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Q&A WITH JULIAN CUNDIFF reeled in a couple of tangled rigs Q I’ve after long cold nights and it’s ruined my confidence. What can I do to stop them? I’m fishing snowman rigs on a coated braid link. MAX ENTON, LOUGHBOROUGH That’s a relatively easy one to solve – but confidence is such a part of being successful that even an odd tangle can really cripple your chances of catching because you’ll never be sure if you’re fishing effectively. One easy confidence booster is to watch your end tackle as it flies through the air, up to ranges of 70-80 yards most people can see clearly enough to be able to see that the link and hookbait are separate from the lead in flight. Getting into the habit of feathering a cast to straighten the line and ensure the lead and rig drop in on a tighter line also helps enormously. But there are also simple steps you can take with your end tackle and rig that will see tangles banished for good.

Not a time to be worrying about tangles this winter!

When you use a coated braid always steam it straight. This helps kick it away from the mainline and lead on the cast.

Use a loop at the hooklength swivel end as this also helps the link settle straight and away from the end tackle.

Long hairs can cause tangles. If you have any gap between hook and bait, secure the hair to the hook using PVA tape.

Even without tubing or a leader adding a PVA stringer, cobweb bag or stick will completely eliminate casting tangles.






Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017