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Latin American DJ Tour Sponsorship Proposal DJ Jimmy Valencia

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Brief Contacts Media Cost / Financial Sponsorship Proposal

Brief Jimmy Valencia is one of the most talented and versatile Dj’s. During his 10 of career, Jimmy has played for venues such as Ministry of Sound & Pacha London, and has worked with International brands the likes of Nike, Channel 4 & Selfridges.

Currently, Jimmy Valencia is organizing a Dj tour with the intention of promoting a cultural exchange between the UK & South America while establishing himself as a bridge between them. Playing UK music in South American clubs & festivals as well as local terrestrial & online radio stations.

DJ Jimmy Valencia is looking for sponsorship from a brand keen on music & youth culture, and with an interest in supporting creative & original projects; to sponsor his exciting South American Dj tour and his various crossed-cultural aspirations in exchange for solid brand presence in all activities related to the exposure of this tour on the website & blog.

Exporting and promoting South American local music talent to the World on his personal Website / Blog Mini Documentaries (Live footage, interviews, promo clips, etc) Pictures Mixtapes



Although still at an early stage of the project, Jimmy Valencia has managed to make connections with some individual across different territories, who have expressed a clear interest in supporting the project:

Carolina Tinoco Venezuela Promoter, entrepreneur

Armando Toledano Venezuela Broadcaster

Gloria Valencia & Jose Miguel Vargas Casta単o Colombia

Social Media / Database reach As of today, Jimmy Valencia has over 1180 Facebook friends, as well as rising number of followers on his Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Soundcloud & MySpace accounts.

Broadcasters, PR

Edwin Way Tobar Popayan, Colombia Dj, promoter, designer

Cristhian Deep Cali,Colombia

Jimmy also has a personal Database of over 5000 emails, compiled during previous entrepreneurial business ventures.

Dj, producer, promoter

Sebastian Fernandez, Montevideo Uruguay PR, promoter


Various Performances and Photoshoots



Big Room Hype launch mix

The Rave Lick - vol.2

Electro Dembow Dos

Electro, Progressive & Tropical House

Indie, Electro, UK Bass & B’more

Eclectic Tropical Bass & Moombahton

Running Time Click to Listen


Running Time Click to Listen


Running Time


Click to Listen


Cost / Financials

One-off Payments Flight (Spain-Venezuela)



Website/Blog (Domain, design & hosting)



Dual HD Video Camera (To document tour)



Set up/start up living costs (Accomodation, local travel)



Promo Photoshot (For press kit, blog & biz cards)



Promo Cd’s (For prospects & fans)



Biz Cards (Design & print 250 units)




£ 1800

Yearly Payments Direct Email Marketing (Contact database/promote blog)



Insurance (Travel, Health & Dj Equipment)



Pro Soundcloud Account (Upload, share mixtapes)







Sponsorship Proposal

Dj Jimmy Valencia requires a sponsorship backing of £200 a month to cover the ongoing promotional and day-to-day running expenses of the tour, such as email blasting, promo Cd’s, telephone/internet, insurance, etc. In return, Jimmy offers your brand not only the unique opportunity of being associated to this creative & educational project, but the prospect of portraying such image amongst your existing customer

base, as well as brand penetration across the whole of South America and the UK. Proposed promotional/sponsorship amenities in return for your co-operation. Brand name inclusion on Tour name, and the potential of being mentioned to thousands of people alongside the project in traditional & online media (Flyers, magazines, radio stations, TV, blogs, podcasts, etc) .

Logo inclusion on prime space on Logo inclusion on mixtapes. Banner ads on Video ads on & adding promo clips to viral videos that will be posted online across different social networks reaching over 1300 fans.

Email marketing, logos/banners on newsletter reaching Jimmy’s over 5000 people database.


DJ Jimmy Valencia Contact Details

DJ Jimmy Valencia Proposal  

Promotion material produce for DJ Jimmy Valencia.

DJ Jimmy Valencia Proposal  

Promotion material produce for DJ Jimmy Valencia.