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Diversification across industry sectors, as well as stages of development, makes this a one-of-a-kind event where business gets done. Companies well known to the industry such as Van Oord, Fugro, Imtech Marine and Heerema have secured their space at the exhibition.

Looking beyond Northwest Europe, OE12 also offers an outlook for frontier E&P, including Australia, Brazil and parts of Asia. Will today’s frontiers become tomorrow’s heartlands? Fact is that strong business cases for both oil and gas allow oil companies to invest heavily in increasingly complex projects.

Conference highlights

Allseas’ founder and president Edward Heerema will open the Offshore Energy principal Networking Event on the first day of the event. Mr. Heerema will present his views on the position of The Netherlands as a country that makes an innovative partner within the international oil and gas industry. Mr. Heerema founded his company Allseas in 1985. Today, Allseas Group S.A. is a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. The company employs over 2,000 people worldwide and operates a versatile fleet of six specialized pipelay and support vessels, designed and developed in-house.



Conveniently running parallel to the exhibition, Offshore Energy offers a conference covering key topics and solutions for the offshore community. In separately bookable sessions the organization brings together a wellrounded international speaker faculty. Developments on the North Sea will be part of the program. The role of the maturing North Sea is far from over and OE12 presents an outlook for new E&P opportunities in Northwest Europe. Invited expert speakers will discuss new North Sea discoveries as well as the latest technologies to extend the operational life of oil and gas fields.

In addressing the challenges of meeting future energy demand, Offshore Energy also looks at alternatives for fossil fuels. Although the lion’s share of electric energy is generated from hydrocarbon resources, investments in renewable power generation, including offshore wind, wave and tidal energy are increasing. The OE12 conference will discuss developments in some of the world’s biggest offshore wind producing countries including the UK, China and Germany and will give an update on the latest state of play in wave and tidal energy.

Offshore Energy 2012 Committee of Recommendation Mr. Joep Athmer Director, Van Oord Offshore Mrs. Mieke Bakker-Mantjes General Director, Holland Shipbuilding Association Mr. Kommer Damen Chairman of the Board, Damen Shipyards Group Mr. André Goedée Chief Executive Officer, Dockwise Mr. Michael Kahn Managing Director, Jumbo Offshore Mr. Bart van de Leemput Managing Director, NAM / Vice President Non-Operated Ventures Europe, Shell Mr. Harold Linssen Managing Director, Keppel Verolme Mr. Sjef van Dooremalen Chairman, Holland Shipbuilding Association Mr. Bram van Mannekes Secretary-General, Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association Mr. Arend van Nieuwland Director, Tullow Overseas Holdings Mr. Jaap den Ouden Founder and Member of the Supervisory Board, Mercon Mr. Gerard Schut General Manager, Chevron Exploration and Production Netherlands Mr. Sander Vergroesen Managing Director, Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry IRO Chief Commercial Officer, Heerema Fabrication Group Mr. Tino Vinkesteijn Mr. Ruud Zoon Managing Director, GDF SUEZ E&P Netherlands

Offshore Holland 3 | 2012  

Offshore Holland is een hoogwaardig, Engelstalig relatie- en promotiemagazine voor de internationale olie- en gasindustrie. Het doel van het...

Offshore Holland 3 | 2012  

Offshore Holland is een hoogwaardig, Engelstalig relatie- en promotiemagazine voor de internationale olie- en gasindustrie. Het doel van het...