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“…What I wasn’t expecting was to see UK Marketing Manager Tom Forman lovingly looking after fingerling carp netted from successful spawnings of the Copse and Church Lake giants that live a stone’s throw from the office.” Where else do you get to go to work in an office and see a load of scale perfect commons and mirrors with the potential to become the 50 and even 60-pounders of the future?

MUSIC AND MAYHEM If I had to describe a typical day it is a mix of cups of tea, constant phone calls and drum and bass music. I can’t complain, I love drum and bass. Alan is always first to arrive. Most of the week he is in by 3am answering emails and catching up on work. Everyone else turns up around

6am. Kevin is always there at 6am, cup of tea in hand looking across the office lake and talking business with Alan before they go for a morning walk with Kev’s French Bulldog Ridge. He’s nothing short of crackers, and comes racing through the office with a stick at any time. When he’s not fetching sticks his other favourite toy to retrieve and chew is a Nashbait bucket! Ridge had some minor surgery recently, and was forced to wear a satellite like head cone to stop him scratching. Within minutes of it being put on he’d smashed it into so many things it looked beyond help. Now it is covered in tape to try and


Ezine January 2017