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Banking Ventures Investment Legal Group

Banking Ventures Investment Legal Group Has Announced Prepaid Cards Programs For Businesses Banking Ventures Investment Legal Group has announced prepaid cards programs for businesses. BVI, an international legal group, is specializing in legal services and support for its clients and organizations on customized payment and banking solutions through their global shareholding portfolio network of banks, processing and network partners. Their individual approach enables organizations to efficiently deploy a specific solution configured for them, along with the ability to solve a single payment solution, or even so far as to meet an entire global payment requirement, through the different types of modular solutions that Banking Venture Investment Legal Group has developed with its partners. BVI Legal Group co-branded credit cards are beneficial to businesses because of the variety of solutions offered. BVI Legal Group has over 15 pre-approved card designs to choose from. Company & Cardholder Advantages:    

Lower Processing Fees, No Overdraft Fees, and No Minimum Balance Convenience and Safety of Prepaid VISA® Cards. Cash Rewards, Travel, Healthcare and Insurance Discounts. Added Microfinance (microloans) facility free of charge. Applicant’s debit cards or prepaid credit cards are embossed with the account holder name and can be shipped directly to the cardholder or bulk-shipped to the company (delivery of cards vary depending on the shipping method) Free Direct Deposit & Cash Loading

The prepaid card allows you to make purchases at the point of sale, over the internet and by mail order/telephone order merchants. The card gives you instant cash access through over 1.8 million VISA ATM locations in 200 countries.

For more information about customized prepaid debit cards, or best secured credit card, please visit: http://

Contact Information Banking Ventures Investment Legal Group Address: Sankt Markusgasse 2, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein Phone: (37) 692-55 Fax: (37) 692-55 Email: Website:

Best Prepaid Debit Cards Programs  

Searching for one of the best prepaid debit card services? Contact BVI Legal Group, they provide prepaid cards program with the option of us...

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