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Alan’s favourites – Cased Caddis, Corixa and Black Louse Zig Bugs

Launching Zig Bugs really was a game changer in many senses and was the start of the explosion of interest in zigging, it was the moment where suddenly zigging became mainstream and just couldn’t be ignored. Sure, very select and forward thinking people had always understood carp were catchable on trout fishing style flies, and I had previously made my own or even used over the counter trout flies but making flies was time consuming and trout flies weren’t the answer because the pattern of hooks they were tied to were too weak and I began to get fed up with hooks opening and fish being lost. Nashy was aware by this time of the huge benefits of zigging, fishing hookbaits in safe zones and as a result we developed a range of Bugs that resembled many of the insects carp would come into contact with but tied onto proper carp hooks. A 50 lb common caught from Church Lake whilst testing Bugs told us we were on to something pretty big! The rest as they say is history, the method snowballed and we were inundated with mails and phone calls from anglers who simply couldn’t believe their effectiveness.

choices that carp angling has just never had before.

The range has since been improved again with bigger hooks and wider gapes for better pricking potential, different patterns with elements like two tone colour finishes or shimmering trim to mimic a beetle’s shell when moving through the depths give a range of hookbait

Zigging isn’t all about Bugs though, and a hookbait can simply be a 10mm pop up, piece of foam, bit of cork, basically anything that will support the weight of the hook and your hooklink and is suspended up in the water. Three years ago we launched the Bread Bomb, a year

It’s impossible to say which Bug is the best, just the same as no single boilie is the best in the world so it pays to have a selection, fish with them, experiment and just like a boilie, gain confidence. My personal favourites are the Black Louse with its shimmering green trim on the underside, the Corixa (or Water Boatman) because it looks so much like the real thing and on shallow gravel pits the Cased Caddis.

later and through popular demand we brought out a smaller version and now we have launched the final size in the trilogy – the Ziggaz to house Ziggaz Foams, they are so simple to use and allow you to quickly change a pre soaked piece of foam in seconds ready for a recast. I use them as much as I use Bugs! Ziggaz allow you to change colours in seconds to find the day’s winning formula


Ezine January 2017  
Ezine January 2017