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Take a turn To make the most of every trip one thing Loz and I have always done is share the action, alternating the runs no matter whose rods are producing. We always fish like this when we go away because it’s a team effort. We both want to see fish on the bank for each other as much as ourselves, and if one spot is really rocking you can both reap the rewards rather than one person hauling and the other becoming the trip photographer. It takes a lot of trust in someone else’s approach, rigs, baiting and tackle but it almost makes you fish harder. You really don’t want the blame for a hook pull at the net on your rod… How do we decide who gets the first take? Easy – we have a quick game of Rock-PaperScissors to see who gets the receivers first!

““When we woke up a local angler fishing for bits told us there were no carp in the lake…”"

You don’t want to fish here mate… One of my favourite aspects of Euro trips is the unknown. There’s a real thrill just dropping on somewhere and fishing with no idea or expectation. Within a month of our initial trip I joined Nash as a videographer, and before I knew it European trips were coming thick and fast, whether for European shows and shop days, or heading out to film our European teams. With some of the long trips around Europe we often just need a place to crash and next to a canal, lake or river is the best bet – if you’ve remembered to pack your Sawn-Offs off course.


Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017