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Come 2pm and with the cold wind strengthening and no more action, it’s time for a move both for comfort and to try and find some obliging carp. Jed travels light with just a rucksack, chair and Elevator Cradle so a switch of swims or even lakes is no drama and it only takes 2 minutes to pack away. He leaves the rods on the floor until the very last minute, maximising his fishing time.


After an initial tussle to stop the fish going round the island Jed slips the net under his third fish of the day; another pristine double figure common. Again his mobile approach has produced a very quick bite, showing that getting on the fish and offering them an attractive bait is the best way to keep the bites coming even when conditions are less than perfect. With the sun going down, it’s time to wind in and go and get warmed up, Jed well happy with his hat trick of cold water commons on a brutally unpleasant day.



The next stop is the lake next door, Old Speci which has a good stock of carp and leaves Jed hopeful of nicking one more bite. On the opposite side to the dam, the lake is shallower and there is a small island. It’s a little more sheltered from the biting wind too. Jed does a quick lap with his bag of 10mm baits, flicking a small handful out in a few likely areas to prime them for a rig later.


Follow Jed’s step by step to fishing long hairs without the tangles this winter

Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017