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“What did I learn? Fishing on the bottom is simply not the key to success in cold weather.” So why exclusively use zigs in the winter? I’ve been there and done it, winter campaigns in the coldest of weathers, baiting and fishing a quality cold water food bait week in and week out. What did I learn? Fishing on the bottom is simply not the key to success in cold weather. Today if I am carping in the colder months you will always see me fishing with zigs. The last thing I want to be doing is sitting in my bivvy freezing cold, zigging


in the winter can be such an active method, lots of recasting, adjusting the depth, twitching hookbaits and more. It keeps me busy, interested, warmer and catches me more carp. The key is simply if you can locate where those fish are grouped up for the winter months then you can keep the bites coming whilst others around you will continue blanking until the Spring comes around. The same goes for those long winter nights. Don’t be fooled into thinking that when the sun goes down it’s time to reel in your zigs and stick out the bottom baits as I have caught countless winter carp during the night with baits suspended well off the bottom. On some venues it seems night time

zigs is often the only way to get bites. Where many anglers fail when being tempted by the idea of zigs is that they don’t put 100% into it. So often it’s a case of I’ve not caught so I’m going to stick a zig out for the last couple of hours… Zigging always gives you an edge as most anglers will still opt to fish bottom baits. I have all my rods off bottom, trying all manner of depths and colours until I start to build up a picture of what the carp are doing at certain times of the day and certain times of the year and I catch a lot more this way than sitting behind a pop up on a KD rig.

Ezine January 2017