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Chris Eaglestone

LETTER OF THE LAW I never realized how much work went into packaging something as simple as a bag of boilies. In order to comply with EC legislation carp bait has to be labelled with a Nutrient Declaration and Composition breakdown, plus a batch number and a use by date. It’s not just a lengthy process, but also costly, which means manufacturing has to be precise and consistent to ensure the finished product always reflects the declaration and there is absolute transparency as to what you are buying. What many anglers won’t realise is that bait that doesn’t meet these guidelines can be removed from the


AND INTO THE NEW YEAR… shelves of tackle shops in Europe – at the cost of the retailer not the supplier. Luckily the huge amount of money Nashbait has spent on ensuring all its products are analysed and correctly labelled gives retailers absolute peace of mind. The Key Cray packaging has been finalised now and it will really stand out in your local tackle shop, you won’t have trouble finding it that’s for sure! Plus you can expect a full range of peripherals including popups, dips, Cultured® hook baits, stick mixes and more.

With 2017 upon us it’s looking like a busy year to come for us all at Nashbait, shows to attend, a new bait to release, an awesome print project I’ll be working on and plenty more. It’s rare that you hear people talking about how passionate they are about their job, but it seems a common theme with the team at Nash, and from the example set by Kevin and Alan themselves to the talent of the media team guys Carl, Alex, Dan and Oli that I work with – one thing’s for sure and that is that no two days are ever quite the same!

Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017