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It All Starts in The Hague - MUNISH XXVII By Amandine Leenstra Since MUNISH takes place in the hague, the international trading capital of the Netherlands, here are a couple of well known touristic areas that you should visit before the end of 2017. Madurodam is one of the most famous miniature cities in the world. All of the famous and typical places in Holland are remade on a smaller scale and displayed for you to see all of the Netherlands in two hours. This is the perfect place to go if you can only stay for a short amount of time in the Hague. One of the most beautiful and important buildings of the Hague is the Peace Palace. This is where the International justice court takes place. If you want to see the inside of this imposing building, you must go with a guide. They will direct you to the exhibition gallery and the historical section of the building for you to learn about the history of the justice court. In the Binnenhof, you will be able to We kindly seek your help the next three days to help us with covering the news from your forums and committees. Share your photos and stories with the MUNISH Press team. You can find us in Room C201 (above the Library) or e-mail us at More photos and articles can be found at the MUNISH website at #MUNISH2017 #COMMUNICATOR

see the famous “Ridderzaal”. Ridderzaal mean “room of the knights”, in this ancient chamber, you will be able to see the old throne where king Willem- Alexander accepted his title of king of the Netherlands. The Scheveningse pier is one of the most touristic areas of the hague for a reason. This 45 meter high pyre stands out into the dutch sea so that you can admire the large waves crashing on the beach below you. If you are an adrenaline junky and 18 or over, you have the opportunity of bungee jumping from the pier tower. To others interest who are below the age of 18, you have the chance to experience this thrill by bringing a parent with you to supervise and give you permission to jump. A couple of honorable mentions worth visiting in the Hague: Paleis Noordeinde, Oude kerk, Hofvijver, Maurits huis Escher museum, Panorama mesdag and Beelden aan zee. A beautiful peaceful place to see in the hague is the Hofvijver. This artificial

lake is set near the Binnenhof office of the Dutch ministers. Decorated by its famous fountain and minuscule island for birds set in the center of the lake, the Hofvijver is the center point of the Hague. It is said by dutch architects that if all points of the edge of hague were connected by invisible lines, the center point would lead to the Hofvijver. If you enjoy shopping, the city of the Hague consists of amazing places where you purchase almost anything. The passage is a great place to go shopping. This long outdoor corridor is a gallery of shops. From souvenirs to trendy clothings, the passage has it all. You can also go to the Bijenkorf or Hudson Bay mall. This large shopping center, mainly selling clothing and beauty products decorated by a large amount of glistening light and neon chandeliers, is the most well known shopping center of all the Hague. We hope that you will enjoy the Hague as much as MUNISH!

In this issue: • Things to do in the Hague • Delegate Interviews • Chair Interviews • Snapchat Challenge ... and FashiUN!

Drawing by Katerina Charalambides Colofon COMMUNICATOR 2017 • Editors-in-Chief: Aaron Wang, Chiara Zwijgers • Designers Jasmin Stoios, Erin McClain, Katerina Charalambides • Editors Mihai Chira, Jet Kraaijveld, Amandine Leenstra, Nadine Schubert, Maxence Rynwalt, Federico Sellitto, Eleni Socratous, Eva Lucius • Digital Media Jaap Deinum, Zoe Socratous, Katerina Kazantzi, Marisa Pantelaras, Iñigo Imaz Blanco, Dimitry Usov,


“Be calm, have fun, and if you stress, take it easy!” By Jet Kraaijveld

Delegates from all over the world, come to The International School of The Hague to participate in MUNISH. Here are some of this years’ delegates in MUNISH XXVII sharing their experiences, opinions, and favorite moments. Paul Domin, delegate participating in APQ and 17 years old, The International School of The Hague. Floris Kersemakers, delegate participating in APQ and 16 years old, The International School of The Hague Why did you join MUNISH? Paul: “I thought it would be a fun opportunity, and I could get a lot of learning done in the time that I am here.” Floris: “I like the speaking part of MUNISH. But I really like the ac-

tivity and that you get to meet new people.” How many times have you participated, and have you always been a delegate? P: “Twice, once as an admin, once as a delegate.” F: “This is my second time as a delegate, and I was part of GA3 last year.” What has been your favorite position at MUNISH? P: “I really enjoyed being delegate last year, it was really fun and we had a really interesting topic to talk about which was the Cuba, America crisis.” F: “I have only been part of the GA committee but I would love to do the security council because that sounds pretty awesome.”

It’s fair to say that a fundamental part of the conference are the chairs themselves; not only do they coordinate everything, but they also make sure that delegates present resolutions at their finest, whilst also allowing for the debates to run smoothly. Whilst maintaining a formal attitude, they provide that the conference is also enjoyable for the delegates. Human Rights Council Chair; Wietske Anema states that one of the best things about being a chair is “being able to make sure that everyone’s having fun and everyone enjoys the debate.” In addition to that, Deputy Chair of GA1, Ron van der Horst, expresses how for him the best part of be-


Do you want to be part of the BoD? P: “I would love to be part of Board of Directors, it seems like it could be a lot of fun, I really enjoy being a delegate though and I am going to try be a delegate in THIMUN.” F: “I would love to, that would definitely be something I would want to do, because after this I would have been delegate twice, plus THIMUN, and I would like to do something else.” What are you looking forward to most of MUNISH? P: “The munish party, it is always

What is your favourite part? P: “I really like the debating and to see other people’s views and put yourself in a country’s view although it might not be your own.” F: “The lobbying part because you get to talk to people and get to know them.” Do you have any tips for first-timers? P: “Be calm, have fun with it, and if you stress too much you will mess up even more so you might as well take it easy.”

Chairs’ Insights By Eleni Socratous

F: “Try to speak as much as you can otherwise it is no fun, even if you screw up or are not that serious about the issue, just try to speak.”

ing a chair is also “the connection between the delegates and the chair and being able to lead and guide them, especially the new delegates.” Presidents of Advisory Panel on the Question of the Kurdish Region and of General Assembly – Erich Och and Kieran SchmidtDas – have both chaired 4 conferences including MUNISH. They express how keeping the debate fun and enjoyable is not only one of the highlights of being a chair, but a challenge too, as “it is your responsibility to keep it an enjoyable time.” However, they also add that “leading people who are in the same position as we were” and “being able to lead those people through their first debates” is another highlight of being a chair. At the same time though, as mentioned by Wietske Anema, keeping control of everyone at the end of the day when everyone is

Floris Kersenmakers

tired and hungry, can also pose as another challenge to chairs. They need to keep the debate fruit ful and satisfying and make sure that the delegates come to appropriate and reasonable resolutions even when they are tired towards the end of the day. ful and satisfying and make sure that the delegates come to appropriate and reasonable resolutions even when they are tired towards the end of the day. What Ron van der Horst looks forward to the most this year’s MUNISH and his role as a chair, is not just the resolutions themselves, but also that “people who don’t speak a lot get a chance to voice their opinion” because when everyone shares their views “they get a better understanding of problems which tackle the world issues.”

Written by Eva Lucius Louis Centner

At the International School of the Hague we annually host the MUNISH conference. This year MUNISH will be XXVII. Our MUNISH conference represents the actual United Nations; an intergovernmental organisation tasked to promote international cooperation and to create and maintain international order. Due to this, we try to model the actual United Nations as significantly as possible. This includes following a formal dress code. The UN requests any visitors to dress appropriately for the international diplomatic environment. Therefore, so do we.

Do you think it is important to wear fashionable clothing even at this conference? Yes because it shows your interest and care about being at the conference and gives off a sense that you aware of the professional environment. What piece of clothing (from what you’re wearing) was most expensive and why did you decide to purchase it? My watch. I like watches and I believe they always give that extra touch that you need especially with a suit or even with a simple, everyday outfit.

Fashion Tips Eduardo Lira

Do you have a tip for something people shouldn’t wear at the conference? Mini skirts and jeans are a no-go. Are you the first to wear something new and different? Why or why not? No because tradition is tradition and I like to follow that. “Wearing navy blue and black is unacceptable.” Agree or disagree? Disagree. I think it’s quite fashionable

“Good heels and a fitted suit are imperative clothing items” - Djente Djente van den Dries

Do you think it is important to wear fashionable clothing even at this conference? I do, yes. Because if you wear fashionable clothing you feel better about yourself, you become more confident in your skin and that really helps you as a delegate for example, where you have to give speeches and talk to a large crowd.

What do you think you can tell about someone by their outfit? Your outfit is your personal statement. It shows whether they’ve had experience with MUNISH and if they actually care about the conference or that they are here to just have some fun.

“Your outfit is your personal statement” - Louis

What is the best tip you can give for someone to look as formal as possible? For girls, wearing fancy but also comfortable heels is a must-have and for guys I think a good, fitted suit is definitely imperative. What are some good stores to buy outfits for MUNISH? I think in The Hague there is quite a few in centrum including Topshop because when you shop for MUNISH it is recommended to shop for at more high-end stores with better quality clothing. What do you think you can tell about someone by their outfit? How someone dresses really expresses who they are and gives off a sense of their personality and attitude.


Snapchat Challenge! By Mihai Chira

This year we have a fun little game you can play during your amazing stay here at MUNISH. The Snapchat Challenge! The game involves the app ‘Snapchat’ where you have to add ‘Munish XXVII’ as your friend. The game is simple: you have to take selfies with specific people and

send them to ‘Munish XXVII’ The points you will receive and people you have to snap are in the table below. First place winner is the person with the most points and they will receive a pair of JBL headphones. The more point you acquire the bigger the chance and closer you get to the prize of a pair of brand new JBL headphones. Instagram: munishxxvii Snapchat: munishxxvii

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