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They started making their way around the front of the brolly, by which time I was really losing my bottle. As they clocked me they startled and one let out a bark that I felt echo through my chest. All I could do was hold my rucksack in front of me in readiness in case they attacked. After what seemed like an age they headed off to ‘visit’ Chris and Mikey. Hearing the bark, by this time they had also twigged we had some guests. It went like this: Chris: ‘Don’t move mate…’ Mikey: ‘Where are they?’ (heavily protected, hiding underneath an Indulgence Air Shroud) Chris: ‘Sniffing your head geez…’ They scarpered but none of us would pretend not to have been a little bit concerned for our safety. I didn’t sleep a wink afterwards, and we all blanked. Again.

Just do it The most enjoyable fishing I’ve done has been since I’ve taken the plunge and spread my wings to Europe. Loz and I planned literally for years when we were younger to go on a European adventure and it never happened. Now we’ve learned how easy it really can be we shoot over the water whenever we get the chance, and usually for a maximum of three nights. The thought of the trip or the drive always seems more daunting than the trip itself, it just takes that first step, just to load a van and drive. There is so much water to be discovered and it makes for such a great escape from what can be the rat race of English carp fishing. For the good times to begin all you need to do is #GetInTheVan!


Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017