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As a larger e-commerce company has set up a collection and distri-

he works to consolidate and industrialize several farms in their vi-

bution base in An’s village, her family started to offer traditional

cinity. Changchang is planning to modernize the farming opera-

local food products, through on-line (img. 03) retailing platforms

tion (Hu et al. 2015) by improved irrigation and water treatment

(Sitoh et al. 2014).

facilities. He appreciates water as a scarce commodity. He hopes

Boqin was born to a peasant family, holding a rural hukou sta-

to diversify by capitalizing on a purification plant and the mineral

tus. His wife, two children and parents live on a family farm in

drinking water industry. He sees the nearby Xinfengjiang Reservoir

Guangdong. Boqin, 32 year old, is a migrant worker, and can be

as a key future resource to expand the local economy. As part of a

considered part of China’s floating population (Liang et al. 2014).

younger educated group of farmers, he undertakes agriculture in a

As rural citizen working in Guangzhou city, he lives in slum-like

more technologically efficient manner. He is committed to introdu-

developments or informal urban villagesÂł (Wu et al. 2013) on a

ce cutting-edge urban know-how into the rural territory.

short-term basis. He works on building sites in larger cities to sup-

Deming, 39 years old, is the second generation of migrant workers.

port his family in the countryside. Boqin stays in cities for up to

He grew up in Guangzhou. His parents have exchanged their rural

six month at a time. When he returns to his family, he helps with

citizenship to an urban hukou. They have been fortunate to find

onerous farming activities. Boqin was able to save some income to

employment in the public sector. This enabled them to obtain ac-

extend their village house. The family is letting out the additional

cess to the state housing and welfare system. Deming excelled as

rooms, to short term holiday makers in the countryside. This provi-

a student. He was admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology, in

des the family a different source of income, independent from agri-

Shenzhen, and graduated in Energy Science & Engineering. With

culture. After working for a few more years in Guangzhou, Boqin

his background in energy science, he was taken on by a global re-

hopes to permanently return to Huilong village. His dream is to

newable energy company in Guangzhou. He set up his own clean-

build an additional home on the family land.

energy company, specializing in innovative wind, water and bio-gas

Changchang is 34 years old, and comes from a wealthier family in

technologies. With international and local aid programs, Deming

Guangdong. The larger agricultural operation of his family, allowed

has established a manufacturing plant for renewable energy design

his parents to let him pursue a university education. Changchang

solutions. He aims at improving his activity to an industrial scale.

graduated in Water-Soil Engineering at the China Agricultural

His mission is to promote the use of clean energy technologies in

University in Beijing. To up-scale the family agricultural business,

smaller rural towns. Deming also sees potential in the increasing


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