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ISME COMMISSION ON MUSIC POLICY: CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL, AND MASS MEDIA 17th INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR July 16-18, 2014 Held at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS The next international seminar of the ISME Commission on Music Policy: Cultural, Educational, and Mass Media will take place at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte ( in Natal, Brazil, 16-18 July 2014. The theme is: "Policy and Media In and For a Diverse Global Community." The music education community is becoming increasingly aware of the need to engage in policy analysis and policy making. The ISME Commission on Music Policy: Cultural, Educational, and Mass Media provides a forum for scholars and practitioners from around the globe to meet in order to share policy-oriented research, inform each other of policy issues and happenings in their respective countries, exchange ideas, and learn new approaches to engaging with policy. The commission is open to papers and round-tables dealing with all manner of policy-related issues and research paradigms because current policy issues and policy-making contexts can differ from country to country. Areas for consideration may include institutionally or place-specific policies affecting music or music education in communities, schools, universities, and/or non-governmental organizations; music education as an intersection between cultural and educational policies; influences between funding and music and educational policies; academic institutions as mediative spaces for policy thought and action; and effects of media and media policies on cultures, schools, industries, and governments. Thus, while topics and research paradigms will vary, the strand that ties papers and panels of the seminar together will be a focus on policy. Seminar contributors are invited to focus their papers on any of the following three areas addressed by the commission: 1) Cultural Policy, 2) Educational Policy, and 3) Media Policy. The Commission invites participation by the global community of music educators, scholars, and graduate students. Observers, including practicing music educators and graduate students, are also welcome. - Deadline for Proposals (250 word abstract): 1 November 2013 - Deadline for Full Papers (following 15 December 2013 proposal notification): 1 March 2014 - Deadline for Observer bookings: 1 June 2014 GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS All proposals should be submitted by email to the commission chair, Patrick M. Jones at no later than 1 November 2013. Authors should read carefully and strictly observe the template and formatting guidelines for all full paper submissions to ISME Commissions and Conferences. The paper submissions guidelines are

available on the conference website ( Submissions not conforming to all of the above requirements will not be considered. FURTHER INFORMATION WILL BECOME AVAILABLE ON THE OFFICIAL CONFERENCE WEBSITE:

Note It is a requirement for all presenters/authors named on a submission and who attend the Commission Seminar, to be an ISME Individual Member at the time of submission, at the time of acceptance, and at the time of presentation. It is preferable that seminar attendees (who attend as observers only) be individual ISME members at the time of booking to attend the Seminar, but non-members are not precluded from attending. Detailed information about registration for observers will be available in the Commission website from March 2014.

ISME 2014 POLICY Call for Presenters