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CHAPTER I................. PGS 4 - 7 Touchdown CHAPTER II................. PGS 8 - 10 Bullshit CHAPTER III................. PGS 11 - 12 R&B Singer CHAPTER IV................. PGS 13 - 14 You’re Worth it CHAPTER V................. PGS 15 - 17 Make It To The Bed CHAPTER VI................. PGS 18 - 20 Russian Roulette CHAPTER VII................. PGS 21 - 22 Impossible CHAPTER VIII................. PGS 23 - 25 Lose Control DEDICATION................. PG 26

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The Return



Chapter 01

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August 26 Day26 Returns to New York, Where It All Started Jonny, an inspiring artist waiting for his big break was listening to Hot 97 and heard Day26 was at the station to drop off their new EP, “THE RETURN”. He learned the group was planning to do a special performance for their fans and give one lucky fan the chance to rock the stage.

DJ Foxy - We’re here live at Hot 97 radio station where Day26 just “Touchdown”

here in New York. They are here to promote their new highly anticipated EP, “THE RETURN”. I’m your radio DJ Foxy Mama getting the scoop on what’s going on with these sexy men. Sitting in front of me we have Robert, Brian, Willie, Big Mike, and Que. So guys, how was it getting off that plane here in New York where it all began?

Robert - the feeling was so real, it made us realize what a blessing it was to be here in this position to make music again together as brothers.

DJ Foxy - What an amazing journey you all had, we watched you all began as

strangers and Puff saw something in each of you all and formed this amazing group, we couldn’t wait to see you all back again. We saw a few melt downs, but in the end you all said it before, you all are still brothers and this is what your fans love so much about you all. The brotherhood, the bond, the music. So what should we expect from you all as you embark on this journey again?

Big Mike - You can expect us to bring back real R&B music and #1 hits DJ Foxy - Well you all heard it here, #1 hits, you all have to give the fans what they want. So I know you guys just got here and you’re excited to work together again, so what are you fella’s getting into tonight?

Willie - Well tonight, we want to show our appreciation to our fans that have stuck it out with us and continued to support us. Tonight meet us on 16th street at club No. 8, one of our fans may have a chance to rock the stage with us tonight.

DJ Foxy - Ok you heard it here, meet them tonight at club No.8 on 16th street, Day26, just “Touchdown” here in New York. Thanks for listening to Hot 97

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The Return

Jonny knew he have to make it to the club tonight, this may be his break and the only chance me may have to make it in this business. Let me call my girl Pat, I know she got the plug for me.

Jonny - Hello Pat, this J. Patricia -

Hey Jonny what’s up, I’m still at work trying to pack up and make sure I have everything for tonight. You know Day26 is in town and Manhattan is about to be crazy with all of their fans.

Jonny - Yeah so, you got a location on them, you know I’m trying to make it in this singing business.

Patricia - well I don’t know where they are staying but Hot 97 is hosting Day26’s return, so I’m working tonight at the club.

Jonny - That’s what’s up, you think you can hook your boy up with some backstage passes or make sure that I’m the one they call to the stage. Pat this is the shot that I need.

Patricia - I’ll see what I can do, I can’t promise anything Jonny, you know this is only a internship for me, but I’ll try to make that happen for you big head. Jonny - Good looking out Pat, see you tonight.

Later that night at the club, Jonny was waiting on his moment to get to the stage, he hoped like hell that his childhood friend Patricia could get him on that stage. He only wanted three minutes of shine to allow Day26’s manager to see him and hopefully offer him a deal. The club was live, the women came out

Chapter 01

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in their club’s finest, and everyone wanted a chance to possibly hit the stage with Day26. As Day26 hit the stage, they began singing “Got Me Going” the crowd went crazy singing every word of the song. Day26 asked the crowd if anyone in the house would like to come on stage and help them sing. The crowd is silent but a few fans began waving their arms asking to be picked. Jonny quickly comes to the front of the stage where Patricia purposely pointed him out to the group. Day26 picked Jonny he began to sing “Since you’ve been gone” with Day26 and the crowd goes wild. After his performance he is invited backstage and meet everyone in the group. Jonny is on cloud nine as he can’t believe that all of this is happening to him. Day26 told him that they would call him back on stage at the end of their performance. The group saw something special in Jonny and it made them feel good about giving him an experience he would not soon forget. Jonny passed his number out to the group and their manager in hopes that they would call him to sing when they are doing local venues. Jonny was so happy, he worked the club the rest of the night getting numbers, taking pictures, singing in all the ladies ears and really started to get a sample of their lifestyle.

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The Return



Chapter 02

Jonny - (sleepy voice) Hello Stacy - Nigga get yo ass up! I talked to Ronnie this morning and she said she saw yo ass all in the club with random bitches, smiling, singing and giving out yo number! What bitch you got laying up next to you, say my name nigga!

Jonny - Stacy, I don’t have time for this bullshit! Stacy - Naw nigga, yo ass had time to be out in bitches faces, get up and take this like a man, who was you with last night? You know Ronnie wouldn’t lie to me so you caught nigga!

Jonny -

Stacy! Calm yo ass down girl! You know I’m not on no bullshit! I’m out here making moves trying to put us both in a better position. Yes I was at the club last night, but I wasn’t with no bitches, I was speaking to whoever said hi to me because I had a chance to sing with Day26 .

Stacy - Day26? What? Nigga please, they didn’t call yo trifling ass on the stage, you Jonny Gill wanna be! How bout this, you lose my number and call them random bitches you was talking to last night.

Jonny - Stacy, please listen to me, I’m sorry for talking to other women but I swear to you, I’m not on bullshit, you are the only woman for me, and I’m doing this for us. We have been talking about getting married and making a life for ourselves with each other, I can’t do that, if I’m constantly being accused of bullshit. I’m not on that and you of all people should know that. I may flirt a bit here and there, but it’s nothing serious, I wouldn’t mess us what we have. I love you girl.

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The Return

Jonny really loved his girl, but he was tired of the way she always accused him of cheating, even when he wasn’t. He felt like maybe he should have been talking to other women if she was always going to assume that he was anyway. All he really wanted to do was live his dream and get a record deal so he could make music. He hung up the phone with her and realized that he had missed a text message from Day26 manager. He couldn’t believe that they actually text him and invited him out to their party tonight to sing on stage and show the crowd that they love their fans. Jonny was ready and knew that this was his chance to finally be an R&B singer.

Chapter 03



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The Return

Jonny was excited about his chance to sing with Day26 again. As luck would have it, their manager loved the crowd’s reaction when Jonny started singing with the group. Jonny wanted to get to the club early so he could meet with Day26 and go over the songs they wanted to sing with him. He was so excited that he told all of his friends to come and watch him sing with Day26. Every one of his friends were invited, except his girlfriend Stacy. Jonny didn’t want Stacy their dragging down his spirit. He was still a bit pissed at how she came at him and he wasn’t ready to deal with anymore of her drama. Tonight was about him being a R&B Singer. Day26 got on stage and started performing all of their old hits and getting the crowd into a frenzy. Willie was taking off his shirt and singing to the ladies as they screamed to the top of their lungs. Jonny couldn’t wait for his chance and his time in the spotlight. Halfway through the show, they told the crowd that they wanted to invite someone up to the stage to help them sing their new song “R&B Singer”. Jonny got on stage and started singing and the crowd was loving it. He spotted a beautiful woman to his right as he was performing on the stage. At first he thought she was looking at Robert, but when he winked, she showed her beautiful angelic smile and licked her lips. The vibe between them was magnetic. he had to meet her after the show to find out more about her.

Chapter 04



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The Return

Jonny was instantly feeling this girl with all of the drama that Stacy brought to him, he just wanted to change things up a bit and look towards his future. His future was starting to look a bit brighter and he needed a down chick on his arm and wanted to start with his mystery woman. He heard stories of how celebrities have women throwing themselves at them and although he wasn’t a celebrity, he had his taste of fame and wanted to maximize on that high. He felt that she was nothing but a groupie, but she was sexy, standing 5’6” about 130 pounds, long hair, beautiful paralyzing smile and butter caramel skin. Jonny was backstage thanking Day26 for allowing him to live out his dream through them and asked them to mentor him as he embarked on this journey, they all agreed to keep in touch. Jonny told them that he had to freshen up and go find the beautiful woman that was standing next to the stage, he felt something between them and needed to find out what that was. Day26’s security went out in the crunk crowd and found the woman who Jonny was talking about and led her backstage to him. He learned that her name was LaShanda, she loved to dance and loved the group Day26. She told Jonny that she thought he had an amazing voice. They talked about him aspiring to sing and how he was able to come in contact with Day26 and be able to perform with them. LaShanda made it clear, she wasn’t a groupie at all, she was in fact a Dr. with One stop medical Group and has her own money. As they continued their conversation the more Jonny was intrigued by not only her beauty, but her mind. She was easy to talk to and she didn’t seem to be drawn to drama. Jonny put his cards on the table. He felt that it was a big leap but there was something about this woman that fascinated him. She knew exactly what she wanted and she told him that she didn’t play games. He let her know that he wasn’t on that and didn’t want to play with her mind or heart. His heart was with Stacy, but it was something about LaShanda that made Jonny think that it was time he made her his. He wasn’t thinking about losing Stacy and what they had, at that moment all he knew was that no matter what drama came his way, LaShanda “You’re Worth It”.

Chapter 05



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The Return

Jonny and LaShanda were lost in their conversation, hadn’t realized that the club was empting out. Not ready to go home, the two leave the venue together and have a very romantic night out on the town. They talked so much about each other’s lives that they seem like best friends by the time LaShanda decided it was time for her to go home.

Lashanda - I had an amazing time tonight Jonny - Me too, I’m glad we had the chance to get to know each other

Lashanda - I feel like I could tell you anything. Jonny - You can, I told you I’m not here to mess with your head, I just want to get to know you better

Lashanda - I’m sure you tell all the girls that right Jonny - naw, I’m serious, there’s something about you and it feel as if we’ve known each other forever.

Lashanda - I agree, well, thanks so much for tonight, here’s my condo right here.

Jonny - well you have my number, I hope you decide to use it.

Jonny walks her to the door and they stare at each other as if no one wanted this night to end, as Jonny goes in to kiss her on the cheek, things got heated and all of a sudden the chemistry between them wouldn’t allow them to keep their hands off each other. LaShanda struggled until she finally got her door to her condo open. Willingly she backs into the house via the front door with him glued to her like they were one being, his lips pressed against hers and her hands reaching for ecstasy. No rushing but anxious to see what she had under her clothes he went in with his teeth he peeled off every layer of clothing until he found the ocean in which quenched his thirst.

Chapter 05

[ 17 ]

His name that night was no longer Jonny, he was now called Daddy, which usually had the word “Yes” before it. He continued to taste every inch of her sweet, soft skin licking and leaving moist trails from head to toe until she whispered in his ear “It’s Yours, Take It”!!! without hesitation he took her mind to places unknown, slowly entering her inch by inch as she gasped for air.....Deep breath after deep breath and moan after moan, she clawed into this wild beast leaving open wounds and scars that would not be felt until the morning. Many objects in the room yet they saw nothing, so In tune that their bodies played the perfect harmony, hers on top and his took the bottom!! Like clock work he had her clinching and climaxing every 10 minutes while screaming and biting on his bottom lip telling him “She wants him”. By the pulsating throb deep inside of her he was sure she knew she had him. [Jonny thought] - Damn, we couldn’t even “Make It To The Bed”.

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The Return



Chapter 06

[ 19 ]

A night so amazing would leave any man in limbo. Jonny had fallen so deep in love in one night that he questioned his current relationship, and he knew he didn’t want to jump the gun and leave his current relationship, but this new lovefelt so good that he didn’t want that to end either.

Ring, Ring, Ring....

Stacy - Hey baby, what’s up? Are you on your way over or do you have another session working on music.

Jonny - Umm no baby, we need to talk. Stacy - It sound serious sweetie, you want to come over and talk?

Jonny - Stacy, this is hard enough, I need to say this and get this out before I no longer have the courage to do it.

Stacy - Jonny you are scaring me! What is going on? Baby just spit it out!

Jonny -

Stacy, these last three years have been amazing, you are a sweet woman and I love being with you, but lately we haven’t been connecting and I feel like, I’m not the man you need right now.

Stacy - Really Jonny? That’s the best you could come up with? Nigga Ronnie told me weeks ago that you were out at some restaurant with some prissy bitch, but naw, I had to defend you

[ 20 ]

The Return

because you told me that you had an important business meeting. Be real nigga, are you messing around?

Jonny - Umm Stacy, don’t make this harder on me. Stacy - Hard on you? On you? I gave everything I had and didn’t have to make sure that I was there when and how you needed me and now, you get on stage and sing a few songs with Day26 you kicking me to the curb for your groupies, when those hoes see you, they see dollar signs, nigga I’m the one that had your back through all the bullshit, and now you just piss on me and say, this is hard on you. Go on and say it, say it, say the words.

Jonny - Stacy, this isn’t working, we’re done, I’m tired of hiding her and lying to you, I want to be happy and I want you happy. I can’t keep living this lie.

Stacy - So all this time, all the rumors and all the fights, there really was someone else.

Jonny - Yes Stacy and she deserves not to share me, we are done. click.

After months of keeping this secret from both ladies, he had to choose and this was NOT easy. He felt like he was playing “Russian Roulette” and he hoped that he didn’t kill himself with his decision to actually date the beautiful Doctor from NYC.

Chapter 07



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[ 22 ]

The Return

Moving to Manhattan from Harlem wasn’t going to be easy. Jonny needed a great spot that is affordable and that would allow him access to the studio to work on his music. Also living in the city would allow him to take things to the next level with LaShanda. He convinced her to sell her condo and find a place for the both of them so that they could spend all of their free time together. LaShanda was thrilled she was falling in love just as quick as Jonny. Jonny moved to the city to try to make things work, but what he didn’t know was that it’s a different world when you live with a stranger. Jonny was second guessing his decision. He thought he was moving too fast, but it still felt so right. Jonny knew that the grass always seemed to be greener on the other side, but this time, when he got there, the grass was slowly turning into weeds. Everything that he thought he loved about LaShanda was now starting to annoy him. Realizing that LaShanda was better off as a friend, he did what he had to do to break things off with her. Jonny felt like shit he left his longtime girlfriend for something new and at this moment all he wanted to do was get Stacy back and make her his wife. You know as the old saying goes, you never miss a good thing until it’s gone. With that quick relationship gone bad, he wished he never hurt Stacy with constant flirting, cheating, lying and to top it off he left her to be with another woman. In his mind it would be “Impossible” to get her back. But he was willing to do whatever it took at this moment. Jonny called his new friends Day26 for guidance

Chapter 08



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[ 24 ]

The Return

Robert - Jonny man you can’t allow any female to mess up home, you have to think with the right head, if you know what I mean brother.

Jonny - Yeah, man but LaShanda seemed like she was meant for me and we always had great conversation.

Brian - Bro, look I messed up plenty of times but at the end of the day, no other woman can even come close to my girl, yeah we argue fuss and fight, but we never allow outsiders to dictate what goes on in our relationship. If you can honestly say that when you see your future Stacy is there, then that’s who you are suppose to be with.

Jonny -

It’s crazy that you say that, from the beginning Stacy always supported me and never allowed me to half ass anything I did. I just get tired of the bull and her accusing me of cheating. Don’t get me wrong, I flirt, but I never went there with any other woman except LaShanda, I just don’t know what to do.

Mike - Man you need to get your Keith Sweat on and BEG Willie - You a fool Mike, but he’s right lil Bro, you can’t allow that woman to remove you from her heart, once she does that, it’s a wrap, you won’t have a chance in hell in getting her back. If Stacy is who you want, go for her and go hard!

Que - Look guys, I think we should help our new bro get his woman back

Day26 - Fo sho

Chapter 08

[ 25 ]

Jonny put his heart into getting Stacy back, he worked day in and day out to try to break her down and get her back. There was no mountain to high and no river to deep that could stop him from getting her back. When she finally gave him a dinner date he poured his heart on the table. He apologized for the way he treated her, he vowed to only love her and support her just as much as she has always supported him. At first Stacy didn’t seem like she was letting her guard down. As Jonny began to tell her about everything that made him fall in love with her, she began smiling and holding his hand and they were both living in the moment. Who would have thought they would have made this much progress. Jonny had a surprise up his sleeve. Just when the moment was right he gave a signal and Day26 appeared at the back of the resturant. Day26 walked to their table, they began singing their favorite Silk song. “Lose Control” Jonny got down on one knee and asked her for her hand in marriage. Stacy said yes!

“The Return”

This book is dedicated to all the Day26 fans. Thank you for all taking out the time to read this short story and allowing me to entertain you once again. I hope you enjoyed the story. I want you all to know that this is just the beginning and many more creative ideas are in the works. My brothers and I have put a lot of work getting this EP and Book Project together for our fans. Let it be known that we did this ourselves with no label help. This project has given me a new understanding of who Day26 really is! Until next time, Be blessed. Yours Truly, #YouKnowTheName Willie Taylor

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Day26 "The Return" [The Book]  

Day26 is back with their new EP "The Return" featuring the hit single "BullSh**"

Day26 "The Return" [The Book]  

Day26 is back with their new EP "The Return" featuring the hit single "BullSh**"