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Q&A notice on a lot of Q Iphotos your rod tips are high in the air and all fished on banksticks? Most other people I see are fishing tips down, slack lines and with buzzer bars - why? JAMIE COLLINSON, BISHOP’S WALTHAM I can't categorically say why people fish certain ways but do the words fashion


or carpy ring any bells…? Banksticks offer a more solid setup, they allow you to space your rods out which avoids a lot of problems from crossed lines, and they allow you to point your rods at the end tackles to improve bite registration. I even find them easier to transport than buzzer bars and pods. I use single sticks even on platforms with stage stands for them all, the only time I don't use sticks is if I’m faced with concrete banks! As to fishing rod tips high I do this in two situations. Firstly where marginal weed

Julian Cundiff

is present in front of me I like the line well away from it hence the tips go up. Secondly in Winter and or at range I like to watch my rod tips for bites (just like a coarse angler would). I sit low and use a combination of the R3 on maximum sensitivity and my eyes. Single bleep, watch the rod tip gently bend over... that’s a carp. Banksticks and high tips are both for a good reason. I wonder what reasons you would get for a more carpy set up?

Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017