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LIQUID SUPER SWEET All dips and bait boosters can be improved for cold water by adding sweetener to them, and Tangleberry from the Ace Cards range is the best of them all. It’s highly water soluble, has a lovely rich taste, includes Talin and esters and enhances the flavour of whatever you put it in. As a rule work on a ratio of 3:1, so the Tangleberry is 25% of the finished liquid. It needs to be premixed together in a bottle. Try it in Coconut Crème or Tangerine Dream boosters at those levels - it’s a great way to get extra bites. Being PVA friendly you can then use them for boosting anything, from zigs to pellet bags to dipping entire end tackles.

SPRAY IT AGAIN Citruz spray is superb in cold water, I put it on anything, including free offerings not just hookbaits. It was designed to allow you to decide how strong you wanted or needed the attraction to be. I like mine strong and keep spraying my pop ups every time I open the pot. They get soaked, left to absorb the liquid, soaked again and left again until they are saturated. Don’t just use it with Citruz pop ups, I use Citruz spray on Key pop ups and all sorts of other baits too.


Ezine January 2017