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PICK A PATTERN Most carp anglers have favourite hook patterns which they reach for routinely everywhere they fish. Rig confidence is crucial, but if you’re losing more than an odd carp try changing hook patterns. Often the simple difference between a straight point on a Twister and the wider gape inturned point Fang Uni can be enough to solve a problem instantly, and vice versa. For reasons we can’t always put our finger on a different pattern will often completely change your lost to landed statistics. It can often vary from venue to venue.

STRETCH SECURITY Aside from its ability to outwit the most accomplished head shaking carp that dump rigs, the amazing stretching Triggalink material also cushions against hook pulls. When wet Triggalink is an amazing shock absorber, preventing unnecessary pressure being directly applied to the hook point even when playing energetic carp. If you momentarily lose contact with fish in weed or when dealing with crossed lines it ensures there is still pressure on the point. It’s one of the very best tactics for ensuring you land carp hooked amongst weedbeds or close to thick pads. Once the hook goes in, it stays in!

PUTTING ON WEIGHT Weighting hooklinks encourages hooks to turn faster for hook holds in the middle of the bottom lip. For Multi Rigs and other traditional pop up rigs try significantly increasing the counter balance weight, so rather than slow sinking the bait is well over shotted and spins more readily as the bait is lifted off bottom. For bottom bait and snowman rigs add a Clinger Tungsten stop and cover it with a good size slug of putty an inch behind the kicker or shrink tube – it makes a big difference to hooking potential, helping to turn the hook before the link is fully tightened.


Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017