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Marine and trout pellet blends are deadly when carp are active and their high oil content provides carp with a ready supply of energy. Through the coldest months the oil content of these pellets becomes a handicap – you need to rethink your bag filling to suit the season.


Vary the size of your bag and stick to suit conditions. Start with the smallest sticks until you have some action or some encouragement, the 18mm Webcast mesh is ideal, holding just a pinch of mix. A narrow stick also casts further and more accurately in crosswinds.


The fishing might be slower but keeping busy with the rods and recasting regularly can see you get through more PVA than you expect, particularly when maggot fishing. There’s also always the danger of dropping a loading tube on the bank, damp hands blistering the mesh – always keep a refill in your kit.


Maximum attraction with minimal food content improves your chances of action because the hookbait is the only food item available. Stick Mixes or better still Cultured Stick Mixes are the ideal choice, leaving residual taste and smell around the rig for long periods


Massively boost attraction around the rig using any of the PVA friendly Nashbait Liquid Bait Soaks. Damp down stick mixes, or dip bags, sticks and stringers. Repeated casting of dipped bags builds up the smell and taste in an area, particularly when clipped for accuracy.


Ever tried cobweb bags of PVA friendly particles? Drain the liquid from some Slicker Hemp and add it to a bait box before stirring in a couple of spoons of 4G Squid Salt Dust – instant PVA friendly hemp. Carp continue to eat hemp in the very coldest weather – a great winter trap with a maggot hookbait, grain of plastic corn or a tiger nut.

Check out the guide to making PVA friendly particles on the Nash website



Ezine January 2017