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‘What I find impressive about Qatar is its vision.’ Jan-Wim Dekker, Managing Director of NDSQ

Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Verhagen: Proud of Dutch expertise in oil and gas industry

Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Maxim Verhagen was speaker at one of the WPC’s Ministerial Sessions. Mixing his speech with the purpose-made film, ‘Dutch Masters: Energising The Future’, Mr. Maxim Verhagen promoted the Dutch



interests, paying particular attention to the offshore industry. “Dutch companies servicing the oil and gas industry are a familiar sight all around the world,” the film narrator said. “With up to a hundred years of experience, these companies are a renowned party in the global field of offshore installation... offering new techniques to drill at exceptional depths of over 3,000 meters... designing and building ships, platforms, terminals, tools and applications... and developing technologies to treat, transport and store natural gas.” The Dutch government is proud of its offshore industry and Mr. Verhagen sees a key role for Dutch engineers to take on tomorrow’s energy challenges. “The Dutch policy focuses on innovation, cooperation and investment to enable companies

to develop new technologies that will produce more clean energy at less cost. It’s the only way to secure energy supplies, reduce carbon emissions and keep energy prices in check.” Offshore Holland asked Mr. Verhagen how he promotes the interests of the Dutch offshore industry abroad. “It is very easy to promote their interests,” he responded, “as we are lucky with so much expertise among Dutch companies in the oil and gas industry.” Mr. Verhagen mentions Brazil as an example of economic diplomacy. When Dutch politicians visit Brazil, they do not only meet with their counterparts but also with national oil giant Petrobras. Also at governmental level Dutch economic diplomacy supports the industry. “Our embassies and trade missions offer assistance to entrepreneurs in every way they can.”

Offshore Holland 3 | 2012  

Offshore Holland is een hoogwaardig, Engelstalig relatie- en promotiemagazine voor de internationale olie- en gasindustrie. Het doel van het...

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