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Are Vacation Rentals Better Than Hotel Rooms? Rentals can be found everywhere, not only in the US but in any part of the globe, from the topnotch tourist destinations, to exotic places, to the best ski-resorts and in the world’s greatest cities, from London, to Shangai, to New York. Two of the most obvious advantageous that they provide over hotel rooms is that they are more spacious, most provide you with fully equipped kitchens, lounge and also save you a lot of travel dollars, as they are considerably cheaper than the hotels. Rentals are far better and cost-effective than hotel rooms for more than these reasons. If you are still not sure, here are more eyeopeners that will make you give the hotel a go-bye the next time you are on a vacation, an opt for a rental instead. More Space Per Person: Vacation homes, because they are not hotel rooms and are actually homes owned by other people, have more living space than what hoteliers provide. An average rental or vacation home gives you more than 1000 square feet of space, where hotel rooms are limited to less than 400 square feet. Moreover, hotel rooms have views of concrete structures whereas here you will be surrounded with scenic views of forests and hills. More Affordable: Vacation homes are almost always cheaper than hotel rooms. The fully-equipped kitchens allow you to cook food of your own choice, making the food healthier and cuts down on the huge expenses that you would incur, eating at least three meals outside every day. A Home Away From Home: Here you will find everything that you will expect to find at home. Television sets and refrigerators, a kitchen with all amenities, books and games, toys and cycles. You can also take your pet dog with you. They are ideal for an extended holiday. Moreover, with no room service, no maid service, no janitors or caretakers, you are very much your own boss and the only person you have to tip is your own self. You Are The Boss: In a hotel you are a prisoner of schedules. Fixed meal times, housekeeping and other similar unbending and rigid routines. There are no maids barging in and out. At a rental you can get up when you want to, swim and play at leisure and eat whenever you want – you virtually have the run of the house.

No Hidden Costs: Hotel bills spring up surprise expenses that you are unaware of but you end up paying – parking charges, Wi-Fi charges, pool towels and other sundries that keep raising their ugly heads. With rentals there’s no such fine print. You are dealing directly with the owner or his agent and you know exactly how much your stay is going to cost – not a penny more and not a penny less. The Renter Is The Boss: The rental market has become big business and has progressed way beyond being a way in which homeowners would rent them out to make some money for the upkeep of the house. There is a lot of keen competition out there and now vacation homes are no more Spartan but come equipped with game consoles, televisions with hundreds of channels and a host of indoor games including pool tables.

Are Vacation Rentals Better Than Hotel Rooms?