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EPIC contracts. In the past, we only offered dredging or rock installation services, as a consequence of which we operated as a subcontractor, at the bottom of the chain. Thanks to the purchase of the ‘Stingray’, in the future we will be able to show our clients just what we are capable of, as specialist main contractor for smaller projects in shallow water. We will be able to demonstrate our ability to contribute creative ideas on alternative designs. A number of

our clients have already decided to offer us an opportunity to demonstrate our qualities as EPC or EPIC contractor. One of the first Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning contracts for the installation of an SPM system in the Black Sea was undertaken on behalf of the Rumanian company Rompetrol, followed by a project involving the installation of three SPM systems and in total 15 kilometres of subsea pipelines in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates.

We also recently won a new order for the construction of a Single Point Mooring system in Fujairah, this time on behalf of the Fujairah Asia Power Company. This project involves the design, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the SPM and the three kilometre-long subsea pipeline. We already see that the trust in Van Oord Offshore in the field of total project implementation is growing steadily.”

Flexible fallpipe vessel Stornes.



Offshore Holland 3 | 2012  

Offshore Holland is een hoogwaardig, Engelstalig relatie- en promotiemagazine voor de internationale olie- en gasindustrie. Het doel van het...

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