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Glassware in Everyday Life

Borosil is a manufacturer of borosilicate glass, cookware, capsules and other products.

Glass is Environment Friendly

Eco friendly glassware emits less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Glass is Recyclable

Recyclable glass products have lot of Environment benefits.

Glass is Hygienic

Glass is Life, Glass is Hygienic, so a Hygienic lifestyle.

Glassware do not Absorb Flavors or Odors

One important reason to switch to Glassware products.

Glassware is Rust Free

Glass is rust free and easy to remove stains from glassware and cooktops.

Glassware is Durable

Tough and durable glassware sets are always preferred.


Glassware lasts longer than plastic and steel & looks new even after 50+ years.

Glassware Retains More Heat

Glassware is heat resistant, so used in Microwaves.


Borosil Consumer Awareness: Advantages of using Glass Cookware