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Flexible Gangway Solutions


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November | 2019 08 | Baltic Interconnector The EU is committed to building missing links and energy infrastructures, and ensuring that each Member State has access to several sources of gas. Integrating the Baltic Sea region with the rest of the EU’s gas system is one of the Commission’s top priorities. Allseas was contracted to install the offshore gas pipeline. With DEME Offshore as rock installation subcontractor.

Offshore Holland is a magazine with the objective to promote the interests and export opportunities of the Dutch supply - and service companies in the upstream oil and gas industry. Moreover technological developments will be highlighted in order to contribute to a positive representation and positioning of the Netherlands as innovative and ingenious partner country.


12 | Natural gas indispensable The Dutch offshore area remains a sea of opportunity for exploration and production of natural gas. The E&P sector has over 50 years’ experience and will continue to remain active until 2050. As a flexible, economically attractive back-up, natural gas has an important role to play in the Netherlands during the transition to stable, carbon-neutral power generation in 2050.

14 | Unique tensioner

Supported by

Blue Offshore supplies rental basket carousels and tensioners for the offshore installation, transportation, and storage of export cables, array cables, umbilicals and flexible pipelines. Earlier this year Blue Offshore and sister company KenzFigee worked together on the design and fabrication of a unique tensioner for crane vessel ‘Giant 7’.

04 | Welcome by Lody Embrechts, Ambassador 05 | Floorplan Dutch Pavilion 06 | Energy market in transition 1 0 | Milestone in lifting capacity 18 | Hydrogen storage systems Advertising Navingo BV Jan van Galenstraat 56

20 | Flexible composite pipe system 22 | Safe personnel transfers

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24 | Increasing potential of jack-ups

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27 | Company profiles Dutch exhibitors

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Welcome I am enthused to write this introduction of the latest edition of the Offshore Holland magazine and experience the growing Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) as I have returned to the Middle East for a new posting. Having been newly appointed as Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates, I look forward to starting off my tenure with impetus and what better way to do so than during the leading energy event of the Middle East and beyond: ADIPEC.

I look back fondly on my time in the UAE, where I lived from 1997 to 2003, as Deputy Head of Mission in Abu Dhabi, as well as Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, respectively. During my stay in the region, ADIPEC was already a prominent event and it has grown tremendously. This year’s edition will bring together over 145,000 visitors from 139 countries and 2,200 exhibiting companies. This is another testament to the UAE’s ambition and capacity for growth. The past year marked a transition for our missions in the Gulf, launching the Dutch Connection in the Gulf: Uniting Water Energy Food campaign. We welcome the increased focus in the region on operational and resource efficiency, particularly given our strong track record and expertise, with regards to resource optimization and use. This year’s ADIPEC theme ‘Oil & Gas 4.0’, enabled by the fourth industrial revolution, reiterates this drive for efficiency. The future outlook of oil and gas is a challenge owing to many factors. In order to overcome these challenges,


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improvements in efficiency are key; this is where Industry 4.0 can help, but also offers an opportunity for Dutch businesses and professionals to position themselves. The Netherlands has one of the biggest downstream hubs in Europe and is a global leader in oil and gas services. Its wide and longstanding experience with gas has helped hone the Dutch market’s skills, fostered its logistics supply chain services and boosted other petrochemical industries. This experience has allowed the Netherlands to adapt to the changing oil and gas landscape, and Dutch companies to innovate. This is best exemplified by the utilization of Dutch experience in the offshore oil & gas space toward offshore wind – enabling our oil & gas companies to take part and drive the energy transition. The Dutch enjoy a strong reputation and maintain a dynamic relationship with the UAE. The Netherlands’ maritime history and knowledge, as well as our pragmatism bode well with our local (and international partners) as illustrated by our bilateral trade numbers: the UAE is the Netherlands’ second

largest export market in the MENAT region, after Turkey. Furthermore, I am delighted to experience this ADIPEC in the presence of our Director General for Foreign Economic Relations, Mrs. Hanneke Schuiling, who will be visiting Abu Dhabi and the trade show on 13 November 2019. We, as well as our teams, look forward to engaging with the 30+ Holland Pavilion participants and Dutch companies exhibiting with their own booth, here in Abu Dhabi, during an eventful week. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you all in Abu Dhabi. In the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Embassy’s Economic Department in Abu Dhabi via and our Consulate General in Dubai via with any questions or comments regarding the energy sector and opportunities for Dutch companies in the U.A.E,

Lody Embrechts Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UAE.


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Dutch Pavilion





ODS Metering Systems

Booth Number

Ampelmann Operations



Boskalis 11320 Frames

Thermo Electric Instrumentation


Brooks Instrument


DEME Offshore


Frames 11250




Green Pin (Van Beest)


Hatenboer-Water 11232 Huisman Equipment

Jumbo Offshore DEME Offshore



Huisman Equipment


IRO 11326 Jumbo Offshore



Mammoet 11316 Paradigm Group



Hatenboer Water





Mokveld Valves


ODS Metering Systems


Paradigm Group


Royal IHC


Soluforce 11234 Thermo Electric Instrumentation



11320 Gusto MSC

Participants in IRO Lounge - booth number 11315


Brooks Instrument Green Pin (Van Beest)


Ampelmann Operations




Blue Offshore

11315 - share


11315 - share

Thechno Fysica

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Van Heck

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IRO Lounge 11315

Mokveld Valves 11210 Royal IHC 11310


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ADIPECs Oil & Gas 4.0

The energy market in transition As indicated by this year’s ADIPECs theme Oil&Gas 4.0, the industry is being challenged to create smarter, more sustainable, innovative solutions to fulfill our immediate, medium and long term energy needs. This is perhaps nowhere as relevant and important as it is in the Gulf. With the region so heavily reliant on its fossil fuel resources for power generation, desalination or to purchase and import food from abroad the push for greater efficiency hits beyond the bottom line. The Gulf region itself acknowledges that its approach towards natural resources needs to change. Resources are shrinking whilst demand is rapidly increasing driven by population and economic growth. A higher energy production with lower carbon emissions and a more diversified energy mix is in itself a commendable goal, but not easy to achieve. To realize such improvements and to meet economic and social ambitions, it is indispensable to approach resources challenges such as water, energy and food in an holistic way.


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The Gulf is a region where partnerships and cooperation are a necessity to succeed in business.


The Gulf region is at the fore of Dutch efforts in this field and Dutch companies contribute to the transition of the energy market in a time where the industry needs to become efficient and to adapt to the changing regional needs. It is a big change – but a change that is necessary for our planet and future. This year’s theme for the ADIPEC indicates that the industry is ready to take on this challenge. The ADIPEC is one of the leading business events within the Gulf and a key event within the oil and gas industry. Exhibitions play a crucial role within the way business is done in the region. Not only are the key industry stakeholders present but exhibitions offer an easy way to maintain relationships, gage what the competition is doing, and attract the attention of local and foreign investors alike. The ADIPEC is not just a large trade show for established companies, it is also a platform for both established companies as well as startups; where all participants can be seen and heard.

The Gulf is a region where partnerships and cooperation are a necessity to succeed in business. This is why we take close cooperation so seriously. The IRO, the umbrella association consisting of more than 440 Dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry supports the Dutch oil and gas community and helps them increase their visibility during exhibitions like the ADIPEC. In addition to the extensive and well established IRO network - with its extensive knowledge of the oil and gas market as well as its wide range of expertise and connections - the Dutch Embassies in the region and beyond play an important role in strengthening Dutch oil and gas interests. The Embassies have a broad network and take their role as connectors very seriously, especially for SME’s. They can provide introductions to governmental bodies or local partners. The Dutch Embassies in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Riyadh (KSA), Doha (Qatar) Muscat (Oman), Kuwait city (Kuwait) and the Consulate General in Dubai (UAE) are more than happy to assist you.

The Expo2020 Dubai

In the year to come, all eyes will be on the largest event in the Middle East: Expo2020 Dubai. This event, with an expected 25 million visits, will open its doors on 20 October 2020 and will run until 10 April 2021. Preparations for the Dutch participation in this mega event are in full swing. Its chosen theme: ‘Uniting Water, Energy, Food’ will be at the core of all activities, presentations and events. The Dutch Energy sector will be present in all its forms and participation within the Netherlands pavilion will create another platform to, share, learn and show the world what the Netherlands has to offer. How to connect?

The Netherlands and its missions abroad are actively reaching out to the Gulf region. Seize the opportunity to connect with us, and maximize your company’s possibilities in the Gulf region. If you want to learn more about participating in the Dutch pavilion, please do contact us and we’ll happily assist you further.


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DEME Offshore subcontracted by Allseas

Baltic Interconnector offshore pipeline completed on schedule As part of the Energy Union Strategy, the EU is committed to building missing links and energy infrastructures, and ensuring that each Member State has access to several sources of gas. Integrating the Baltic Sea region with the rest of the EU’s gas system is one of the Commission’s top priorities. The EU granted the project EUR 187.5 million as investment aid.

Allseas, one of the major offshore pipelay and subsea construction companies in the world, was contracted to install the 20-inch offshore gas pipeline, with DEME Offshore as rock installation subcontractor. Apart from these pre-lay and post-lay rock placement and trenching activities, DEME Offshore was also subcontracted by


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Allseas for the landfall constructions in Finland and Estonia. First

Of the five worksites being part of the complete project (onshore pipeline Inkoo-Siuntio and compressor station in Finland, offshore pipeline, onshore pipeline Kiili and compressor station in Estonia), the installation of the

concrete-coated pipeline in the seabed of the Baltic Sea was the first one to reach completion. The 77 kilometres long bidirectional offshore pipeline runs from Inkoo, Finland, to Paldiski, Estonia, and the installation was successfully executed by the pipelay vessel Lorelay in the spring/summer of 2019. Around 6,400 pipes constituted the undersea portion of


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Fallpipe vessel Rollingstone.

the project, weighing 36,000 tons in total. The gas pipeline is due to be commissioned by the end of 2019 and is capable of transporting 7.2 million cubic metres of gas per day. The planned service life of the pipeline is 50 years. Risk of icing

After signing the contract in at the end of March 2018, DEME Offshore started working on both landfalls almost immediately. “This was necessary because of the risk of icing in this section of the Baltic Sea between January and May, the better weather conditions in the summer time and the schedule duration of the landfall works,” says Marro Vreys, Business Unit Manager Landfalls & Civils. On the Finnish side, the shore approach at 300 metres was relatively short because the coastline at that point rises fairly sharply. Because of the rocky nature of the surrounding material drilling and blasting was executed nearshore and further offshore. On the Estonian end, the shore approach was 1500 metres long. Also here the trench was excavated by means of a backhoe dredger from the shore to approximately 14m water depth.


Marro Vreys: “According to the planning timetable, our specialists returned to the Baltic Sea early May 2019 to maintain and clean out the trenches, before Allseas started installing the pipeline itself. On May 20 the pull in of the gas pipeline on the Finnish side took place by means of a 500-tonne linear winch. Exact one month later, once the pull wire and the gas pipeline were connected, the pull in at the Estonian side was executed as well without any problems.

As soon as the installation of the pipeline in the summer of 2019 was successfully executed by Allseas, pressure tests were carried out, followed by emptying and drying the pipe to enable gas transmission. After connecting the subsea pipe to the onshore pipelines in Finland and Estonia, DEME Offshore’s fallpipe vessel Flintstone was deployed for backfilling operations with another 80,000 tons of rock. Important milestone

Progressing with the landfall operations in the summer of 2018, pre-lay rock placement activities were executed in the Baltic Sea too. For placing the 160,000 tons of rock in a relatively tight time period, it was decided to use two fallpipe vessels, viz the Seahorse and Rollingstone. Both vessels are equipped with a custom-made rock dumping system and ROV system for subsea pipeline protection purposes. Using a gimballing rock dumping tower and fallpipes manufactured from high grade aluminium and patented couplings, the system can accurately position stones on the seabed. The rocks were sourced from a quarry near Inkoo, Finland.

“Completing the offshore pipeline work on schedule is an excellent example of the good cooperation between all parties. I would especially like to thank Allseas and the local subcontractors at both worksites for their cooperation,” says Marro Vreys. “The expertise and ambition of our personnel and partners ensured that everything is ready for gas to flow between Finland and Estonia at the end of 2019. The completion of the pipeline is one of the most important milestones in the journey towards opening the European gas market. And DEME Offshore is honoured to have been able to contribute to that success.”


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24-10-19 13:50

Celebrating its 90th anniversary

Huisman reaches milestone of 150.000mt total lifting capacity

Huisman is celebrating its 90th anniversary as a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and step changing technical solutions, to the world’s leading companies in the renewables, oil & gas, civil and entertainment industries. The company was founded in 1929 by Mr. M.M. Huisman as a steel construction company. It has been family owned and operated by three generations of the Roodenburg family since 1980. During the last 90 years, Huisman has delivered significant breakthroughs to global industries. The start of the anniversary year coincides with an impressive milestone: reaching a combined total of 150.000mt lifting capacity. This remarkable number is an add up of the capacity of all cranes built by Huisman during the last 90 years, of which the very first crane is still in service.


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24-10-19 13:50

Two 700MT heavy lift mast cranes.

The history of Huisman is one of setting new industry standards. The compact and innovative design for heavy lift cranes developed in 1980 is one of the examples. The first two 550mt mast cranes were delivered in 1984 for BigLift’s ‘Happy Buccaneer’. This design proved to be a real step change in the heavy lift industry. Over 100 cranes of this type have been delivered since then. Many of innovations followed this step change supporting the goal of making the impossible possible. With cutting edge technical innovations and lifetime services. Huisman is driven by innovation and thrives when done what hasn’t been done before. Unique features

With their one stop shop solutions, Huisman has unique features. They design, engineer, produce, test, install, commission and provide service, all in house. Looking at the future and the energy transition, which is in full swing, Huisman has great confidence that their pioneering spirit will enable them

to keep adding value to their clients in various industries. Joop Roodenburg, President of Huisman: “We thank our clients for the trust put in us and all the opportunities given during the last decades. Due to the strong belief in long lasting partnerships with our clients, the commitment to finding new technical solutions and the dedication to provide service to our partners with highly engineered integrated systems, we were able to build an international track record as valued, solid and reliable partner.” Recent successes of Huisman include the delivery of a cutting-edge monopile gripper for Jan De Nul’s Vole au vent, a contract for the design, engineering, construction and delivery of the world largest Leg Encircling Crane on Jan De Nul’s newest offshore wind turbine installation vessel ‘Voltaire’ and setting a world record with the final completion of 2x 10,000mt Tub Mounted Cranes for Heerema’s Sleipnir.


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Dutch government actively involved in exploration and production of natural gas

Natural gas indispensable during transition to sustainable energy sources The Dutch offshore area of the Southern North Sea remains a sea of opportunity for exploration and production of natural gas. The E&P sector in the Dutch offshore has over 50 years’ experience and will continue to remain, at the least, active until 2050. As a flexible, economically attractive back-up, natural gas has an important role to play in the Netherlands during the transition to stable, carbonneutral power generation in 2050.

The reserves of Dutch offshore natural gas amount to approximately 118bn cubic metres. Experts estimate that, in addition to this proven resource, additional resources of between 100 and 200bn cubic metres are located beneath the sea bed. The Dutch territorial waters of the North Sea


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offer investors/operators attractive options for exploiting the potential of natural gas. Attractive, not least, because the Netherlands has a fiscal climate that is attractive for businesses that are already active in the E&P sector or are looking to move into that area.

Moreover, there is a guaranteed offtake of produced gas at market prices. The role of natural gas in the transition

The Dutch government is actively involved in the exploration and


24-10-19 13:50


production of natural gas. This involvement is under the auspices of Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), which is wholly owned by the Dutch state. EBN’s mission is to maximise the use of energy resources in the Dutch subsurface. Eric van Ewijk, the programme manager responsible for exploration explains: “Over the years we have built up a thorough understanding of the energy resources to which we have access. We are using this expertise to make the transition to a carbon-neutral energy system possible. We see it as our mission to ‘energise’ the transition process and to gradually prepare the Netherlands for a sustainable energy future in the period leading up to 2050. However, as far as the energy transition process is concerned, natural gas is the least polluting fossil fuel, and will continue to play an important role in the next decades as a flexible and economically attractive back-up to provide stable domestic energy supply. To put this into context, 98 per cent of the 7.8 million Dutch households is currently dependent on natural gas for heating and cooking.” The economic outlook for the offshore gas sector is an important key focus area in the national energy policy of the Netherlands. Van Ewijk continues: “Annual production of natural gas in our territorial waters in the North Sea varies between 10 and 15bn cubic metres. The Dutch currently consume around 35bn cubic metres of natural gas each year, so Dutch offshore natural gas has a substantial role to play in reducing reliance on imported gas. EBN is involved in nearly all gas projects in the Netherlands as a non-operating partner. Our stake in partnerships involving investors/ operators is generally 40 per cent. We contribute to the costs and share in the returns accordingly. The returns generated go into the state finances

‘We also invest in solutions that contribute to keeping down the costs of providing domestic energy.’ Eric van Ewijk, Programme Manager EBN.

and thus benefit Dutch society as a whole.” Smart adaptations

The Netherlands is aiming to drastically reduce emissions of CO2 and is thus targeting a move to more sustainable forms of energy. As the operating arm of government policy, EBN is involved in making best use of the existing energy resources. “But the role goes further than the statutory duty to make the best and safest use of gas fields in the Netherlands,” says van Ewijk. “We also invest in solutions that contribute to keeping down the costs of providing domestic energy. A promising solution on which we are working is to use smart adaptations to make the existing gas infrastructure suitable for transporting hydrogen or biogas, for instance. The Netherlands is unique in having access to such reliable and excellently-maintained infrastructure that can store and transport gaseous sustainable energy. That is something to be cherished; something we need to be able to make use of for as long as possible.” Promising fields

As a non-operating partner, EBN

works closely with explorers for and producers of natural gas. EBN encourages and supports companies that wish to invest in value creating activities in the exploration and production of Dutch offshore natural gas. Activities resulting in economic production not only provide an acceptable investment return but provide flexibility and stability to domestic energy provision in the period leading up to 2050. Before 2025, EBN wants to be in a position to offer both our current and potential new partners an overview of all economically-promising offshore gas fields. Partnerships are also the cornerstone of the process that is helping to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands, another element of EBN’s core business. As the link between the public and private sector, we utilise our financial strength to bring parties together so that they can participate in innovative projects that are focused on carbon-neutral energy solutions. Partnership and collaboration is crucial to making a success of the energy transition and to making the political and social ‘wish list’ of the present into the reality of tomorrow.


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Joint effort of MeeMaken companies pays off

Blue Offshore designed and delivered unique tensioner for crane vessel Blue Offshore is based in The Hague and supplies rental basket carousels and tensioners for the offshore installation, transportation, and storage of export cables, array cables, umbilicals and flexible pipelines in the offshore oil & gas industry, as well as the offshore renewable energy sector. Since March this year the company is part of the MeeMaken Group, an active Dutch venture capital company with a large global network and a strong portfolio of service companies in the offshore energy sector. The group consists of Selmers, Eager. one, KenzFigee, Alltec Lifting Systems, BeOne Development, eWorks, Blue Offshore and LiftWerx.

Earlier this year Blue Offshore and KenzFigee worked together on the design and fabrication of a tensioner for Boskalis’ crane vessel ‘Giant 7’. By joining forces the complete


OH-22.indd 14

tensioner was designed, built and tested (under Lloyd’s Register) in a record time of only 6 weeks after contract signing and installed on top of Blue Offshore’s loading tower on

board the crane vessel in Rotterdam. The rental tensioner was fabricated at the KenzFigee production facility in Zaandam, the Netherlands.


24-10-19 13:50

Blue Offshore tensioner at KenzFigee.


The tensioner is relatively ‘light’ in terms of power. It can approximately generate 5te tension, but for a specific offshore wind project in the North Sea it has been adjusted to an average line pull of 3te. Based on client’s requirement for a high accuracy of the regulating tension, electric drives were chosen in order to achieve this accuracy. The tensioner will be used by loading of the cables in the

basket carousel. To serve client’s needs this tensioner has special features, such as adjustable tracks. Footprint

Apart from Blue Offshore, being represented in the Dutch pavilion at Adipec, also both MeeMaken companies KenzFigee and are participating at the exhibition in the stand of KenzFigee’s sponsor NAMA. NAMA is a leading,

Pictured from left to right: Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee and Megren Al Khaldi, Chairman of Saudi Drill, after the contract signing.

local business group serving the Oil & Gas, Power & Water and Industrial sectors of the UAE economy. By working closely together with NAMA, KenzFigee is working hard on the future growth of the company in the UAE economy, being a strategic area for its international expansion ambition. Not only is the Dutch supplier of innovative lifting- and hoisting solutions increasing its footprint and enhancing its local supply chain in the region from its own office in Abu Dhabi, in May this year KenzFigee also signed a partner agreement with Saudi Drill, an experienced and highly respected oil & gas enterprise whose portfolio perfectly fits this strategy. This agreement covers the representation of KenzFigee in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee, explains: “Our office in Abu Dhabi, the energy hub for Middle East operations, is led by Sales Manager Willem Misdorp, who has a broad international experience, especially in the Middle East. The set-up demonstrates our commitment to contribute to the success of our existing and future clients in this region, by providing the best possible


OH-22.indd 15


24-10-19 13:50

solutions and services. By opening the office, we are now in a better position to support and serve the current installed base and to expand on providing tailor-made solutions to our existing and new clients in making their day-to-day operations more efficient. As a trusted partner KenzFigee brings almost 200 years of experience and knowledge in lifting solutions and services to clients in the demanding and growing oil & gas offshore sector in the Gulf region.”

Ringer crane on board of the self-elevating platform Rima.

Several assignments

Recently KenzFigee has successfully completed several assignments in the Middle East region. Early 2019 KenzFigee experts has executed a 6.5 meter fly jib extension on an existing KenzFigee Ram Luffing crane on board the offshore support vessel ‘Seabed Constructor’ in Dubai, while in June a fully custom-tailored offshore boom hoist crane was delivered in Dubai as well, equipped with KenzFigee’s very first remote condition-based monitoring system. The Belgium Besix Group awarded KenzFigee the contract for the replacement of the existing ringer crane on board of the self-elevating platform Rima to maximize performance in lifting capacity and speed of work. The unique feature of this lattice boom crane is that it has a large hoisting capacity of 240 tonnes compared to its own weight of only 200 tonnes and a boom reach of no less than 73 meters (with extension). Robert de Rijcke, Chief Commercial Officer, says: “This crane is also equipped with a double main winch and a split block for pile upending activities and an extra boom section of 5 meters to extend the fixed 58-meter boom. It is a state-of-the-art custom-made crane, complying with the highest quality standards with regard to operations, maintenance and safety. It is our first crane equipped with our remote condition-based monitoring system. This system enables Besix to make their day-to-day operations more efficient. It will keep control of maintenance and thus prevents interruption of operations, which finally results in increased productivity. This remote CBM system will definitely help our clients to accelerate the path to industry 4.0.” Expansion portfolio

Another goal that KenzFigee pursues is the expansion of its portfolio as a mechanical engineering supplier of industrial equipment and special machinery. Robert de Rijcke: “Our constant focus on innovation allows us to design and manufacture many more


OH-22.indd 16


24-10-19 13:50

POSH (PACC Offshore Services), Singapore.

‘The first crane equipped with our remote condition-based monitoring system.’ Robert de Rijcke, Chief Commercial Officer.

special products. Every type of operation requires its own solution. Therefore, due to our extensive experience with tailor made systems, we can offer our equipment specifically according to any client specifications. Such as gantry cranes, surge dampers and winches. As well as the aforementioned tensioner. We have demonstrated that work can be delivered fairly quickly and of good quality. Especially when it comes to custom-made equipment that requires the use of disciplines that are also used in the construction of cranes. Hydraulics for example, or control equipment. Every piece of equipment is subjected to rigorous tests at our facility in Zaandam. These tests can be carried out according to the regulations and guidelines of any certifying authority, including Lloyd’s Register, DNV and ABS.” Amongst others KenzFigee is committed to providing the best offshore access solutions and services to enable crew and service personnel to move safely between vessels and offshore facilities. In total the company has produced three W2W offshore solutions of which two have been sold to POSH (PACC Offshore Services) in Singapore and one 3D Active Motion Compensated Gangway is installed on the OSV ‘Notus Express’ of A1 Offshore Solutions from Denmark, also having a 1-ton lifting capability and an almost zero docking pressure. The vessel is currently active in the wind sector in the North Sea. KenzFigee Services

Its diverse client and equipment portfolio has led KenzFigee to develop a full range of service, modification and upgrade programs for almost all crane types from virtually all manufacturers. Additionally, the company offers extensive refurbishment schemes that are tailor-made for specific circumstances and client preferences to ensure operability. In this respect KenzFigee recently also opened a service hub in Aberdeen, Scotland. Robert de Rijcke: “KenzFigee cranes must operate reliably under the most diverse and harsh sea conditions. Therefore we are also offering our clients a comprehensive inspection and integrity management package for their cranes and other mechanical handling equipment to unburden them from ‘cradle to grave’. Wherever their vessel, jack ups or platforms may be, we help them to keep their cranes operational.”


OH-22.indd 17


24-10-19 13:50

Signage of global cooperation agreement

Building of large-scale hydrogen storage systems Frames Group B.V., Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies GmbH and MAN Energy Solutions SE enter a close cooperation in order to build large-scale hydrogen storage systems based on the innovative Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology.

Hydrogen is considered as the energy carrier of the future in a rapidly changing energy market. Since hydrogen can be produced on a large scale from renewable energies, it is the ideal medium for decarbonizing the energy, mobility and industrial sectors. However, the question of efficient hydrogen distribution remains open. The LOHC technology offers a safe and efficient

solution for storing and distributing hydrogen on a large scale. The new partners are ready to meet the needs for the future hydrogen market in respect to bulk hydrogen storage and transportation. As a first step, the companies have developed systems with hydrogen capacities of 5 and 12 tons per day. Such large hydrogen processing capacities will be

crucial for the decarbonization of Europe’s energy needs. Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies is specialised in the development of the LOHC technology and thus contributes its core process know-how to the cooperation. Frames designs, builds, delivers systems and solutions in the upstream, downstream and renewable energy market and will be responsible for the overall realization of the

Frames’ renewable energy activities.


OH-22.indd 18


24-10-19 13:50

Analysis of the hydrogen carrier oil dibenzyltoluene.

hydrogenation plant. MAN Energy Solutions completes the consortium with its experience in design and fabrication of reactor systems for chemical and petrochemical applications. The company will deliver the reactor and related steam generator equipment to the projects.

with the collaboration between Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, MAN Energy Solutions and Frames: “With this partnership we are able to translate our customer’s sustainability ambitions into skid-mounted solutions.”

“We see an increased demand for green fuels and are investing in the development of hydrogen solutions, like electrolysers and hydrogen storage. Hydrogen is the vital link in the energy transition”, says Frans Roozendaal – CEO at Frames. “At Frames, we convert process and control concepts into skid-mounted solutions. Although the oil & gas industry has historically been the target market, we have also seen a strong expansion of our renewables activities.”

“We are very satisfied to have gained such important players from the plant engineering sector for this cooperation,” states Daniel Teichmann, CEO of Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies. “Since our technology uses the existing infrastructure for conventional fuels, it makes import and transportation of large amounts of green hydrogen, for example from Scandinavian wind parks to Central Europe, feasible. This partnership will contribute to creating a simple and efficient transport network for green energy at European and global level.”

Jordi Zonneveld, Product Specialist – Hydrogen at Frames is very pleased

“We strongly believe that the global goal to build a climate neutral

economy largely depends on the future use of green hydrogen and other gases produced from renewable energy”, says Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions. “Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of those sectors that cannot be electrified directly. The LOHC technology is a game changing and powerful innovation by a great company and this partnership is an important step to further build our profile with regards to a future hydrogen economy.” Frames, MAN Energy Solutions and Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies are the right partners for scaling up the LOHC process and hence implementing the LOHC technology even more cost-effectively. As all three companies operate on a global level, this strong European consortium is well positioned for a worldwide realization of large-scale LOHC plants.


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24-10-19 13:50

SoluForce, originator of high pressure Flexible Composite Pipe systems

Flexible Composite Pipe system for hydrogen applications

Renewable energies are becoming more important and, consequently, the share of renewable energy (i.e. wind, solar) is increasing in order to meet the climate targets. This renewable energy is mostly delivered through electricity from solar and wind. The advantage is that this ‘green’ electricity can be directly used in many applications at the end user. However, supply and demand should be exactly in balance, as the grid system has no buffer function. Moreover, renewables generally depend on external influences (such as weather conditions), causing peaks in supply. As a result, especially long term seasonal storage is a challenge.


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Therefore, hydrogen will not only play an important role as a decarbonized energy carrier, but it will also help in making ‘green’ energy a more viable solution. Unique

This is why SoluForce has developed a Flexible Composite Pipe system (FCP or RTP) for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar of operating pressure. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix. First application of the SoluForce Hydrogen solution will be at Groningen Seaports, where four kilometres (2.5 miles) of SoluForce infrastructure will be installed later this year. This infrastructure will distribute green hydrogen produced by wind mills in the North Sea to companies in the chemical and industrial sectors in the Eemshaven. Impressive

As a professor of Future Energy System at the TU Delft and the leading hydrogen expert in Europe, Prof. Ad van Wijk was impressed with the capabilities of SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipe system and its suitability for hydrogen applications. “Green Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can transport and store large quantities of Solar and Wind at low cost. It is necessary for the realization of the Paris climate goals, as well as to make the economy stronger and greener. I believe that the SoluForce pipe solutions will play a vital role in facilitating the energy transition by providing affordable and proven hydrogen transportation and distribution solutions.”


Fully flexible

SoluForce (part of Pipelife B.V.) is a proven technology with over 3.500km of pipe installed since the year 2000, mainly in the oil and gas industry. Compared to conventional steel pipes, SoluForce pipes are maintenance-free, extremely durable and can be used for transporting hydrogen at high pressures. Robert-Jan Berg, Managing Director SoluForce, says: “I believe that an important part of innovation is combining the right partners and their underlying knowledge. During this project we were able to do just that. I would like to thank Groningen Seaports and KIWA for the pleasant cooperation in this project and their valuable input and efforts. Furthermore, the recognition from Ad van Wijk shows that we are on a right track to make a significant contribution to the future of the hydrogen value chain.”

The SoluForce hydrogen pipe solution is based on proven and existing technologies that have been widely used in the oil and gas industry for almost 20 years. With a uniquely manufactured bonded aluminium layer, hydrogen is not able to permeate out of the SoluForce H2T pipe. Resulting in the industries only completely Hydrogen Tight Flexible Composite Pipe (or RTP) system. Therefore it eliminates possible health, safety and environmental issues. No special treatment is needed, reducing installation and maintenance costs. Reinforced with synthetic fibre, SoluForce Classic H2T has a MOP of 42 bar/ 609 psi at 65°C/149°F with a design lifetime of up to 50 years. Being fully flexible, it is ideal for even the toughest applications and can be installed anywhere. It is the industry’s only true permeation tight FCP system.


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Ampelmann: offshore access is about excellent service

More than 900,000 safe personnel transfers In little more than a decade, Walk to Work (W2W) has become the cornerstone of the offshore industry. It was back in 2007 when Ampelmann laid the foundation for this new market with its full motion compensation technology. Back then a small, innovative startup based in Delft, the Netherlands; today it is a leading offshore access provider with offices across five continents.

The Ampelmann E1000 was recently utilised in Oil & Gas and performed its first cargo lifts in the industry.

“By introducing Walk to Work to the industry, Ampelmann once challenged the status quo in offshore access. Today, we are challenging the industry again as we take it from innovative systems to full service,� said CEO Jan van der Tempel. The company understands the need to go beyond gangway systems and to provide a wide range of services around them. Offshore access is about getting people from A to B and doing so as safely and efficiently as possible. Opportunities

Over the past year, the company has


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focused on entering new markets and bringing W2W to new territories. It recently secured its first contract in Mexican waters as well as in Norway, introducing its innovative technology to those local markets. Ampelmann is also working to diversify its fleet and the applications of its existing systems. The E1000 system, originally designed to transfer people and loads up to 1,000kg, was recently tailored to the specific needs of a client and had its cargo lift capacity improved. As a result, it helped move 1,300kg of cargo from a vessel to an offshore wind turbine.

The same system, which has a yearslong track record in Offshore Wind, was also recently utilised in Oil & Gas and performed its first cargo lifts in the industry for Apache North Sea. It supported critical maintenance work on a Single Point Mooring (SPM) platform, as well as the refurbishment of a helideck. The Ampelmann system provided not only the W2W solution, but also the capacity to lift necessary tools and equipment to the helideck. Middle East and Caspian region

In the Middle East and Caspian region, in particular, the company has


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performed more than 900,000 safe personnel transfers, a large part of which in Crew Change operations. Working together with vessel owner Caspian Marine Services (CMS) in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ampelmann has demonstrated the benefits of its tailor-made solutions. “Ampelmann has been operating in the Middle East and Caspian region since the end of 2013. In less than five years, our team has grown this part of the business by 500%,” said Jayne Moran, Ampelmann’s Business Development Manager for the region. “We see huge potential for further expansion in this part of the world with partners such as Caspian Marine Services, as oil and gas operators become more and more aware of the huge benefits Walk to Work can bring to their operations.” Among the company’s work in the region have been two turn-key projects with vessel owner Caspian Marine Services (CMS) in Baku, Azerbaijan. For these Crew Change operations, the team has installed A-type systems on two purpose-built Fast Crew Suppliers (FCS) – the Muslim Magomayev and Rashid Behbudov. While both vessels were originally equipped with an A-type only, they were later fitted with slideways to better suit the scope of the projects. The slideways enable the continuous flow of personnel and can transfer 50 people in less than five minutes.


As an add-on, the slideway is crucial for fast, safe and efficient crew change operations. In this case, the goal was for the gangway systems to replace helicopters as an (often expensive) means of personnel transfer offshore. These two projects are an example of the adaptability and service-mindedness of the Dutch offshore access provider. To date, the A-type has enabled more than 70,000 safe personnel transfers from the Muslim Magomayev and over 65,000 from the Rashid Behbudov. The campaigns have been running since the middle of 2015 and the end of 2016, respectively, for contracts lasting five years. With businesses becoming more aware of the need for increased safety and cost-efficiency, marine-based transfer solutions are taking centre stage. Ampelmann has a long-term commitment to the global O&G industry, creating tailored solutions to clients’ needs and ensuring the journey to and from offshore installations, across all regions, is as safe and efficient as possible.

DE ALLES-IN-EEN VOORTSTUWINGSOPLOSSING VOOR UW SCHIP Dat onze maritieme Cat® motoren al decennialang een onverwoestbare reputatie hebben, hoeven we u niet te vertellen. Maar wist u ook dat wij voor die motorenlijn controllable pitch propellers, steerable thrusters en besturingssystemen leveren? Zo helpen wij u graag aan een complete en geoptimaliseerde Cat voortstuwingsoplossing.

Meer weten? Ga naar:


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Increasing potential of jack-ups Jack-up platforms have been a backbone of the offshore industry since its beginnings. The understanding of the use and the potential application of jack-ups have developed greatly over the years and have allowed an ever expanding envelope of possible uses of this type of offshore unit.


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In recent years the envelope has been expanded into ever deeper waters. This has been culminating in the CJ70 drilling jack-up design, the largest of the GustoMSC CJ series in operation. The CJ70 is designed to operate in 150 m water depth in harsh environments like the North Sea and provides competition in an area previously dominated by floaters. But also large installation jack-ups such as the Seajacks Scylla and the recent new wind installation jack-up order by Shimizu Corporation which is capable of working in 65 m water depth, open up the deeper water potential. Meanwhile, we have been working to expand the envelope in all directions of new and existing units, large and small, in operation today, thereby improving their economics in a challenging market. As an example, accessibility of shallow water areas has become increasingly important to broaden the potential area where jack-up platforms can work. This is particularly true in the Middle East region, which traditionally is an area where jack-ups have been used extensively. Developing new fields in ever shallower water, reduced spud can bearing pressure allowance to preserve the seabed and an increasing need for maintenance and workover in existing deeper and shallow water fields have led to evolving requirements. On the other hand, in South-East Asia, deeper water and particularly soft soils pose their own set of challenges.

Our OSS can unlock interesting expansion possibilities for jack-ups without significant conversion and associated investments.

specific assessments of the capabilities of a jack-up, to e.g. allow them to function in reduced water depth, or with spud can add-ons to reduce bearing pressure in poor soil conditions. In particular the specific assessments offer interesting opportunities to expand the envelope without significant conversion, and the associated investment, of the jack-up. The potential of digital mobile offshore units generate a constant stream of valuable data. When stored and analyzed intelligently, it becomes practical information for operations. GustoMSC developed its new Operator Support System (OSS) to enable the jack-up operator to work

more efficiently by having all relevant information available real time. OSS connects systems, extracts and intelligently combines the available data and translates the relevant information into key operational support. For instance, by coupling real-time foundation loads and the crane operation, the full potential of the jack-up can be used, while safety is maximized because the information of multiple sub-systems can be combined and manual misinterpretation can be prevented. In short, the OSS is safely unlocking interesting expansion possibilities for jack-ups without significant conversion and associated investments.

Engineering support

To support its clients with these challenges, GustoMSC draws on its long experience in pushing the boundaries for existing and new jack-ups to further expand the envelope today. The possibilities of existing jack-ups can be increased by engineering analyses like field or area

GustoMSC NG-1800XL.


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Chela installation on GustoMSC’s CJ70.

Widen up potential area

As a new-build design, the NG1800XL is an example of a jack-up that widens the potential applicable area by applying our experience, deep knowledge of jack-up technology and practical understanding of the use of jack-ups as well as the feedback that we obtain from providing operational support to our clients. The NG-1800XL builds on GustoMSC’s NG-1800X design which is a versatile unit and a smaller sister of the popular NG-2500X. It also includes the common NG frames of transit and positioning offshore without tug assistance, and the four legs and diagonal preloading capability allow for easy, fast and secure jacking and pre-loading operations. The NG-1800XL multi-purpose jack-up design addresses the developing requirements for operations in all areas of the Middle East, featuring a shallow draught of 3.7 m combined with a reduced


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spudcan pressure. At the same time, it features a water-depth capability of 55 m providing usability over a large area of the region, combined with variable load capabilities and a deck area to meet the requirements of the oil companies in the region today. New tools

Besides the jack-up designs and engineering support that increase the potential of jack-ups, the equipment on the jack-up plays a distinctive role. Wind installation jack-ups can now be equipped with GustoMSC’s Telescopic Leg Crane. Equipped with a telescopic boom, the leg crane offers an innovative combination of high hoisting capability for WTG installation and heavy load capability for installing foundations. The telescopic boom avoids protrusion of a very long crane boom outside the hull dimensions during transit, increasing the transit conditions and maneuverability in ports. In terms of both capacity and lifting height, whether retracted or extended, these cranes are future proof for the

maintenance and installation of the new generation offshore WTGs. Chela, named after a crab’s claw, is another unique piece of equipment. Designed to prove lifting and handling capability below a jack-up’s drilling cantilever and to achieve a high level of safety, this multifunctional arm offers an extra hand in operations. Due to its crablike motion characteristics, it can reach below the cantilever as well as elevate towards the main deck, providing access to an area traditionally blocked by the drilling cantilever. Chela thus significantly reduces the total well construction time. A permanent backbone

As the industry moves forward and continually redefines future ambitions, it is up to technology providers to increase its understanding of the use and the potential application of jack-ups. By supporting the industry in its ambitions, the jack-up as an offshore unit type remains a backbone of the offshore industry.


24-10-19 13:51 Ampelmann is the global leader in Walk to Work solutions by operating motion compensated offshore access systems and services all over the world.

Ampelmann Operations B.V. Oostsingel 209 2612 HL Delft The Netherlands

Stand 11318 With a track record of more than 5.7 million safe people transfers, more than 12 million kg cargo transfers and 250 projects worldwide, Ampelmann operates in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

The unique Ampelmann systems enable safe, efficient and reliable transfers of personnel and cargo from vessels to offshore oil & gas platforms, turbines, FPSOs and all other fixed and floating structures at sea.

phone +31 (0)20 2400 121 mail

Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Blue Offshore Monnickendamkade Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 1 191 1976 2593 EC BN IJmuiden The Hague The The Netherlands Netherlands

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Airborne Blue Offshore Oil &provides Gas develops worldwide and manufactures transport, Thermoplastic storage and installation Compositesolutions Pipe (TCP) fortosubsea the Oil &voltage high Gas industry cables,since array2007. cables, As flexible the firstpipes and leading and umbilicals. manufacturer These of solutions TCP, theinclude company the has gone rental of innovative to deliver over modular 20 TCP offshore products deckfor various applications equipment, design & in engineering, both onshore manufacturand offshore, ing and project SURF and management. Subsea Well Intervention markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol We also provide and chemical offshoreinjection. crew for operational and other offshore support. Our mission is to assist international customers with the development of the world’s oil, gas, wave, wind and tidal potential.

Stand Stand 11315 1525 Our lightweight, The basket carousels highare strength Lloyd’sand certified, corrosion resistant have a modular composite design pipes and provide have variable cost and operational product carrying benefits capacities in subsea from production 1,000 tonnes and oil to up field 5,000 service tonnes applications. for dynamic TCPuse is truly and up anto economic 7,000 tonnes andfor viable staticalternative use. We have to metal developed aand Lloyd’s flexible certified pipe. 15m outer diameter basket carousel that can be lifted loaded with 1,000 Airborne tonnes of Oil product. & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 Our basket carousels for TCP and in loading subseatowers can applications. each be liftedAOG’s in single shareholder lifts and easily base includes be HPE, Shell installed onVentures, a wide range Chevron of vessels Technology or barges, Ventures, Evonik, whichever suits project Saudicriteria. Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone 763 3774 500 phone +31 +31(0)255 (0)70 711 mail mail See also page 12 Headquartered in Theglobal Netherlands, Boskalis is a leading services provider Airborne Oil & Gas develops and manufactures operating in the dredging, maritime Thermoplastic and Composite Pipe (TCP) to the infrastructure maritime services sectors. Oil & Gasaindustry sinceof 2007. As theactivities first and We offer wide variety specialist leading of TCP, thesectors, company to the oilmanufacturer & gas and renewables which has gonemarine to deliver over 20 TCP products for include installation, decommissioning, variousintervention, applications in both transport onshore and seabed marine and offshore, subsea SURF and Subsea Intervention services, services andWell marine survey. markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection. Boskalis Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Rosmolenweg 20 Monnickendamkade 1 3356 1976 LK EC Papendrecht IJmuiden The Netherlands

Stand Stand11320 1525 We provide towage and terminal services The also lightweight, high strength and corrosion across thecomposite globe andpipes deliver marine salvage resistant provide cost and solutions. our committed professionals, operationalWith benefits in subsea production and 800 special­ ized vessels in 90 TCP countries across oil field service applications. is truly an six continents we helpalternative our clientstoinmetal the economic and viable offshore industry and flexible pipe. push boundaries and create new horizons. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)78 (0)255696 7639000 500 mail mail See also page 12 2019

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24-10-19 13:51 Headquartered in The Brooks Instrument is Netherlands, a company of highly Airborne Oil & Gas develops and manufactures trained specialists with more than 70 years Thermoplastic (TCP) the of global flow Composite experience Pipe in over 80 to countries. Oil & GasEPC industry sincewith 2007.projects As the in first Serving companies oil,and leading manufacturer of industries, TCP, the company gas, chemical and other Brooks has gone toisdeliver over 20source TCP products Instrument their trusted for high-for various applications in both onshoreand and performance flow meter technology offshore, technical SURF andexpertise. Subsea Well Intervention in-depth markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection. Our EPC partners come back to us project after project, year after year.

Brooks Instrument Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. B.V. Einsteinstraat 57 Monnickendamkade 1 3902 Veenendaal 1976 HN EC IJmuiden The The Netherlands Netherlands

Stand11220 1525 Stand Our portfolio includes: The lightweight, high strength and corrosion • Metal Tube Variable Area (VA) Flow Meters resistant composite pipes provide cost and • Glass Tubebenefits VariableinArea (VA) Flow Meters operational subsea production and • Mass applications. Flow Meters TCP and Controllers oil Thermal field service is truly an • Coriolis and Massviable Flow alternative Meters and to Controllers economic metal • Pressure and Regulators and flexibleControllers pipe. • Variety of flow accessories Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone phone +31 +31 (0)318 (0)255 549300 763 500 mail Andre-den.Haan@ mail

DEME Offshore NL B.V. Airborne Oil & Gas Minervum 7442 Monnickendamkade 1 4817 Breda 1976 ZG EC IJmuiden The Netherlands The Netherlands phone (0)76 520 4140 phone +31 +31 (0)255 763 500 mail mail

DEME Offshorein Headquartered is The a global Netherlands, provider of the most Airborne Oil & and comprehensive Gas innovative develops and solutions manufactures within Thermoplastic the international Composite oil, gas and Piperenewables (TCP) to the Oil & GasThe industry. industry focus since of our2007. services As the is on first and leading manufacturer transport & installationofofTCP, foundations the company and has gonefor turbines to deliver offshoreover wind 20farms, TCP products cable for various applications installation as well asinoperations both onshore & maintenance and offshore, SURF activities to fulland Engineering, Subsea Well Procurement, Intervention markets, including Construction and Installation hydrocarbon (EPCI) service, contracts. gas lift, methanol and chemical injection. For oil & gas customers the services include landfalls and civil works, rock placement, heavy lift, subsea construction, umbilical laying and the installation and decommissioning of platforms. By operating a state-of-the-art fleet, consisting of a wide range of self-propelled DP2

Stand Stand11236 1525 installation The lightweight, and heavy high strength lift jack-up and vessels corrosion resistant with an unrivalled compositecombination pipes provideofcost exceptionally and operational high transport, benefits load and in subsea crane production capacity, and oil field DP2 hi-tech service fallpipe applications. vessels with TCP an is truly activean economic and viableRemote heave-compensated alternative Operated to metal Vehicle and flexible fixed below the pipe.fallpipe, and a DP3 cable lay vessel with a cutting edge cable installation Airborne system onOil board, & Gas DEME (AOG)Offshore is fully is qualified able to in accordance help customerstoachieving the new DNV the most standard demanding DNVGL-ST-F119 offshore energy projects. for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE,DEME’s All Shell Ventures, latest additions Chevron to Technology the fleet are Ventures, as designed Evonik, green Saudi vesselsAramco equipped Energy with next Ventures, Subsea generation, duel fuel 7 and engines Sumitomo capable Corporation. of running on LNG or diesel fuel.

See also page 12 Headquartered The Netherlands, EBN - Energie in Beheer Nederland is the Dutch Airborne Oil & Gas develops and manufactures state participant in Oil & Gas with the Ministry Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the of Economic affairs and Climate policy as only Oil & Gas industry since 2007. As the first and shareholder. leading manufacturer of TCP, the company has gone to deliver overshares 20 TCPknowledge products for EBN invests, facilitates, various applications in both onshore and and is active in exploration, production, offshore,and SURF and Subsea Well Intervention storage trading of natural gas and markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, oil from the Dutch subsurface. methanol and chemical injection. EBN Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Daalse singel 1 Monnickendamkade 1 3511 1976 SV EC Utrecht IJmuiden The Netherlands Netherlands

Stand Stand 11315 1525 EBN’s mission is high to realize economic and The lightweight, strength and corrosion societal from geological energy resistantvalue composite pipes provide cost and sources in the Dutch in subsurface. operational benefits subsea production and oil field service applications. TCP is truly an economic and viable alternative to metal and flexible pipe. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)30 (0)2552339000 763 500 mail mail See also page 12 28

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Frames Eikenlaan 237 2404 BP Alphen aan den Rijn The Netherlands phone +31 (0)172 461 600 mail

Stand 11250

Frames is a process control and system integrator that has served the international energy market since 1984. Together, we design, build, and deliver oil & gas processing equipment, separation technologies, flow control & safeguarding systems, renewable energy and water solutions. Our core competence is process and control system integration. At Frames, we convert your process and control concepts into skid-mounted solutions.

At Frames, we work directly, one-on-one, with each client for the best results. Sharp. Together. Committed.

We are headquartered in the Netherlands and have 7 international offices worldwide. Our people are educated, experienced and qualified with all relevant certificates.

We are Frames, together we energize the world.

Our vision is to be the first choice partner in energy challenges. We will achieve this by utilizing our know-how and core values to understand the needs of our customers. Thus, we continue to develop ourselves to fulfill expectations, continuously striving to create sustainable added value for our customers. The pioneers of offshore engineering. GustoMSC is a reputable design & engineering company of mobile offshore units and equipment. In close cooperation with our clients, we translate experience, science and technical knowledge into realistic & innovative ideas.

Stand 11230 The performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels and semi-submersibles is further optimized by our operational support and engineering consultancy. In this way, GustoMSC enables and supports safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future.

GustoMSC B.V. Karel Doormanweg 35 3115 JD Schiedam The Netherlands phone +31 (0)10 2883 000 mail / Green Pin® is the leading manufacturer of premium quality below-the-hook lifting and lashing fittings such as shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, and Green Pin Tycan® Chain. Green Pin® combines innovative, high quality products with industry leading availability and comprehensive, worldwide support.

Stand 11218

This unique combination means that you are always ready to get the job done with Green Pin® products: you are Green to Go. Green Pin® is a brand of The Netherlands-based Van Beest Group and is sold in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Green Pin (van Beest) P.O. Box 57 3360 AB Sliedrecht The Netherlands phone +31 (0))184 41 33 003 mail


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24-10-19 13:51 Looking for reliable Headquartered in The andNetherlands, robust desalination Airborne Oiland installations & Gas a project develops partner andthat manufactures thinks Thermoplastic like you? With our Composite many years Pipe of (TCP) experience to the Oil &our and Gas innovative industry know-how, since 2007.we Asare theversatile first and leading manufacturer partners in the field of water of TCP, technology. the company has gone to deliver over 20 TCP products for various We’ll help applications you with allinwater both management onshore and and offshore, SURF production issues, and from Subsea supplying Well Intervention standard parts markets, such as a including pump or filter, hydrocarbon carrying out service, sampling gas lift, methanol or risk analyses and chemical right through injection. to the supply of completely integrated custom-made systems.

Hatenboer-Water Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Monnickendamkade Mercuriusweg 8 1 1976 AR 3113 EC Schiedam IJmuiden The Netherlands

Stand11232 1525 Stand Fullylightweight, The commissioned, highif strength required. and corrosion resistant With our composite workforce of pipes overprovide 100 professionals cost and operational in Schiedam benefits and Singapore, in subsea we production continually and work oil innovative on field service solutions applications. for your TCP water is truly issues. an economic and viable alternative to metal and flexible pipe. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)10 (0)255409 7631200 500 mail mail See also page 12 Huisman is a worldwide Headquartered in The Netherlands, operating company Airborne Oil delivering step&changing Gas develops technical and manufactures solutions Thermoplastic to world’s leading Composite companies Pipein(TCP) the oil to the & gas, Oil & Gas industry renewables, leisure since and civil 2007. industries. As the first and leading manufacturer of TCP, the company has gone in Founded to 1929 deliver - and overoriginally 20 TCP products a steel for various applications construction company in -both Huisman onshore joined and forces offshore, with engineering SURF and company Subsea ITREC Well Intervention in 1987 to markets,products develop including entirely hydrocarbon under own service, management. gas lift, methanol and chemical injection.

Huisman Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Admiraal Trompstraat Monnickendamkade 1 2 3115 Schiedam 1976 HH EC IJmuiden The The Netherlands Netherlands

Stand Stand11330 1525 Our lightweight, The product range high canstrength be divided andinto corrosion six resistant main categories: composite Cranes, pipes Pipelay provideEquipment, cost and operational Drilling Equipment, benefits Winches, in subsea Vessel production Designs and oil field and Specials. service Our applications. projects range TCPfrom is truly an economic and stand-alone components viable alternative to highly to engineered, metal and flexiblesystems, integrated pipe. from concept to installation and lifetime support. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone (0)88 070 phone +31 +31 (0)255 763 2222 500 mail mail See also page 12 Headquartered in The Netherlands, IRO - The association of dutch suppliers Airborne Gasindustry developsand and manufactures in the oil Oil and&gas Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the offshore renewable industry Oil & Gas industry since 2007. As the first and leading manufacturer the ago, company Established nearly halfofa TCP, century has association gone to deliver TCP products for the IRO over is an 20 independent various applications in both non-profit organisation that onshore supportsand offshore, SURFthe and Subsea of Well and promotes interests its Intervention more markets, than 400 including members hydrocarbon companies. service, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection.

IRO Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. Boompjes 40 Monnickendamkade 1 3011 XB Rotterdam 1976 EC IJmuiden The Netherlands The Netherlands

Stand 11326 & 11315 Stand (Lounge) 1525 The IRO membershigh consist of a wide variety of lightweight, strength and corrosion both multinationals and SMEs. They resistant composite pipes provide costrepresent and the entire supply chain within production the Oil, operational benefits in subsea and Gas and service Offshore Renewable TCP industry, oil field applications. is truly an with activities covering: Engineering & economic and viable alternative to metal Consultancy, Construction & Fabrication, and flexible pipe. Plant & Equipment Supply, Contracting & Installation, Airborne Oil Exploration & Gas (AOG)&isProduction fully qualified and Personnel to & HSE, both for standard offshore in accordance the new DNV upstream oil & gas renewables DNVGL-ST-F119 forand TCPoffshore in subsea (wind and marine applications. AOG’senergy). shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)793 411 981 phone +31 (0)255 763 500 mail mail See also page 12 30

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24-10-19 13:51 Jumbo is a privately owned company with a stateof-the-art and versatile fleet of specialised offshore transportation and installation vessels which are operated worldwide in both the Oil & Gas and Renewables industry. With five decades of maritime industry experience, Jumbo is today a leading offshore installation contractor providing customers with simple, robust and efficient transport and installation solutions. Jumbo Offshore Havenstraat 23 3115 HC Schiedam The Netherlands

In relative shallow water environments, Jumbo are experts in the installation of fixed facilities such as piled foundations, templates, conductors, jackets and topsides.

Stand 11328 In more challenging deeper waters, Jumbo excels in Subsea Lifting of large and complex structures and foundations including the provision of complete FPSO Mooring System installations. The decision to build a new LNG Powered Heavy Lift Crane Vessel equipped with a 2,500 tonne main crane positions Jumbo ideally to provide complete transport and installation solutions for the new economic era of the global offshore energy industry.

phone +31 (0)10 7900 300 mail Mammoet – your trusted partner in Engineered Heavy Lifting and Transport.

Mammoet Middle East & Africa Dubai United Arab Emirates

We offer solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures in the petrochemical, offshore, power and civil industries. Our long-standing operational expertise and engineering insights, complemented by our state-of-the-art fleet and continuous thrive for innovations, allow us to combine techniques to meet each specific project’s requirements and help clients improve construction efficiency, optimizing the uptime of plants and installations.

Stand 11316 Our services comprise: • Heavy lifting & transport • Plant Turnaround / Shutdown Management • Site-wide construction services • Modular construction • Factory-to-Foundation / logistics • Equipment rental

phone +971 4 812 8000 mail Headquartered in The Netherlands, Mokveld, experts in axial valve systems. Airborne & Gasand develops manufactures For criticalOil control safety and applications in Thermoplastic Pipe (TCP) to the the oil and gasComposite industry. HIPPS, control, choke, Oil & Gas industry since relief 2007.valves As thecustom first and check, on-off and surge leading of TCP, made formanufacturer the application. Sizesthe upcompany to 84” has goneratings to deliver over 20 TCP for pressure up to 2500# andproducts API 10.000. variousratings applications in both onshore and Higher upon request. offshore, SURF andand Subsea Well Intervention On-shore, offshore subsea. markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection. Mokveld BV B.V. (DMCC Branch) Airborne Valves Oil & Gas OneJLT-05-15 Monnickendamkade 1 Dubai 1976 EC IJmuiden The Netherlands

Stand Stand 11210 1525 Come visiting us high at stand 11210and where we The lightweight, strength corrosion will be pleased to explain you ourcost axialand resistant composite pipes provide valves like the unique HIPPS and operational benefits inMechanical subsea production or as the new low shear an oil innovations field service such applications. TCP is truly Typhoon® Valve System; a cost efficient economic and viable alternative to metalway to your separation and produced anddebottleneck flexible pipe. water treatment systems without requiring additional equipment. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +971 +31 (0)255 4 429 763 5877500 mail mail See also page 12 2019

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ODS Metering Airborne Oil &Systems Gas B.V.B.V. Donk 6 Monnickendamkade 1 2991 1976 LE EC Barendrecht IJmuiden The Netherlands

Headquartered The Netherlands, ODS Metering in Systems B.V – Your partner in AirborneTransfer Oil & Gas develops and manufactures Custody Measurement Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) to the Oil &isGas industry since 2007. As the first and ODS a specialized manufacturer of custody leading manufacturer of TCP, the company transfer flow measurement systems for the has &gone deliver With over 20 TCP products for Oil Gas to Industry. a two-decade presence various applicationsfacilities in both onshore and manufacturing in Dubaiand & offshore, SURF Subsea Well Intervention Saudi Arabia weand show our dedication to markets, including the MENA region. hydrocarbon service, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection.

Stand11254 1525 Stand We high-end Metering Solutions in The offer lightweight, high strength and corrosion accordance with customer specifications resistant composite pipes provide cost and and industrybenefits standards. operational in subsea production and oil field service applications. TCP is truly an ODS takes and single-point responsibility from economic viable alternative to metal front-end engineering, design, construction and flexible pipe. testing, start-up, calibration to long term maintenance. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard With our application knowledge, shop & field DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea calibration facilities and worldwide applications. AOG’s shareholder baseservice includes capabilities, we offer Chevron you the best possible HPE, Shell Ventures, Technology technical economical solutions. Ventures, and Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)180 (0)255 640 763 889 500 mail mail See also page 12 This year Paradigm Group B.V. is proudly celebrating it 10th Anniversary in business, proud to still be serving clients and oilfield technology, with a total lower cost for operations across the upstream oil and gas industry. Established in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands, in 2009, to develop & commercialise new technologies & innovations for the upstream Oil & Gas Industry. With a broad width of market participation, Paradigm Group consists of four companies: • Paradigm Drilling Services • Paradigm Flow Services Ltd • Paradigm Intervention Technologies • Paradigm Technology Services

Paradigm Group B.V. Ambachtsweg 7 2964 LG Groot-Ammers The Netherlands phone +31 (0)184 609 419 mail Royal IHC enables its customers to execute complex projects from sea level to ocean floor in the most challenging of maritime environments. We are a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets.

Stand 11325 Each of the operating companies is a stand-alone unit with unique technologies supported by very strong Intellectual Property positions. Even in this very challenging business climate, an aggressive R&D effort continues and now includes joint development partnerships with major oil and gas operators.

Stand 11310 With a history steeped in Dutch shipbuilding since the mid-17th Century, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise of engineering and manufacturing high-performance integrated vessels and equipment, and providing sustainable services. With our commitment to technological innovation we strive to continuously meet the specific needs of each customer in a rapidly evolving world.

Royal IHC Smitweg 6 2961 AW Kinderdijk The Netherlands phone +31 (0)88 015 25 35 mail

See also back cover.


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Pipelife AirborneNederland Oil & GasB.V. B.V. Flevolaan 7 Monnickendamkade 1 1601 Enkhuizen 1976 MA EC IJmuiden The Netherlands

Headquartered The Netherlands, SoluForce is theinoriginator and technological Airborne Oil research, & Gas develops and manufactures leader in the development, Thermoplasticsupply Composite Pipe (TCP) to manufacture, and installation ofthe Flexible Oil & Gas industry since 2007. As the first and Composite Pipes (FCP, also known as RTP). leading manufacturer of TCP, the company has gone to deliver over 20 safety TCP products for With a focus on reliability, and various applications in both and economics, over 3.500KM of onshore maintenance-free offshore, SURF and Subsea Well Intervention SoluForce FCP solutions have been installed markets,the including hydrocarbon service, around world since the year 2000, ingas highlift, methanol(energy and chemical pressure bearing)injection. fluid and gas applications.

Stand11234 1525 Stand The SoluForce pipe system is flexible, it can go lightweight, high strength and corrosion round corners, up hills, gullies, resistant composite pipesacross provide cost under and water and more withinease. Being non-metallic, operational benefits subsea production and it’s fully service corrosionand scaling and quick oil field applications. TCPfree is truly an and easy to install. economic and viable alternative to metal and flexible pipe. Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) is fully qualified in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)228 (0)255 355 763 555 500 mail mail See also page 12

Techno Fysica B.V. Aalborg 5 2993 LP Barendrecht The Netherlands phone +31 (0)180 620211 mail

Techno Fysica brings together various fields of expertise: diagnosis and monitoring. We are specialized in troubleshooting, condition- and load monitoring, new-building guidance and specification checks for marine mechanical systems. Diagnosis is one of the most important activities related to design, localising and solving problems within the field of mechanical engineering. For this we use a range of measuring equipment and analysing methods, which are being expanded continuously and, also at the client’s wishes. With more than 40 years of experience within various projects and fields of expertise, we are up for the task, regardless of its size or complexity. Monitoring specializes in the tailored design of state-of-the-art load sensors, systems and software. If you have a specific application and cannot find a suitable

Stand 11315 off-the-shelf solution, our engineering team will work with you to design a dedicated load monitoring solution, which will suit your requirements and application. We offer load cell maintenance related to reconditioning, repair/ overhaul (all makes), calibration and certification. Our 24/7 on-site support and services include structural stress measurement, system failure analysis, weighing, bollard pull, winch and cable tensioner calibration. Techno Fysica BV has worldwide experience in measuring and monitoring just about any mechanical parameter on various installations in all types of industry. Our specialists use the most modern tools in software and instruments. We know the testing procedures and are available on very short term.

Thermo AirborneElectric Oil & Gas B.V. Coenecoop 71 Monnickendamkade 1 2741 Waddinxveen 1976 PH EC IJmuiden The Netherlands

Headquartered The Netherlands,is market Thermo ElectricinInstrumentation Airborne Oil & Gas develops and manufactures leader in engineering, manufacturing and Thermoplastic Composite RTD`s Pipe (TCP) to the servicing thermocouples, (Pt100) and Oil & Gas industry since 2007.temperature As the first and thermowells. Thermo Electric leading manufacturer TCP, the company sensors can be used forofmeasuring and has gone to every deliver over 20 TCPa products for controlling process with temperature variousfrom applications in both range the absolute zeroonshore point upand to offshore, SURF and Subsea Well Intervention 1500 °C and utilized in processes dealing markets, including hydrocarbon service, gas lift, with corrosive chemicals, vibrations, methanol interventions and chemical and injection. electrical high pressure.

Stand Stand11252 1525 The product range of Thermo includes lightweight, high strengthElectric and corrosion multi-level temperature cracker-, resistant composite pipessensors provideforcost and storage-, or benefits catalyst-reactor applications, operational in subsea production and tube-skin temperature sensorsTCP for is boiler oil field service applications. trulyoran furnace applications, spiral type thermowell economic and viable alternative to metal constructions for high velocity applications and flexible pipe. and high-temperature resistant constructions with for example a double thermowell Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG) isceramic fully qualified assembly. in accordance to the new DNV standard DNVGL-ST-F119 for TCP in subsea applications. AOG’s shareholder base includes HPE, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Evonik, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Subsea 7 and Sumitomo Corporation.

phone +31 (0)85 7607 321 +31 (0)255 763 500 mail mail See also page 12 2019

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24-10-19 13:52 TrustLube Sustainable Lubrication Systems. TrustLube designs, manufactures, assembles and installs automatic lubrication systems and monitoring systems for the maritime, dredging, offshore and oil & gas industry. Our skill lies in choosing the exact dosage required for the installation to achieve a sound performance.

TrustLube B.V. Neon 7 4751 XA Oud Gastel The Netherlands

Stand 11315 The method of TrustLube takes care of the continuity of the industrial process and enables installations to achieve significant lubricant savings. Our sustainable TrustLube systems continually prove themselves in the most extreme conditions. TrustLube can save on your lubricant consumption, extend the lifetime of your equipment and increase your uptime. Uptime Starts here

phone +31 (0)88 87 87 700 mail / Van Heck is an internationally operating company with 50 years’ experience in the field of water control and management. Van Heck’s speciality is often called upon to manage floods. Van Heck’s expertise includes providing tailor-made solutions for dredging, civil and industrial projects, government and water boards. Van Heck is also active in the offshore industry with ballast services for load-out and float-over operations.

Van Heck Ambachtsstraat 2 8391 VK Noordwolde The Netherlands

Stand 11315

Van Heck’s newest innovation is the Sea Trophy. The first complete mobile pump system that enables the controlled, contained, fast oil recovery after incorrect or off-spec fuelling and in the event of grounding or calamity at sea.

phone +31 (0)561 431739 mail




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