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The Review Of Optimizepress The OptimizePress is a simple to use and unique wordpress based product launch sales conversions software system that is hyped to be the perfect tool for the internet marketer. Given below is a brief review about how the system started and what its uses are. James Dyson is the brains behind optimizepress. He has been doing graphics for people in the internet marketing field for a little over 5 years. He has also worked with several big names in the field who are easily earning more than 7 figures. He is a person who pays attention to detail and all his pages and graphics are conversion tested. He has now created a new package packed with all these benefits in an easy and effortless system. The advantages of this software are that you will be able to easily make awesome launch squeeze pages with amazing videos. You will also be able to easily build an email list with the inbuilt squeeze page designs that are perfect for your needs, enabling you to create excellent selling pages that are amazingly effective. The software is so flexible that it will be able to work with any kind of shopping cart, affiliate program and it would even be able to support any auto responder. There are many times that you hear things like "no skills required" and you might think that it is not true, but this time it is. If you try to create some of these pages, it might take weeks together but with this software it will just take you 5 minutes to create a squeeze page that too with very little effort on your part. The default squeeze pages templates are really amazing, however the inventor has even created a 'short code' that will easily allow you to design and modify your sales pages. There are several things that you will be able to add to your squeeze page such as custom styled bullet lists, testimonial boxes, add to cart buttons and many more. You would easily be able to put together most of the work in under 30 minutes.

The submissions can be increased by up to 29% only with the squeeze page. Even though there are some features in the OptimizePress system that is for the big gurus, it can also be a wonderful feature for those who are not techies or gurus. It just requires a onetime payment with no recurring payment. This helps make the system very affordable even to the newbie.

The Review Of Optimizepress