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ANITA Gravity Of Love & Gravity Of Love [ZP Remix] Performed By Anita Muthoni Written By Ben Omol Produced At Zenith Productions 2012 All Rights Reserved

Artist Bio Page AnitA, the eldest of two children, is from Nairobi, Kenya. Born October 22nd, 1986. AnitA’s rich and entirely distinctive alto voice has invited comparisons that range beyond the world of contemporary soul, jazz and pop. From AnitA’s own perspective, her music synthesized a wide range of influences, from jazz artists like Kenny G through such R&B figures of the 1980s and 1990s as and Chaka Khan, TLC and Mariah Carey.

AnitA benefitted from growing up in a home that nurtured her creativity. Her mother encouraged AnitA to develop her artistic leanings, which included painting and dancing as well as music. She was later discovered and signed on by indie music label, Zenith Productions, As fate would have it, she stunted the producers who then offered to develop her as a career artist. She featured on Kwetu album Project doing a solo of an original piece. But her desire to grow her career drove her to her first release

Anita -

Gravity Of Love Gravity of Love is about the emotions that you go through when you first meet someone. It’s all about the infatuation; the rush of feelings; the joy; the confusion; the hesitation. You don’t know whether they feel the same way, and you also don’t know how to move to the next step. But You do. And you realize that your love is all you need to hold on to each other. Gravitate and orbit around each other if you will. The Remix is based on the growing popular house beat around East Africa. One of the producers at Zenith Productions surprised all when he one day turned up and played it in the office. It was almost agreed that it be released co-currently with the original so as to give the DJ’s something to play!


Recording Session: - Anita At Zenith Studios

Love: - Tattoo of what Anita Is All about

Lyrics Sheet It's not easy when you start You’re afraid of falling Falling in and out Doesn’t really matter But as we rise up we keep getting stronger We take to the skies We aren’t looking back on earth Defying gravity we keep going and going Until we hit the space divided by light We circle the earth round and round We know we're in orbit Like satellites we won't fall No...We won't fall As we float up in space the people look like stars They lining up the way Pointing out the path of love The stars are so bright with you in my life My world starts to dawn coz you are my sun and i Can’t help but think about our love CHORUS It's not easy when you start you’re afraid of falling But i will never let you go I'm holding on to you CHORUS baby, we'll circle the earth Round and round Oh oh We know we're in orbit Like satellites we won't fall

Where can you find the Music and Video’s Online? - Remix Video

Gig Sheet Anita Will be starting her tour around Kenya & East Africa In Late June. Her Tour which has a love theme, Is yet to be named. Mainly acoustic, on keyboard and guitar, her tour will also feature some of the most talent acts around Kenya

Contact Information @mymusicanita [follow me] [like me]

Product Of Zenith Productions P.O. Box 1118 00100 Nairobi Kenya Forest Road, Forest Court Ark Offices.

Anita Press Kit  

A Profile On New Kenyan Artist Anita On Her Debut Single Gravity Of Love

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