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craftsmanship One of the many winches fabricated in Genemuiden.

bending machines in Europe. We carry out much rolling and bending work for the production of a wide range of heavy winches and pedestals which we today supply as a complete package to our customers in the offshore industry. We can bend a 100 mm plate to the desired form without difficulty.” Offshore projects

The manufacture of a giant salvage grab attracted much attention.

When asked for examples of projects fabricated by him for the offshore sector, Henk Breman replied: “We are currently hard at work on the production of pipe handling equipment for a crane vessel and a pipe storage system for a drilling ship. Both vessels are still currently under construction. In the past, we supplied complete tunnel thrusters for a recently-completed crane vessel and the pipe handling system for a semi-submersible crane vessel. For a number of offshore contractors we regularly build spreader bars for the hoisting of jackets and topsides. Using the heaviest of our spreader bars, jackets and topsides weighing up to 25,000 tonnes can be lifted.” For another regular customer, both jacking systems and skidding systems are regularly fabricated in Genemuiden, for semi-submersible rigs and semi-submersible vessels. “We recently completed a further four systems, each with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes, and produced the pedestal for the crane on a brand-new crane vessel. Finally, we are right now working on the housings for several gas compressors.”



Offshore Holland 3 | 2012  

Offshore Holland is een hoogwaardig, Engelstalig relatie- en promotiemagazine voor de internationale olie- en gasindustrie. Het doel van het...

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