efficient solutions for

ment markets. Our products range

mining exploration, geothermal and oil &

from Cranes, Pipelay Equipment,

gas projects. This includes the recently

Drilling Equipment and Winches, to

built 100mt trailer mounted rig which is

Vessel Designs and Specials.

safe, fast, reliable and easy to relocate.

Huisman mobile rig features