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HIGHLY FLAVOURED FLOPS In the UK when the temperatures drop I start thinking of fruity attractor baits, single pop ups and small traps – it’s what works for much of the time. But waters on the Continent just don’t work that way, at least most of them don’t. For a start I hardly ever use pop ups abroad, for whatever reason I’ve just never found them to be that effective compared to bottom baits and I’ve mostly found the same when it comes to high attract baits – in fact on Cassien I found highly flavored baits to be a real turn off for the fish. There is a common theme through all of my fishing on Continental waters in winter and it is relying on top quality bait. I know baits like 4G Squid, The Key and more recently the Key Cray will appeal to the carp right through the seasons.

It's not always about large amounts but the quality is important.

KEEPING IT AVAILABLE The climate difference has to be one reason why Continental fish will feed for longer periods and more heavily than those in the UK. The warm weather lasts for longer and runs much later in the year and that must help. I don’t really think that it has anything to do with the size of fish though. Some people say bigger fish need to eat more, but I’m not sure that’s always the case as it’s often the smaller, younger fish that move faster and burn energy more quickly.

I always like to keep the bait going in

Stocking levels seem to make a difference and the higher the stock level of a water the more likely they seem to be to feed right through. But the attitude of the anglers makes a big difference too. On the Continent anglers tend to use a lot more bait all the time than UK anglers do. Heavy baiting and prebaiting is all part of their regular fishing routine, whereas


Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017