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What is Spark?

Spark is Lumean’s next generation SCORM enabled Learning Management System (LMS), tailored for corporate, employee, and HR training within organisations.

Spark enables rapid and easy deployment of SCORM based courses and assessments to a large number of people within an organisation. Once a course is deployed, Spark takes care of everything, from user registration, attendance, to comprehensive progress and performance tracking.

Deploy once, sit back, and leave it to Spark.



Everything in Spark is just a click away.

Access control

Control course subscriptions. You can manage which user has access to what course.

Analytics & insights

Truly understand the dynamics of your users and how they interact with Spark’s ground breaking business intelligence analytics and insights.


Your LMS portal is tailored and branded to fit your organisation.


Completion certificates and certificate codes for learners for verification.


Built in CMS to manage the content on your portal. Attach files and other resources to your course and module pages.

Data export

Export user, content, progress and tracking data to comprehensive Excel sheets with a single click.

On or off the cloud

We can host your LMS on the cloud on our network, or off the cloud on your network. We don’t mind!


One-click upload SCORM 1.2 packages to modules.

SCORM player

Super fast, easy to use, advanced HTML5 SCORM player with cross browser compatibility.

SCORM tracking

View comprehensive tracking data reported by SCORM reading and assessment modules. Easily track user performance and grades on a per user per module basis.


Comprehensive user management and collation. Add, edit, and manage users easily. Add custom company related metadata to user accounts for better reporting.

Content management Easily manage courses and modules. One-click upload SCORM packages. Spark also comes with a Content Management System (CMS) for you to create and manage portal content.

User management Manage learners easily. Register them from the user dashboard, or let them register themeselves. Control what material they have access to.

Fully branded Your e-learning portal will look exactly like you want it to, tailored to your organisation and brand.

On or off the cloud Lumean will host and maintain your LMS on the cloud, or you can have it installed on your network and have it maintained remotely.

Tracking & reporting Track user performance and progress on individual modules via the power of SCORM tracking. View comprehensive grading reports on a per user, per course basis.


Analytics & insights

How great would it be if you could gain business insights from your e-learning programmes? What course are the trainees liking the most? What course are they finding the easiest? What course is taking the most amount of time to complete?

Spark gives you just that. Comprehensive, world-class, business insights and reports on your employees and e-learning courses. Sophisticated visualisations to help you truly gauge the impact and reach of your training programmes.

Spark isn’t just about deploying courses. It is about enabling your business, making it more efficient, and productive.



What good is a great LMS without great content?

That is why, we have developed Lumean Tinder, a proprietary SCORM framework for your content that is lightyears ahead of the leading tools in the market, including Flash-based frameworks.

With our Tinder technology, we can rapidly turn your course content into rich SCORM modules that can have custom interactions as per your requirements.

We understand the value of your time. That is why, Lumean takes care of your LMS and content creation needs in one place.

A comparison of Lumean’s Tinder technology SCORM content with other leading authoring tools

Adobe® Presenter SCORM


Lumean Tinder SCORM

Device compatibility

Requires Flash

Requires Flash

Works cross browser and on handheld devices

Average file size (per 50 Slides)

Several MBs

Several MBs

Up-to 90% smaller



Supports multiple custom interactions using Flash

Supports any type of custom interactions using JavaScript®




The player and skin can customised to suit your brand



Extremely fast

Internet requirements

Unreliable on non-broadband connections

Unreliable on non-broadband connections

Works well even on dial-up connections


Reports Score, Status and Completion Status

Reports Score, Status and Completion Status

Supports extended reporting when used with Spark

Load times

If you are interested in Spark, and would like to discuss your e-learning requirements, we’d love to talk to you.