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SPT Offshore Postbus 525 3440 AM Woerden The Netherlands phone mail site

+31 (0)348 43 52 60

SPT Offshore, a subsidiary within the Volker

Special offshore heavy lift (jack-up) vessels

Wessels group (17,000 employees; 2011

are therefore not required for the foundation

turnover EUR 4.7 billion), is an offshore

nor for the turbine installation. The SIWT

contractor specialized in suction pile

is a braced monopod structure founded on

foundations used for the offshore oil/gas

suction piles which makes it friendly for the

industry and offshore wind farms. SPT

sea mammals. Furthermore, the SIWT offers

Offshore has developed its Self Installing

scheduling flexibility, low installation cost,

Wind Turbine (SIWT) concept, which allows

no noise, easy decommissioning and re-use

installation of the suction pile foundation

for e.g. a met mast.

and wind turbine in ONE piece within 24 hours per structure and turbine. For the

Furthermore, SPT has developed the SEA

tow and installation of SIWT, we require a

suction embedded anchor for up to 2,000 mT

simple flat top barge equipped with lifting

UHC. The SEA anchor is installed from

system and optional DP for positioning

a standard anchor handler without crane

plus tugs.

or A-frame


OTC Stand 1301 Thrustmaster manufactures heavy duty

industry at reasonable cost. What sets us apart

marine propulsion equipment such as:

in the marine propulsion industry is our

Deck-mounted propulsion units, Thru-hull

dedication to quality and the commitment to

azimuthing thrusters, Retractable thrusters,

treating our customers as our business partners.

Tunnel thrusters, Z-drives and Portable dynamic positioning systems (PDPS).

At Thrustmaster, we constantly strive for the continuous improvement in the quality and

Thrustmaster Europe B.V. Broeikweg 31a 2871 RM Schoonhoven The Netherlands phone fax mail site

+31 (0)182 38 10 44 +31 (0)182 38 83 32

All products are developed in-house by a

value of our products. While many of the

complete engineering department for mechanical,

traditional thruster designs available on the

hydraulic, electrical and electronic design.

market are more than 30 years old, we have

Besides the Dutch office, Thrustmaster maintains

taken every advantage of new technology

its own sales & service office in Houston,

for product improvement.

Dubai and Singapore. The assurance of quality is reflected in our Since the founding of the company 28 years

dedication to the ISO-9001:2000 standards

ago, Thrustmaster has consistently provided

and classification society type approvals

quality products and service to the marine

of our thrusters.


OTC Stand 2517

Tideway B.V. P.O. Box 7074 4800 GB Breda The Netherlands phone fax mail site

+31 (0)76 520 4140 +31 (0)76 520 4150

Tideway Offshore Contractors is a Dutch offshore

from Brazil to Australia; and from India to the

specialist for the oil and gas industry, employing

Middle East and Russia. Technology is used

over 300 staff to support six offshore construction

much more frequently due to the increasing

vessels. Tideway’s DP II fall pipe vessels Rolling-

international demand for energy. This requires

stone, Seahorse and Flintstone have a sophisti-

special knowledge and Tideway profits from

cated fall pipe system, which places rocks up to

its parent company’s expertise, the renowned

2,000 m at precisely the right location. Tideway

Belgian Dredging, Environmental and Marine

also uses trailing suction hopper and backhoe

Engineering company ‘DEME’.

dredgers to construct pipeline trenches where pipelines reach the coast, and constructs landfalls

Tideway does not only provide services around

of oil and gas pipelines. To help clients explore

the many oil and gas pipelines built offshore

and exploit energy sources, Tideway is always

worldwide, but is also involved in high-voltage

searching for innovative solutions according to

cables at sea. Tideway projects are executed

the motto: ‘Energizing the Future’.

more and more at extreme places; further

Tideway works on groundbreaking projects all

offshore, closer to the North or South Pole

over the world: from the North Sea to Mexico;

or in very deep water. 2012


Offshore Holland 3 | 2012  

Offshore Holland is een hoogwaardig, Engelstalig relatie- en promotiemagazine voor de internationale olie- en gasindustrie. Het doel van het...

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