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Bricking it in Belgium May 2016 and Loz and I were loading the van again, this time not for work but play. The only place we were heading was completely out of our comfort zone, to tackle a giant Belgian river. We’d been told about huge shipping barges, rocks for leads, 8 oz backleads and bungees to hold a pod on the bank to stop the current pulling it in. It was all true! It’s this contrast with most UK carping that adds something special. It’s carp angling but on a different scale, both the fish themselves and the venues.

walls which in some places only had access by rusty old ladders, however we were ‘lucky’ with some incredibly steep steps down to the water where our boat lived three metres below. We fished to the far side of the river, just on the bottom of the concrete shelf, 180 yards across. It was most successful doing the rods as a pair, one driver, the other ready to drop the ‘brick rig’ following it with a couple of kilos of 4G Squid and some Candy Tigers over the top. The toughest job being the driver was managing to keep on the same spot in the flow! It was an epic venue in the most real sense.

The river was set below great concrete


Ezine January 2017