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How to set up Skype voicemail Never miss a call by turning on your Skype voicemail.

Simply go to the tools tab and click options. In the calls tab click voicemail. Turn voicemail on and save your settings. Now Skype will pick up any incoming calls when you’re away or offline. When you come back to Skype you’ll see a notification of any messages waiting for you. To listen to your messages just click play. After you’ve listened to a voice message, just click the trash icon to delete it.

Skype can also be used to send SMS text messages.

No Emergency calls with Skype Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and can’t be used for emergency calls.

How to Set Up Skype Voicemail  
How to Set Up Skype Voicemail  

A short guide to setting up voicemail on Skype.